Annyeong Haseyo.

Another Korean café opens in Singapore. This time, it is Compose Coffee which is incidentally its first international outlet.

I know orientation around Suntec City can be a little confusing. It is located at positioned at the East Atrium side (right next to Butahage and close to Marché). If you are Grab-ing, stop at Tower 3.

Compose Coffee is likely to attract both curious first-timers and those into Korean coffee culture.

It is primarily a takeaway shop, though there are limited seats who those who intend to rest their legs.

The result of Korean coffee chains which opened in Singapore has been a mixed bag though.

There are Paris Baguette, dal.komm COFFEE, and the ‘quieter’ Paik’s Coffee; but there are always others such as Caffebene and Isaac Toast which opened to fanfare but soon exited.

Capitalising on its grand opening, Compose Coffee entices patrons with attractive promotions including a Buy One Get One free offer for the initial 250 cups (between 2nd and 6th October) and a $1 discount off drinks from (9th to 13th October).

Originating from Busan in 2014, Compose Coffee has painted an impressive narrative.

Its swift expansion to 2,200 outlets predominantly in Seoul and Busan speaks volumes about its stellar reputation in South Korea.

The brand’s ethos lies in offering coffee that does not break the bank, and was lauded as the nation’s favourite coffee shop at the ‘2023 Korea’s Most Loved Brand Awards’.

To be honest though, I have walked past the shops a few times in Seoul though was never enticed enough to grab a cup yet. Never mind, I have the chance now in Singapore.

Diving into its offerings, Compose Coffee Singapore showcases four signature items, including the Sangha Farm Ice Cream Latte ($5.80), Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte ($6.10), Grape with Cream Cheese Foam ($6.90), and K-Red Bean Milkshake ($6.90).

The Busan Sea Salted Cream Latte ($6.10) can be intriguing visually. The beverage’s subtle blue tinge invokes images of the serene Busan coastlines.

It is recommended to give the drink a good stir before drinking.

However, I thought that the coffee tilted towards the lighter side, and an enhanced hint of salt might have provided the depth some seek in this novel concoction.

The cafe serves a medley of familiar coffee beverages at rather inexpensive prices – good for the office workers nearby to takeaway.

There are the Americano ($2.80), Cafe Latte ($3.90), Cappuccino ($3.90), Vanilla Latte ($4.80), and Hazelnut Latte ($4.80); while iced versions cost a $0.50 extra.

For those looking beyond coffee, the menu features a diverse array of other beverages, ranging from the Signature Milk Tea ($2.90), Taro Milk Tea ($4.90), to K-Strawberry Latte ($5.10).

Pairing with the drinks, Compose Coffee introduces its array of Croffles, which are essentially a merger of croissants and waffles.

Options such as the Cheddar Cheese Croffle ($4.90), Brown Cheese Croffle ($4.90), and Basil and Peperoncino Croffle ($4.50), though sounding tempting, could benefit from fresher batches.

Perhaps this was because they have been left in the display counter for a while, and one could yearning for the anticipated crispness and fluffiness.

All in all, Compose Coffee’s venture into Singapore promises an exciting blend of Korean flavours and familiar tastes.

While there are areas that beckon fine-tuning, it is certainly a welcomed addition to Singapore especially when many are quite into the Korean coffee culture.

Compose Coffee
Suntec City #01-623 Tower 3, Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038984
Opening Hours: 11am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

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