Korat Thai Café, a popular casual Thai eatery, has long held a special place in the hearts of Thai food lovers at the used-to-be-more-dingy Orchard Towers.

Recent changes in the locale have seen nightclubs and bars disappear, as public entertainment licenses were not renewed some time back.

The eatery itself has been under new ownership, with Class 95 radio DJs “The Muttons” buying over the café after the Thai owners wanted to retire.

Korat Thai Cafe - Revamped Menu 01

These shifts have ushered in a new era for Korat Thai Cafe, marked by a slight revamp in the menu to include new hip Thai favourites that Singaporeans usually travel to Bangkok to savour.

The offerings are now enriched with contemporary classics such as Korat Tom Yum Mama ($32), Leng Saap Volcano Pork Spine ($22), and Khao Soi ($12).

Korat Thai Cafe - Revamped Menu 02

During my visit, I indulged in the Korat Tom Yam Mama for sharing, a $32 dish portioned generously for 2 to 3 diners, served in a large metal pot teeming with a medley of delights.

There is also a Tom Yum Mama Ultra ($65) good for 4 to 6 pax.

Korat Thai Cafe - Revamped Menu 03

The ensemble included a bed of Tom Yum Mama instant noodles from Thailand, renowned for their springy texture, meatballs, prawns, crabmeat, squid, roasted pork belly slices, and eggs.

Korat Thai Cafe - Revamped Menu 04

The soup base struck a not-bad balance, coming across as creamy and mildly tangy, characteristics intrinsic to an authentic tomyum soup.

While the soup was quite tasty, it did not match the steaming heat of the ones served at the famous outlet at Jeh O Chula, where this dish was inspired from.

If served more piping hot, it would undoubtedly elevate the eating experience.

Korat Thai Cafe - Revamped Menu 05

The eatery used more of the ‘generic’ type of ingredients – for example, meatballs similar to those you can get from the supermarkets. But that did not deter me too much.

Korat Thai Cafe - Revamped Menu 06

One of the best parts was the roasted pork belly slices with a slight crunch on the exterior. However, I would have wished for more pieces (was given three) for its price.

The overall combination and tangy creamy soup contributed to a pretty satisfying meal. I would want to have this again IF they have an individual portion as well.

Other recommended dishes at Korat Thai Cafe include the Signature Crispy Omelette ($9.50), Deep Fried Garlic Pepper ($13.50), Deep Fried Pork Belly ($15.90), Thai Red Curry Style Sea Bass ($35).

Korat Thai Cafe - Revamped Menu 07

Korat Thai Cafe
Orchard Tower #03-28, 400 Orchard Road, Singapore 238875
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

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