That’s fast. CATBAKE which once stood at The Star Vista, is now gone fur-good.

Usagi Pan (by the Cafe USAGI Tokyo group) comes hopping in, which takes residence at the same spot and marks a fresh beginning, though with similar décor.

Here, a symbol of a bunny is in place of the erstwhile feline.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 01

However, do note that both concepts are technically by the same group, so you would find some similar pastries here.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 02

There seems to be a stronger focus on Japanese desserts and beverages now.

Though there is still a range of pastries Almond Strawberry Chocolate ($5.40), Almond Coissant ($4.90), Croque-Monsieur ($4.50), Pain Aux Crème ($3.32), to Pizza Toast ($4.90) such as on display.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 03

Behind this creative bun-derful venture are Japanese Chef and Creative Director Yuka Shigeno and Co-founder Artini.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 04

The dynamic duo aims to provide customers with Japanese pastries, drinks, and desserts, combining traditional elements with a contemporary flair.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 05

At present, the savoury menu might seem somewhat limited, offering All Day Breakfast and Japanese Flavoured Fries.

But where Usagi Pan truly shines is in its array of bunny-licious sweets.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 06

The Strawberry Daifuku ($6.90) has mochi skin soft and tender to the touch.

Biting into it reveals a fresh burst of strawberries, harmoniously accompanied by a premium azuki bean paste crafted from Hokkaido red beans.

Also look out for seasonal fruits from mango, mikan, shine muscat grapes, to kiwi.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 07

The Original Waffles ($6.50), which can be adorned with either Kuromitsu or Maple Syrup, are made fresh upon order.

They present a delightful contrast of textures, with their crispy exterior and soft, airy insides.

This can be further paired with their ice cream, it is a marriage of warmth and cold that dances harmoniously on the palate.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 08

Speaking of ice cream, their signature Japanese Flavoured Handcrafted Ice Cream is priced at $5 for a single and $8 for a double scoop for the basic flavours.

Its richness is attributed to the use of genuine Hokkaido milk, a departure from the typical powder mixes found elsewhere.

Flavours span from the classic Hokkaido Milk & Vanilla to the ceremonial Uji Matcha (Premium) and the indulgent Rich Chocolate.

A special mention goes to the Samurai Blue Sea Salt variant, whose captivating blue hue is derived from blue pea flowers.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 09

Similarly, the Mochi Ice Cream (starting at $6) encapsulates Chef Yuka’s ambitious take on the classic Japanese yukimi daifuku.

Here, the dessert is an amalgamation of ice cream enveloped in a sticky, sweet rice dough.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 10

Tea options are available in hot and cold brew arrangements. For the hot tea, appreciate minimalistic aesthetics of Japanese design, using simple yet traditional black and the teapots.

Other than the classic Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, also expect to find Lavender Sencha, Rose Sencha, Lavender Hojicha, to Rose Hojicha.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 11

Hopscotch your way to the Buona Vista’s new sweet stop, which may have you jumping for joy.

Usagi Pan - Bunny-Licious Japanese Desserts 12

Usagi Pan
The Star Vista B1-43, 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617
Opening Hours: 10am- 9:30pm (Mon – Sat), 8am – 9:30pm (Sun)

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