Tam Chiak Kopitiam at Kovan 212 Hougang St 21, is perhaps one of the hottest spots to visit in the local food scene.

This lively and bustling venue is conceptualised by popular local food blogger Miss Tam Chiak, popular MediaCorp actor Chew Chor Meng, and radio DJ Dennis Chew.

It already has a reputation as “the most trendy coffeeshop in Hougang“.

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I am of course, very happy for Maureen (Miss Tam Chiak) who told me excitedly some time back how she took a long of time curating stalls for this coffee shop. (Respect for her being able to juggle all that time.)

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Its constant crowd, from day to night, bears testimony to its popularity. The long queues at some of the stalls during peak hours show that locals around have embraced it with open arms.

So if you are planning a visit, do expect some wait in line for your food.

Or you can wait till the hype comes down a little – which I did before heading over to queue for some of the favourites.

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One of the standout features of Tam Chiak Kopitiam is the careful selection of stalls. These include DanLao 蛋佬, Ru Ji Kitchen, De Sinn Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang, Oppa Kitchen, Wen Kang Ji, Chef De Pasta, 888 Mookata, Flaky Haus, and Yeo Yeo Huat.

Miss Tam Chiak herself took a long time curating and persuading some of her favourite local hawkers to operate at Tam Chiak Kopitiam. Her passion reflects the commitment to varied culinary experience for customers.

The transition of these hawkers into a coffeeshop environment brought with it some challenges, such as longer operational hours and the need to manage and estimate ingredient supplies. So do be patient for now.

Here are 10 of the stalls you can expect from Tam Chiak Kopitiam

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DanLao 蛋佬 is easily the stall with one of the longest queues, a magnet for those in search of comforting eggy rice bowls.

Their signature dish of rice bowls are topped with silky scrambled egg and various ingredients with choices including Tomato, Luncheon Meat, Chicken Cutlet, Char Siew, and Prawn.

Prices range from $4.50 to $7.

The ala minute preparation ensures freshness, as the egg mixture is skillfully swirled in a heated wok for an even heat distribution, resulting in a luscious egg “blanket” over fluffy steamed rice.

The chicken cutlet’s crisp exterior without being overly dry is a highlight. We thought some sauce over the rice would help it be less dry though.

Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 06

Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 07

Ru Ji Kitchen
Ru Ji Kitchen offers handmade fishballs and fishcake in a light, clear broth, accompanied with noodles.

Pair with dry mee pok or mee kia (or other types of usual local noodles), tossed with sambal chili, crisp pork lard, and chopped spring onions adds texture and flavour.

There is also a meatball option which provides a succulent contrast – so get that.

Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 08

De Sinn Chicken Rice
Known as “The Chicken Rice King,” De Sinn Chicken Rice serves up a variety of chicken dishes including Roasted Chicken (which according to my friend is better), Poached Chicken, and Chicken Dumpling Soup.

Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 09

Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 10

Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang
Taking the traditional Malay dish of Nasi Lemak and giving it an Indonesian twist, Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang introduces diners to a fusion of flavours.

Incorporating the recipe of Ayam Taliwang from Indonesia, this stall serves up plates that are both nostalgic and satisfying. The original outlet at Yishun Park Hawker is a Michelin recommended stall.

Over here, diners get the additional choice of Indomie sets with various chicken options provide a delicious exploration of Southeast Asian flavours.

The sets include accompaniments of Ayam Taliwang, Ayam Balado, Ayam Kecap, Ayam Sambal Sotong, Ayam Masak Tomato and more.

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Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 12

Oppa Kitchen
Helmed by local singer Hong Junyang (do you remember Project Superstar?), Oppa Kitchen specialises in casual Korean dishes.

The Fried Chicken, available in flavours such as original soy garlic, sweet and spicy Yangnyeom, Korean Curry, and Honey Butter, is a crowd-pleaser from $10.

Other dishes, like Cheese Dak Bulgogi, Kimchi Jjigae, and Bibimbap Chicken (spicy or bulgogi), offer an accessible taste of Korean cuisine.

Wen Kang Ji
While traditionally known for their roasted meat and wanton noodle offerings at Golden Mile, Wen Kang Ji offers Big Prawn Noodles and Red Grouper Fish Soup here instead.

Chef De Pasta
Offering a Western touch to the kopitiam, Chef De Pasta serves a menu of both hearty main courses and delightful pastas.

Expect main courses such as Grilled Cajun Chicken Chop, Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Grilled NZ Ribete Steak, and pasta choices such as Truffle Mushroom Cream Pasta and Carbonara with Bacon and Poached Egg.

Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 13

Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 14

888 Mookata
Started by Chew Chor Meng and Dennis Chew, 888 Mookata offers a communal dining experience with its Mookata platters.

The platter for two includes marinated chicken thigh, marinated pork collar, marinated pork belly, prawn, scallops smoked duck, fishballs, and more.

The blend of marinades and the joy of grilling your own food at the table make this a fun experience.

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Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 16

Flaky Haus
Flaky Haus brings the art of pastries to Tam Chiak Kopitiam. A former home-based bakery called Chantilly Muffin, this stall has a range of delectable offerings including Croissants, Apple Turnovers, Pain au Chocolat, and Cranberry Salted Caramel Muffins.

However, the standout has to be the fragrant Banana Speculoos Muffin – a sweet and comforting creation that is an absolute must-try.

Tam Chiak Kopitiam - Trendy Hougang Coffeeshop 17

Yeo Yeo Huat
Named after “118 要要发”, a long-running series that also starred Chew Chor Meng and Dennis Chew, Yeo Yeo Huat is the drinks stall that complements the food offerings.

Whether it is a traditional Kopi-O or a refreshing iced tea, it is the pit-stop to quench your thirst after exploring the fare of Tam Chiak Kopitiam.

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Tam Chiak Kopitiam
212 Hougang St 21, #01-349, Singapore 530212
Opening Hours: 6:30am – 12am (Mon – Sun)

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