Michelin inspectors somehow ‘discovered’ Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre this year, with a number of stalls listed for the first time.

They include Hui Wei Ban Mian, Cheok Kee Duck Rice, and Yuan Yang Spinach Soup 鸳鸯苋菜汤 – which were all awarded the Bib Gourmand Singapore.

Toa Payoh 93 Soon Kueh 大巴窑93筍粿 is also given a recommend (though not the Bib Gourmand).

The stall has another branch at Bendemeer Food Centre #01-14.

Despite the diminishing prevalence of handmade Kueh in the local food scene, this modest stall still crafts their dumplings by hand.

On the menu are Soon Kueh 笋粿 ($5.50 for 5pcs), Rice Kueh 饭粿 ($5.50 for 5 pcs), Ku Chai Kueh 韭菜粿 ($5.50 for 5 pcs) and Hakka Abacus Seed ($3.30).

The Soon Kueh 笋粿 enwrapped a noticeably soft, well-marinated filling within its mildly chewy skin. I liked the size of this, not too big or small.

The bamboo shoot stuffing inside had a delicate, earthy aroma that subtly intertwines with the tender, elastic skin.

Loved the chilli sauce, by the way.

The Ku Chai Kueh 韭菜粿 with its chives filling, was my preferred due to the crunch and vibrant freshness.

It is getting harder to find tasty handmade Chives Dumplings nowadays.

Meandering further, the Rice Kueh 饭粿had seasoned glutinous rice, enveloped in that signature chewy, sticky skin.

The seasoned grains offered a homely chew, though more generous fillings or a thinner skin would have enhanced the bite.

Worth a special mention is the Hakka Yam Abacus Seeds 客家算盘子 ($3.30) available in limited quantities.

The stall, with its unassuming demeanour and classic offerings, stands as a gentle reminder of a slowly fading, yet deeply cherished local foods.

Toa Payoh 93 Soon Kueh 大巴窑93筍粿
Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre #01-68, 69 Geylang Bahru, Singapore 330069
Opening Hours: 7am – 9pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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