Here is a café that says it is the world’s first tech-optimised coffee and juice bar – something that is not so easy to explain.

Sitting in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood, surrounded by old-school shops and fusion cuisines, Waved Coffee & Juice Bar is making waves in beverages.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar - Interesting "Tech-Optimised" 01

It says it is the first ever beverage-tech start-up to utilise proprietary electromagnetic wave technology to produce beverages.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar - Interesting "Tech-Optimised" 02

No exact clue how it totally works, but it promises more nutrients and healthful compounds in your drinks, with additional antioxidants and metabolic energy infused.

The baristas are friendly and will explain to you in detail should you want to know more.

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Waved’s little outpost has the futuristic part down pat. Tall grey stools and smooth metal counters shaped like drinking flasks feature prominently.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar - Interesting "Tech-Optimised" 04

A fridge in the corner has all of the bottles of cold-pressed juices offered.

According to the barista, the juices were pressed without heat or high pressure to preserve the nutrients, and they also have a longer shelf life.

There are nine blends of juices. They are Classic, Snap, Tropical Green, Strong Beet, Tropical Orange, Strong Green, Summer Blue, Sweet Beef, Sweet Green.

There is a bottle for every colour in the gradient. Regular 300ml bottles go at $9.90, and 100ml shots go at $4.90.

Some of the favourites are Classic, which is made of carrot, green apple, ginger, and lemon; Tropical Orange, pressed from pineapple, carrot, orange, lime and ginger, and Sweet Green, blended from red apple, spinach and lemon.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar - Interesting "Tech-Optimised" 05

Not much for juices? Coffee works. 8oz drinks like Black ($4.50), White ($5.50), Mocha ($6.50), and Chocolate ($6.50) serves your caffeinated or non-caffeinated needs.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar - Interesting "Tech-Optimised" 06

The coffee is brewed with their “Waved Water”, which is filtered water that has been run through their proprietary technology.

There is a free water dispenser for you to try it out.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar - Interesting "Tech-Optimised" 07

Pastries are available, in collaboration with various local brands on a rotation basis.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar - Interesting "Tech-Optimised" 08

If you taste the difference here, let me know.

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar - Interesting "Tech-Optimised" 09

Waved Coffee & Juice Bar
2 Fowlie Road, #01-06, Singapore 428505
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 5pm (Mon – Fri), 8:30am – 6pm (Sat – Sun), Closed PH

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