MacPherson may not be somewhere you head to all the time, but you may be surprised to know there are many hidden food gems and eateries in the row of shophouses.

I found my way to A Cube Bistro at 526 Macpherson Road.

The name may not give any clue what it sells, but it actually has Italian fare incorporated with Asian and local twists, thanks to the ingenuity of an award-winning chef.

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This spacious spot weaves together the charm of a café, the elegance of a restaurant, and the laid-back vibe of a bar.

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For coffee lovers, you can customise the coffee blend to suit your preferences.

Also, the next time you drop by, just mention your name, and voila, your signature coffee can be served.

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With a menu incorporating Italian Pizzas (Chef used to helm a downtown Italian restaurant), pasta, main courses, sharing dishes, and desserts, check out the must-try offerings at A Cube Bistro:

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Chef’s Signature Pizza (from $22)
The Chef’s signature 12” Pizzas come in choices including Breakfast, Retro, Diavola, Shrooms, and Signature Queen – incorporated with pomodoro, mozzarella, parmesan, burrata, garlic pesto.

My heart went for the Breakfast Pizza ($22).

The crust, true to Neapolitan style, has airy, had slightly chewy center and beautifully crusty edges, providing a satisfying crunch.

The toppings were generously included with breakfast favourites such as eggs, soft potatoes, bacon, and cheese.

But here’s the twist – instead of the familiar cream base, it boasts a fresh yogurt base. This unexpected choice added a tangy dimension, ensuring the flavours did not get overwhelmingly rich.

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3M Muscle Mussel Mouclade ($20)
This is a must-try, a favourite of many. Cooked with locally-farmed live mussels, it can be said to be inspired by both traditional Belgium Moules and classic Korean Army Stew.

Imagine these succulent mussels swimming in a Chige tomato broth, richly flavoured with lapcheong (yes, Chinese sausages, what a twist) and tangy-spicy kimchi.

Drawing inspiration from its Belgian roots, this dish swaped fries for crispy potato fritters on the top.

And if you are looking for the perfect accompaniment to mop up the delectable broth, you would find some ‘youtiao’ like snacks on the side.

These are actually fried pizza dough, replacing the conventional toasted baguette, and offers those crunchy bites. Quite ingenious, I must say.

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Duck Confit ($28)
The leg of duck is given a luxurious 48-hour air drying treatment before being confit to crispiness with a spiced honey glaze,.

You would find the duck covered beneath house-made ‘potato sheets’ which brings an element of playful discovery.

There is also tamarind duck sauce which can be drizzled upon serving, which introduces a tangy, sweet counterpoint to the rich meat.

To me, the true surprise lays at the base – a bed of Chinese glutinous rice mixed with butt mushrooms, chestnut, and farro, offering a chewy, nutty, and heartwarming complement.

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Crispy Skin Barramundi ($26)
The locally-farmed barramundi fillet is seared till the skin remains crispy while the inside is still tender.

Then, the fish is served atop a gravy that is a harmonious meld of clams, bacon, potato, and wilted lettuce gem, rounded off with a shellfish beurre blanc cream.

What delights is the juxtaposition of the soft, flaky fish against the crunch and subtle earthiness of lotus root chips sprinkled on top.

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Chicken Confit ($26)
A love letter to local flavours, this dish is inspired by the Chef’s (a well-professed Tiong Bahru boy) comfort local food – the ever-popular chicken rice.

The chicken breast, marinated in a saltwater brine overnight and then confit in olive oil, was considerably tender.

You would find ginger paste, paired with sesame oil, spring onion, and crispy chicken skin, spread on the onside.

A version of French chou farci, stuffed long cabbage filled with in-house braised chicken leg and cai po, adds as an accompaniment.

What sealed the deal for this chicken dish, was really the wonderfully-made homely sambal kicking up the heat. (I think they should bottle this some day.)

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Iberico Pork Collar ($28)
Showcases a beautiful blend of Spanish and Korean flavours.

While the Spanish Iberico pork collar was a treat in itself, the Korean influence shone brightly, thanks to a covering of special gochujang jus.

The ‘confit pork bon bon’ croquettes surprised with an ‘explosion’ of pork belly, marinated in vegetable broth for four hours, shredded, and mixed with minced kimchi, offering a spicy, savoury punch.

Apple fennel remoulade and apple mostarda provided a fruity, tangy contrast and freshened up the palate.

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A Cube Bistro Opening Specials (1 Dec – 30 Dec 2023). Enjoy 50% OFF Signature Dishes
1 Dec – 10 Dec: 50% OFF Chef’s Signature Pizza of Your Choice
11 Dec – 17 Dec: 50% OFF 3M Muscle Mussel Mouclade
18 Dec – 24 Dec: 50% OFF Duck Confit
25 Dec – 31 Dec: 50% OFF Fiery Prawn Pasta
T&C apply, limited to 1 redemption per table for dine-in.

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A Cube Bistro
526 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368216
Opening Hours: 11:30am to 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with A Cube Bistro.


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