Dian Xiao Er’s enticing challenge for adventurous foodies is back — a journey across different outlets, each showcasing a dish from the creativity of skilled chefs.

For the Dian Xiao Er “Chef Showdown” 2023, 16 talented chefs from Dian Xiao Er each present an exclusive dish. These unique creations can be found in the various Dian Xiao Er outlets.

There is a game element to reward loyal Dian Xiao Er diners as well.

Diners can embark on a culinary journey, sampling all 16 dishes across the different branches. For each dish tried, you will receive a stamp.

Those who successfully collect all 16 stamps by end November 2023 will get dining vouchers worth up to $360, ensuring even more delightful experiences at Dian Xiao Er. (More details at the end of the post).

Here’s a consolidated list of “Chef Showdown” dishes across the 15 Dian Xiao Er outlets:
– Bedok Mall (#01-71): Crispy Taro Shrimp, and Shroom-licious
– Causeway Point (#05-11): White Pepper Prawn with Vermicelli in Claypot
– City Square Mall (#03-37): Golden Custard Deshelled Prawns
– Downtown East (#02-319): Deep-fried Oyster with Minty Green Apple Salad
– Hillion Mall (#01-08): Sugarcane Arrowroot Pork Rib Soup
– JEM (#03-08): Hot & Spicy Deshelled Prawns
– Jewel Changi Airport (#B2-229): Shredded Tofu Thick Soup with Seafood
– Junction 8 (#B1-07): Stir-fried White Button Mushroom, Asparagus with Prawn Sticks
– Jurong Point (#B1-57): Fish Paste with Chinese Cabbage in Claypot
– Lot One (#B1-32): Cheesy Squid Balls
– Marina Square (#02-200): Prawn in Bacon Wraps
– NEX (#02-09): Addictive Garlic Wings
– Northpoint (#02-06): Stir-fry Black Pork Slices with King Oyster Mushroom & Anchovies
– VivoCity (#02-138): Crispy Golden Chinese Yam
– Waterway Point (#01-30): Lava Salted Egg Balls
– Tampines 1 (#04-15) *Closed for Renovations. Participating dish will be at Bedok Mall

Check out some of my favourite Dian Xiao Er Chef Showdown Dishes:

Addictive Garlic Wings 吮指蒜香鸡翅 – NEX Exclusive ($14.90, Member Price $12.90)
At the NEX outlet, the Addictive Garlic Wings command attention as these are not just any ordinary chicken wings.

Upon first bite, there would be an immediate burst of deep garlic aroma. The exterior boasts a crispy layer that is both light and non-greasy.

Underneath this layer, the meat remains tender and flavourful – suggesting a thorough marination process, and also holding onto its natural juices.

Crispy Golden Chinese Yam 脆酥金米山药 – VivoCity Exclusive ($9.90, Member Price $7.90)
Over at VivoCity, the Crispy Golden Chinese Yam offers a refreshing twist on a familiar ingredient.

The Chinese yam, known for its nutritional benefits, is presented in a crispy form, surprising the palate with a juxtaposition of texture: crunchy on the outside while retaining its soft, starchy interior.

Fried with a special salted egg cream sauce, there was also a sweet-savoury-milky finish to this.

Cheesy Squid Balls 芝心墨鱼丸 – Lot One Exclusive ($16.90, Member Price $14.90)
The Cheesy Squid Balls at Lot One are pretty addictive, deep-fried till golden with bread cubes on the outer layer.

These handmade squid and prawn balls are characterised by a bouncy, firm texture.

The surprise element, however, is the cheese filling nestled within which also add a layer of richness.

Sugarcane Arrowroot Pork Rib Soup 竹蔗粉葛排骨汤 – Hillion Mall Exclusive ($7.90, Member Price $6.90)
The Sugarcane Arrowroot Pork Rib Soup from Hillion Mall showcases the essence of traditional Chinese soups – slow-cooked to extract maximum flavour and benefits.

The sugarcane lends a subtle sweetness to the broth, balancing out the robust flavours of the pork ribs.

The arrowroot, a known health ingredient, also infuses it with its inherent earthy tones.

Fish Paste with Chinese Cabbage in Claypot 鱼滑浸娃娃菜煲 – Jurong Point Exclusive ($19.90, Member Price $17.90)
Jurong Point’s Dian Xiao Er presents the Fish Paste with Chinese Cabbage in Claypot. The fish paste, delicate in texture, effortlessly melds into the milky white soup base.

I particularly liked the softness and inherent sweetness of the baby cabbage, giving the dish a light and refreshing taste.

There is also a final sprinkle of fried shredded taro adds an element of contrast, introducing a crisp texture.

White Pepper Prawn with Vermicelli in Claypot 辛香白胡椒虾煲 – Causeway Point Exclusive ($21.90, Member Price $19.90)
One of my personal favourites of the Chef Showdown 2023, the White Pepper Prawn with Vermicelli in Claypot from Causeway Point is both homely and comforting.

The first thing that strikes you is the aromatic white pepper.

When the prawns which are deep-fried till crisp intermingles with vermicelli, which acts as a sponge soaking up the rich savoury broth, the result is a dish that constantly beckons for another bowl.

Deep-fried Oyster with Minty Green Apple Salad 薄荷黄金蚝 – Downtown East Exclusive ($19.90, Member Price $17.90)
Downtown East introduces an inventive pairing with the Deep-fried Oyster with Minty Green Apple Salad.

The oysters, sheathed in a golden crispy exterior, offer a burst of briny freshness.

This marine richness is cleverly offset by the invigorating minty green apple salad, which provides a tangy reprieve.

Stir-fry Black Pork Slices with King Oyster Mushroom & Anchovies 豉汁脆嫩黑豚片 – Northpoint City Exclusive
($17.30, Member Price $15.30)
Available only at Northpoint City, the premium black pork is treated with a meticulous cooking method, blending frying and stir-frying.

This process ensures a crispy exterior while preserving the meat’s juiciness, coupled with the king oyster mushrooms and the robust flavours of the anchovies

Dian Xiao Er’s Chef Showdown 2023
Customers who order any “Chef Showdown” dish (with a minimum spend of $40) will get 1 DXE stamp card with the outlet stamp.

Get all 4 stamps of the same region to redeem a $15 voucher.

For example, a customer who visited all 4 outlets in the WEST (Lot One, Hillion Mall, JEM, Jurong Point) and tried all “Chef Showdown” dishes will get a $15 voucher.

Customer who visited all outlets and ordered the 16 “Chef Showdown” dishes with the 16 stamps on a single DXE stamp card will get a $300 voucher, in addition to the 4x $15 vouchers.

That means, a total of $360 dining vouchers is up for grabs for each DXE stamp card completed. But remember, you have up to end of November 2023 to do so.

Citi Promo
Receive S$10 return voucher at Dian Xiao Er when making a dining payment with your Citi Card.

– Promotion period till 31 December 2023
– Under the Promotion, a Citi Cardmember will receive a S$10 return voucher with any spend at Dian Xiao Er restaurant outlets, charged to a Citi Card, before service charge and prevailing GST.
– Voucher is valid for use with a minimum spend of S$80 on total bill, in a single receipt, charged to a Citi Debit/Credit card. Minimum spend requirement excludes service charge and GST.
– Voucher is valid until 31 March 2024. Other T&C apply.

Dian Xiao Er outlets:
Bedok Mall: 311 New Upper Changi Road, #01-71, Singapore 467360
Causeway Point: 1 Woodlands Square #05-11, Singapore 738099
City Square Mall: 180 Kitchener Road, #03-37/38, Singapore 208539
Downtown East: 1 Pasir Ris Cl, #02-319/320 E!Avenue, Singapore 519599
Hillion Mall: 17 Petir Road, #01-08, Singapore 678278
JEM: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-08, Singapore 608549
Jewel Changi Airport: 78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-229, Singapore 819666
Junction 8: 9 Bishan Place, #B1-07, Singapore 579837
Jurong Point: 63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-57/58/59, Singapore 648331
Lot One: 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, #B1-32/33, Singapore 689812
Marina Square: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-200, Singapore 039594
Northpoint City: 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #02-06 North Wing, Singapore 769098
Serangoon NEX: 23 Serangoon Central, #02-09/10, Singapore 556083
VivoCity: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-138/9, Singapore 098585
Waterway Point: 83 Punggol Central, #01-30, Singapore 828761
(Tampines One outlet temporarily closed for renovations)

Opening Hours: All outlets (except Jewel):
11:30am – 9:30pm Last order 9pm (Mon – Thurs), 11am – 10pm Last order 9:30pm (Fri – Sun, PH)

Jewel: 11:30am – 10pm Last order 9:30pm (Mon – Fri), 11:30am – 10pm Last order 9:30pm (Sat – Sun, PH)

* This post is brought to you in partnership with Dian Xiao Er.


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