From the bustling streets of Seoul and now in Singapore, SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ aims to be more than an ordinary KBBQ restaurant – by providing the authentic Korean experience with prized meats.

What you get are premium cuts of meat, mildly seasoned and cooked on a charcoal grill right at your table. Yet at a value-for-money price point.

Worth having is the Galmaegisal (skirt meat) — a cut so exclusive to SEORAE, it is often hailed as the “wagyu of pork”.

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If you have not been to SEORAE in a while, it is time to head back.

The restaurant has also just launched two new meat plates – a one-of-a-kind Hangari Dry-Aged Samgyeobsal comprised of Duroc Chestnut pork belly, and richly marbled Iberico Pork platter.

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SEORAE is found conveniently in six different mall locations – Plaza Singapura, Jem, Tampines Mall, NEX, Compass One, and Northpoint City.

Check out more on the SEORAE Hangari Dry-Aged Samgyeobsal, Iberico Rare-Cut Tasting Platter, and Signature Galmaegisal:

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Hangari Dry-Aged Samgyeobsal (Duroc Chestnut Pork Belly) ($32 per set, exclusive for SEORAE members only)
The new star attraction? The first-ever Fermentation Dry-Aged Meat in Singapore, ensconced in a traditional Hangari pot.

This culinary innovation actually finds its roots in the annals of Korean history, the Hangari claypot. For generations, this pot was the silent vessel for fermenting Korean culinary mainstays, notably the gochujang and kimchi.

Today, under Chef Chul Park and his dedicated team, the Hangari pot is used for this novel aging method – fermentation dry-aging.

The meticulous aging process, which unfolds in a Hangari claypot maintained at a strict 3℃, incorporates three distinct fermentation essences.

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The result? Exquisitely tender pieces of Duroc Chestnut Pork that looks chunky yet simply melts on the tongue.

The pork belly is presented in the Hangari pot on the table, to provide a sense of connection to Korean traditions for the diner.

I found that the external layer, crisped till slightly brown on the barbecue, provides a delightful contrast to its meaty interior. Yet the meat’s juiciness is also evident, offering a burst with every bite.

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Beyond the texture, these fermentation essences render light taste of soy bean and a depth of umami.

This depth is punctuated by a gentle, inherent sweetness, a signature of the chestnut-fed Duroc pigs. Definitely worth having if you are a fan of quality pork.

Do note that the Hangari Dry-Aged Series will be an exclusive treat available only to SEORAE members, and in limited daily quantities.

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Iberico Rare-Cut Tasting Platter ($68 per set)
Iberico pork, a treasured specialty from the heartlands of Spain, is also taking center stage here.

The Iberico pig is renowned for its unique diet enriched with oleic acid, which subsequently mirrors in the meat’s attributes – vibrant hue, tenderness, and a flavour that is distinct yet pleasantly familiar.

This Iberico platter serves up 350 grams of this Spanish delicacy, thoughtfully portioned into 70 grams each of five distinctive cuts: Abanico, Rib Finger, Skirt Meat, Jowl, and Pork Tongue.

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The Abanico, also known as the fan or flank, is located between the pig’s shoulder and loin. This cut possesses a wonderful, intricate marbling of fat which renders into the meat upon grilling.

Tasted best with a light dip of the bright red and mild spicy Ssamjang sauce.

The Rib Finger, in contrast, has a richer and more concentrated meaty flavour.

As for the Skirt Meat, this cut is more on the chewy side which may even remind some of wagyu beef. When cooked well, it can be very tender as well and melts in the mouth.

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While the Pork Tongue can sound daunting for some, it is a cut worth trying.

Grilled till slightly charred, it carries a firm yet tender texture with a bit of chewiness I thought people who like this cut due to its satisfying mouthfeel.

Of the lot, the Jowl emerges as the clear winner for me with its sweet, nutty undertone.

The jowl is crisp on the edges yet succulent, especially as the intramuscular fat renders out during grilling.

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SEORAE Signature Galmaegisal (premium pork skirt) ($23.90)
The SEORAE Signature Galmaegisal stands out not just for its rarity but for its unmistakable taste profile.

Galmaegisal is an exquisite cut of meat nestled between the pig’s ribs and belly, continuing from the sirloin. With a mere 250g available in each full-grown pig, legend has it that this distinguished cut was once exclusively savoured by ancient Korean royalty.

Before serving, the meats are actually marinated and massaged to elevate the prized meat’s texture and taste.

And when barbecued, the Galmaegisal transforms into a succulent meat masterpiece with subtle chewiness that lingers delectably.

The texture remains juicy, and you can have it on its own or dipped into the Korean sauces such as the sweet onion sauce or Gochujang.

You can also get the Galmaegisal as a part of the SEORAE Ultimate Set ($98 for pork set, $108 for mix set), or SEORAE King Set ($168) good for 3 to 5 diners. More value for its money when you dine in a group.

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SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ $50 Dining E-Voucher*
Get a $50 OFF Dining E-Voucher when you make a reservation through SEORAE’s website from 1 to 31 Oct 2023.
Reservation Link:

*T&Cs Apply. While stock lasts.
– The voucher is valid till 15 Dec 2023. (E-voucher to be sent via email within 3 working days.)
– The voucher is valid at SEORAE outlets, dine-in only with minimum spending of $250 in a transaction. (exclude GST and service charges).
– The voucher is valid from Mon – Sun, excluding PH, and PH Eve. Valid on ala carte items (drinks and food items), exclude promotional items or any discounted items.
– Valid for one redemption per customer, per transaction.
– Gift voucher above is non-transferrable, non-stackable, and non-refundable.
– Reservations must be made in advance, and kindly quote the voucher serial number upon making a reservation.
– The management reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ – Plaza Singapura
Plaza Singapura #02-01, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839

SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ – JEM
Jem #B1-10, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549

SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ – NEX
Serangoon NEX #B1-73/74, 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083

SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ – Tampines Mall
Tampines Mall #B1-02, 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore 529510

SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ – Sengkang
Compass One #02-36, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078

SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ – Northpoint City
SEORAE Northpoint City (North Wing) #B1-37, 930 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore 769098

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ.


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