Eu Yan Sang stands as a name synonymous with its traditional Chinese medicine roots that have woven through centuries, epitomising health and wellness.

A beacon of trust and quality, Eu Yan Sang has launched its Mid-Autumn Rhapsody Mooncakes Collection for 2023.

This year, this esteemed collection unveils four resplendent new flavours: Emperor’s Ginseng with Bird’s Nest Mooncake, Empress’ Ruby Dates Bird’s Nest Mooncake, Triple Treasures Mooncake, and Mademoiselle’s Lychee-Roselle Mooncake.

For those looking to gift or indulge in mooncakes, the set options present these delicacies paired with the invigorating Mini Tuo Cha or the luxurious options of bottled bird’s nest – either the majestic Cave Nest or the harmonious Bird’s Nest with Goji Berries and Snow Fungus.

All these treasures are then presented in an elegant gift box adorned in royal maroon or imperial gold.

Here’s more on the Eu Yan Sang Mid-Autumn Rhapsody Mooncakes Collection and the four special flavours:

Emperor’s Ginseng with Bird’s Nest Mooncake
As you take the first bite, the initial taste is that of the softly sweet and creamy lotus paste, a familiar texture to mooncake lover.

However, it is quickly followed by the distinct, earthy undertones of ginseng.

This ginseng note is aromatic and mildly bitter (but not over), balancing the sweetness of the lotus paste and giving the mooncake a mature, rounded flavour profile.

Embedded within, the bird’s nest introduces a subtle gelatinous texture, adding a slight contrast to the predominantly smooth lotus paste. Indeed a touch of luxury to every bite.

Empress’s Ruby Dates with Bird’s Nest Mooncake
This mooncake presents a delicate symphony of flavours. The natural sweetness of the ruby dates melds seamlessly into the mooncake.

The dates’ mellow sweetness is complemented by the less sweet white lotus paste, which provides a smooth and velvety backdrop.

Triple Treasures Mooncake
You bite in, and instantly you are greeted with a symphony of contrasts – sweet, nutty, and a little tangy.

The sweet longans steal the show with their distinct fruity touch. Then, the goji berries come into play, bringing their own mild sweetness (and eyesight-boosting benefits).

There are also olive kernels which meld seamlessly with the velvety lotus paste.

Mademoiselle’s Lychee-Roselle Mooncake
This is possibly my favourite of the four. You first taste the sweet, juicy burst of lychee. It is like a fresh summer day packed into a bite.

Then, the roselle steps in. With its light floral fragrance and subtle tartness, it complements the lychee’s sweetness with its vibrant, lingering roselle aftertaste.

This year, their gift sets are tailored to suit both traditional and contemporary palates, combining the richness of mooncakes with the wholesome benefits of bird’s nest or tea.

The eight different gift sets include:
– Emperor’s Ginseng & Bird’s Nest Symphony Gift Set (Members’ Exclusive $138.60, U.P $198.00)
– Empress’s Ruby Dates & Bird’s Nest Symphony Gift Set (Members’ Exclusive $117.60, U.P $168.00)
– Supreme Indulgence with Emperor’s Ginseng & Bird’s Nest Gift Set (Members’ Exclusive $117.60, U.P $168.00)
– Supreme Indulgence with Ruby Dates & Bird’s Nest Gift Set (Members’ Exclusive $96.60, U.P $138.00)
– Ultimate Bird’s Nest Mooncake Lovers Gift Set (Members’ Exclusive $117.60, U.P $168.00)
– Triple Treasures Artisanal Tea Time Gift Tea (Members’ Exclusive $89.60, U.P $128.00)
– Tea Time with Mademoiselle Gift Set (Members’ Exclusive $89.60, U.P $128.00)
– Mademoiselle’s Favourites Gift Set (Members’ Exclusive $89.60, U.P $128.00)

The Emperor’s Ginseng & Bird’s Nest Symphony Gift Set (Members’ Exclusive $138.60, U.P $198.00) stands out as a distinguished recommendation.

This set includes two pieces of Ginseng Bird’s Nest Mooncakes, symbolising the sophisticated fusion of natural ginseng’s fragrance with the sweet subtleness of lotus paste, all surrounding a delicate heart of bird’s nest.

Accompanied by two bottles of Majestic Cave Nest, it is a gift that speaks volumes of elegance and wellness.

The Majestic Cave Nest is a delicacy that has always stood out for its health benefits, particularly in beauty support and daily nourishment.

Upon tasting, one would notice a subtle sweetness, clear and smooth consistency. It is not overwhelmingly sweet, making it an easy accompaniment to the richer flavours of mooncakes.

You can also pick a gift set with the Superior Goji Berry Bird’s Nest with Snow Fungus.

This concoction presents a slightly more complex flavour profile. The presence of goji berries lends a mild tartness, balanced out by the subtle sweetness of the bird’s nest. Snow fungus adds a textural contrast, with its gelatinous, slightly crunchy nature.

For those who lean towards tea, there are 3 sets you can consider: Triple Treasures Artisanal Tea Time Gift Tea, Tea Time with Mademoiselle Gift Set, or the Mademoiselle’s Favourites Gift Set.

They include Mini Tuo Cha which are offered two variants.

The Glutinous 沱茶普洱-糯米香 is distinct with its rice fragrance. As you sip it, you can notice a pleasant, delicate taste that is reminiscent of steamed glutinous rice.

Apart from its flavour, its ability to neutralise oiliness from foods and promote blood circulation makes it a good choice post a festive feast.

The Ripe 沱茶普洱-熟茶 variety has a deeper, full-bodied taste. Even with its robustness, it avoids any hint of bitterness. This variant offers a clear palate, clearing the oily residues often left by rich foods.

Discover the exquisite flavours of Eu Yan Sang mooncakes, now available across all their island-wide outlets and on their official website

Delight in Exclusive Discounts:
– 25% OFF for all customers
– 30% OFF for Eu Rewards members

And that’s not all. Purchase any 2 sets, and you will be gifted a delectable Aloe Vera Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest, valued at $39.90, absolutely FREE.

You can drop by the following Eu Yan Sang outlets for a complimentary taste of the Mooncakes:
– Changi Airport Terminal 3
– Choa Chu Kang Lot One
– Compass One
– Jurong East Mall (JEM)
– Marina Bay Sands
– Nex Serangoon
– Parkway Parade
– Plaza Singapura
– Suntec City
– Takashimaya
– Tampines Mall
– Toa Payoh Hub

This Mid-Autumn festival, let every slice of Eu Yan Sang Mid-Autumn Rhapsody Mooncake illuminate your celebrations.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Eu Yan Sang. Photos by Nicole Poi @pinkypiggu, written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary.


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