As the Mid-Autumn Festival draws near, welcome to the “Best Mooncakes Food Guide in Singapore for 2023“, where we embark on a sweet journey through Singapore’s delectable mooncakes.

This year’s guide highlights the classic favourites that have stood the test of time, along with innovative ones that push the boundaries.

From exquisite gift boxes to eco-friendly packaging, from snowskin delights to luxurious indulgences with birdnest, also look out for early bird specials and promotions to get a better deal for your buck.

You can also check out the Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festive Celebration 2023.

Here are the some of the Best Mooncakes in Singapore 2023:

Pan Pacific Singapore
Hai Tien Lo (海天楼) brings to the table a legacy of excellence, offering an enchanting assortment of baked and snow skin mooncakes for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

This year, Hai Tien Lo is adding four new captivating flavours to their snow skin selection.

These include the exclusive Strawberry Paste Hai Tien Lo No.1 Tea Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake, a magical concoction that delights the senses, and Yam Paste White Rabbit Candy Ganache Mooncake for a touch of nostalgia.

There are also the vibrant Orange Paste Matcha Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake, and the exotic Gula Melaka Paste with Desiccated Coconut Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake – a tropical fusion that brings a touch of the extraordinary.

Recommended Mooncake:
The standout choice is the No. 1 Tea Baked Mooncake ($90 for 4 pcs). This delicate masterpiece is crafted for tea enthusiasts, featuring a robust blend of tea and herbal ingredients.

The Box:
The presentation is as refined as the mooncakes themselves, with an elegant red or gold box adorned with Hai Tien Lo’s signature cloud-like motif.

Available at:
Hai Tien Lo’s mooncakes can be purchased online at from now to 29 Sep 2023.

Collection can be made at the hotel’s mooncake booth on Level 2 of Pan Pacific Singapore (beside JTB Lounge) from 18 Aug 2023.

Delivery options are also available for those seeking convenience, with specific time slots and a processing time of three working days.

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore
A distinguished brand that artfully marries sophistication and gastronomy, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore is set to impress once again this Mid-Autumn Festival with its unique selection of mooncakes.

In true Kempinski fashion, the offering features both classic baked flavours and modern snowskin varieties.

These include Egg Yolk White Lotus Paste, Macadamia Nut White Lotus Paste, Champagne Truffle Snowskin, Mao Shan Wang Durian, and Japanese Matcha Mochi.

Recommended Mooncake:
Making its premiere this year, the Pistachio Snowskin mooncake ($88 in a Kempinski Tin Box or $112 in The Celestial Collection) is elegantly delectable.

Encasing this delight is the soft snowskin, a delicate and chewy layer that adds a velvety touch.

The core of this creation is characterised by crisp, nutty flavours of pistachio. Known for its rich and slightly sweet taste, pistachio lends the mooncake an earthy depth and a pleasant crunch that contrasts beautifully with the surrounding texture.

The Box:
The mooncakes come beautifully encased in a two-tier Kempinski Tin Box adorned with the iconic images of the Capitol Building and Stamford House façade, an ode to Singapore’s architectural history.

There is also the Celestial Collection, in which the mooncakes are accompanied by a chic canvas bag available in soft pastel pink or neutral dusty rose, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to the package.

Available at:
These mooncakes can be conveniently ordered online for home delivery at:

1-for-1 Mooncakes. Purchase any box of mooncakes and receive 1 complimentary box of mooncakes. *Exclude Snowskin Mooncakes flavours: Champagne Truffle (8pcs) and Mao Shan Wang Durian (8pcs). Enjoy complimentary delivery to one location with orders above $600.

Concorde Hotel Singapore
Concorde Hotel Singapore invites you into a delightful culinary journey with their Halal-certified mooncakes.

Reflecting quality and tradition, each box promises an assortment of six meticulously crafted mooncakes.

With an array of options to choose from, including the White Lotus Paste, Durian with Lotus Seed, Golden Jade Single Yolk (sold out), to Assorted Fruit and Nuts, the selection offers something for everyone.

With a core of velvety smooth aromatic pandan-infused lotus paste, the best-selling Golden Jade Single Yolk is recommended which creates a sublime taste that lingers on the palate.

Recommended Mooncake:
The Durian with Lotus Seed mooncake ($84 nett) stands out as a must-try.

Limited to only 100 boxes, this mooncake combines the bold flavour of durian with characteristic creamy and custard-like richness.

The addition of lotus seeds adds a sweet and nutty undertone, providing a subtle counterbalance to the powerful taste of durian.

The Box:
Their mooncakes are presented in an enchanting orange organiser which is also a piece of art that adds to the festive celebration’s allure.

This packaging is adorned with a mesmerising traditional flower design light box, symbolising the autumn moon’s essence.

Available at:
The mooncakes can be ordered directly from Concorde Hotel Singapore by emailing or calling 67398370.

Delivery is available from 1 to 29 Sep 2023, with specific terms for free delivery and charges (of 50 boxes and above to a single destination in Singapore) based on the number of boxes and destination within Singapore.

Enjoy 50% off the exquisite collection of Halal-certified mooncakes now via ordering online.

Goodwood Park Hotel
Goodwood Park Hotel welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival with an extravagant selection of baked classics and inventive snowskin mooncakes.

Crafted by skilled Hong Kong chefs in collaboration with the hotel’s culinary team, these mooncakes come without preservatives, underlining the quality and freshness of ingredients.

The collection, available at The Deli from 16 Aug to 29 Sep 2023, includes everything from the decadent Durian Combo, Blue Pea Flower with White Lotus Seed Paste and Melon Seeds, to fan-favourite Ondeh Ondeh, showcasing the innovative blend of traditional flavours with contemporary culinary techniques.

Recommended Mooncake:
The new Pineapple with Custard Snowskin Mooncake stands out as this year’s star ($50 nett for 2 pcs, $78 nett for 4 pcs).

This creation is visually stunning with its tri-coloured snowskin in pink, orange, and white.

Flavour-wise, it promises a harmonious burst of flavours, featuring a layer of creamy custard married with buttery pastry, reminiscent of a Taiwan pineapple cake, and complemented by zingy homemade pineapple jam.

The Box:
The mooncakes are presented in copper-themed packaging that centres on a classical lantern design. Floral embellishments add an elegant touch, paying tribute to the traditional festival.

Available at:
Walk-in purchases can be made at The Deli in Goodwood Park Hotel from 16 Aug to 29 Sep 2023.

Pre-orders for delivery or self-collection can be placed at their Festive Online Shop, with a 5-day advance notice required.

Look out for their shopping mall stalls at Takashimaya B2 Square, VivoCity, CIMB Plaza, NEX, Jurong Point, Junction 8, and Tampines Mall.

The hotel is offering an Early Bird Offer till 3 Sep 2023, where customers can enjoy a 25% discount with a minimum purchase of 2 boxes (Promotion is only applicable for purchases at The Deli or via the hotel’s Festive Online Shop).

Goodwood Park Hotel Gourmet Cardmembers receive an exclusive 30% off with the same minimum purchase, adding an extra incentive to try their delectable creations.

Hong Kong MX
A brand synonymous with quality, Hong Kong MX presents its celebrated mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival including the White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Yolks.

This mooncake stands as an epitome of a classic taste, harmonising the flavours of white lotus seed paste (made with specially-sourced lotus seeds) with salted egg yolks. It has also earned the prestigious 2023 Gold Medal of Monde Selection International Quality Award.

Another highlight is the Musang King Durian Molten Mooncake, featuring the rich and creamy texture of 100% Malaysia Musang King Durian.

Recommended Mooncake:
The standout in this year’s collection is the LINE Friends meets MX – Radio Mooncake gift box with Creamy Custard Mooncakes ($48.00).

These mooncakes are not just a treat for the taste buds but a visual delight as well, each adorned with the cute face of BROWN.

Inside, the creamy, silky-smooth custard fills your mouth with a sweet, lingering aftertaste.

The Box:
The Hong Kong MX x LINE FRIENDS mooncake gift box is an attention-grabber with its unique vintage cassette and radio player-inspired design.

The playful flashing light effect, cute LINE FRIENDS characters, and removable BROWN, CONY, and SALLY badges that double as collectible fridge magnets add to the charm – creating an unforgettable gifting experience.

Available at:
Hong Kong MX mooncakes can be purchased at various Mid-Autumn fair locations including Takashimaya Square B2, Tangs VivoCity, Change Alley, NEX, Tampines Mall, and Westgate.

For those preferring online shopping, the entire collection is available at their official website:

Online shopping offers FREE delivery for purchases above $200 and free gifts for total cart purchases above $100 (only applicable for purchases made on their official website).

Imperial Patisserie 皇玥香港
Imperial Patisserie, a renowned brand from Hong Kong, stands as a testament to excellence in the realm of mooncakes with five consecutive years of Grand Gold Award in Monde.

Under the careful guidance of Master Chefs Yip Wing Wah and Michelin-starred Chef Lai Wing Koon, the brand has meticulously crafted a wide array of Lava Mooncakes, known for their perfect molten effect even at room temperature.

All mooncakes are 100% made in Hong Kong and have obtained Halal certification there.

This year’s selection showcases a variety of flavours, from Lava Custard, Red Bean Paste with aged Mandarin Peel, and newly launched Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Two Yolks for gifting.

Recommended Mooncake:
The Supreme Gift Box ($298) is a top recommendation for those seeking to indulge in a luxurious treat.

It features the limited-edition Bird’s Nest Custard Mooncake (4 pcs) hand-crafted using top-quality Bird’s Nest for an exquisite taste.

Alongside the Bird’s Nest Custard, the box also contains an assortment of flavours like White Lotus Seed Paste with Two Yolks, Lava Custard, Lava Sesame, Lava Green Tea, Lava Ginger and Lava Durian, making it an all-encompassing experience of what Imperial Patisserie has to offer.

The Box:
For the signature Lava Custard Mooncakes, the box is in a pastel pink hue with leather texture, with packaging that exudes elegance and reflective of the premium ingredients within.

Available at:
You can find these mooncakes at various locations including Takashimaya Square, VivoCity Atrium by TANGS, NEX Atrium by TANGS, Jurong Point, and Bugis Junction.

They are also available online at Imperial Patisserie’s Shopee store, Takashimaya Online, and TANGS Online.

Don’t miss the opportunity to avail of some attractive promotions, such as the 8.8 Promotion offering 20% OFF or the Takashimaya Card Member Promotion providing a 20% discount from 24 to 27 Aug.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, known for its award-winning culinary artistry, unveils a collection of handcrafted mooncakes.

With a lineup of five new unique and tastefully fruity flavours ranging from the indulgence of Golden Black Truffle and Dry-Aged Parma Ham, special Irish Cream Latte with Baileys Praline, to the refreshing touch of Yuzu Honey with Peach Passionfruit, the selection showcases the expertise and creativity of the restaurant’s culinary team.

Recommended Mooncake:
The standout among this exciting range is the Baked Mooncake with Imperial “Long Jing” Tea and Walnuts. This is available as part of the Assorted Baked Mooncake set ($88 nett, four pcs).

The fine Long Jing Tea, renowned for its full body and captivating aroma, is given a twist with the addition of walnuts, offering a delightful sweet finish that is memorable.

The combination of premium ingredients and skillful preparation creates a taste sensation that is rich and nutty with a texture reminiscent of granola.

The Box:
Wan Hao has spared no expense in the presentation, offering a beautifully designed red tower box adorned with an elegant peony motif.

The intricate trellis pattern on the front lid adds to the aesthetic appeal, and the pastel pink chest drawers inside not only make it a great gifting option but also an item that can be upcycled into a charming jewellery box.

Available at:
The mooncakes are available for purchase at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Forecourt from now till 29 Sep 2023, between 10am and 9:30pm.

Online ordering is also available at

Early Bird Discounts of 15% off with promo code “GET15OFF” from 24 Aug to 29 Sep.

An additional 10% off is available for those who opt for self-collection at the Hotel’s Mid-Autumn Booth.

Awfully Chocolate
Renowned in Singapore as the Original Chocolate Mooncake specialists, Awfully Chocolate presents its luxurious Mid-Autumn Collection for 2023.

The brand is famous for blending traditional mooncake ingredients with innovative chocolate flavours, offering Classic Baked Mooncakes and Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes.

Recommended Mooncake:
Get the Classic Baked Mooncakes ($88 for 4 pcs) with four different pieces for those who love variety, including The Original Chocolate Mooncake, Praline Mooncake, Five Treasures Mooncake, and Traditional Double Yolk Mooncake.

A big favourite is The Original Chocolate Mooncake, featuring decadent dark chocolate lotus paste which envelopes the palate with a rich and smooth texture, offering deep cocoa notes.

What makes this mooncake truly special is the lovely brownie core, which adds a chewy contrast to the velvety lotus paste.

The Box:
Encased in an elegant wooden keepsake chest, each mooncake comes with a reusable golden knife and a cocoa gift bag, enhancing the gifting experience.

Available at:
Mooncakes can be purchased both online and at all Awfully Chocolate outlets.

Islandwide delivery/in-store collections are available on a preorder basis. Order at least 2 days in advance. Earliest date of collection/delivery is 25 Aug 2023.

Same-day purchase and collections (from 25 Aug 2023): Only available at Awfully Chocolate Bakery & Café (131 East Coast Road) and Awfully Chocolate Takashimaya atrium booth.

Early Bird offers at 18% OFF (1-14 Sep).

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is known for its dedication to blending tradition with innovation.

Its classic offerings such as Teochew Yam Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake and Mini Baked Egg Custard with Yolk Mooncakes remain well-loved.

If you are looking for something creative, the brand has introduced two new snowskin flavours, including the Mini Snowskin Cheesecake Mooncake and Dirty Matcha Latte Mini Snowskin Mooncake.

Recommended Mooncake:
The Mini Snowskin Cheesecake Mooncake stands out for its captivating fusion of East and West.

This mooncake pays homage to the classic New York Cheesecake ($76 for box of 6pcs), beloved for its rich, mildly tangy, and creamy flavour.

The mooncake encapsulates this iconic dessert within a delicate snowskin, filled with smooth white lotus paste, and cream cheese praline at its heart.

Each bite offers a harmonious blend of traditional mooncake and a contemporary cheesecake.

Available at:
Mooncakes from Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium can be ordered until 25 Sep 2023, with collection or delivery options available from 28 Aug 2023 onwards.

Place your orders easily through the eShop at

For inquiries or special arrangements related to bulk orders, please reach out directly to

The Orchard Hotel Singapore
Hua Ting Restaurant is an award-winning establishment, highly esteemed for its culinary prowess, especially in traditional Chinese cuisine.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, it presents a marvellous array of mooncakes, showcasing its masterful artistry.

The White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Macadamia Nuts mooncake is a classic delight, while the Mao Shan Wang (Durian) Snowskin Mooncake is one of their best sellers.

For those who appreciate snow skin mooncakes, the Blueberry with Vintage Hua Diao Wine and White Lotus Paste with Champagne Ganache are particularly favoured by those who enjoy a hint of alcohol in their festive treats.

Recommended Mooncake:
Among the exquisite new offerings, the Chendol Lotus with Melon Seeds Mooncake ($78 per box of 4) is especially compelling.

Its delicate fusion of traditional and local dessert flavours, embodied by the sweet, aromatic chendol and lotus paste, combined with the subtle crunch of melon seeds, offers a sensory nostalgic journey.

The Box:
Look out for the Limited Edition Premium Teapot Collection. It includes not only the mooncakes but also a collection of the finest Chinese tea, a curated teapot, and teacups.

Customers have the choice of ruby, turquoise, or topaz matching boxes, all designed to impress.

Available at:
The Millennium Mooncakes by Hua Ting can be purchased at the Orchard Hotel Lobby Kiosk from 7 Aug till 29 Sep 2023.

For more convenience, visit the official website at

Paradise Group
A familiar name in the culinary scene, Paradise Group is ready to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with a comprehensive mooncake line-up for 2023.

Ensuring every taste is catered to, they offer an intriguing range of choices from innovative Liqueur Snow Skin Mooncakes for the adventurous palate to Traditional Baked Mooncakes.

They also debut the Mini Pumpkin Snow Skin Chestnut Paste with Mashed Salted Egg Yolk.

This petite, vibrant mooncake derives its golden hue and sweet nuttiness from pumpkin, its chestnut paste punctuated with salted egg yolk bits, creating a layered dance of sweet and savoury.

Recommended Mooncake:
The recommended Liqueur Snow Skin Mooncakes are an exciting departure from the traditional.

Priced at $70 per box, each pack comes with 8 pieces, featuring 2 pieces per flavour.

There are four enticing flavours to enjoy – Yuzu Sake with Chestnut Paste, Cherry Brandy with White Lotus Paste, Grape Roku Gin with White Lotus Paste, and White Peach Prosecco with Jasmine Paste.

Adding to the intricate layering is a crispy chocolate shell, crafted from premium natural chocolate from Valrhona’s Inspiration, their first-ever range of fruit and nut couvertures.

Available at:
Mooncakes can be ordered until the 29th of Sep 2023, exclusively for takeaway.

Collections can be made from all Paradise Group of restaurants (excluding Le Shrimp Ramen, LeNu, and Canton Paradise Noodle and Congee House restaurants) starting from 1st Sep 2023.

From 1 to 29 Sep 2023, Citi and Maybank Credit or Debit Cardmember and PGR member enjoy 10% off mooncakes.

Eu Yan Sang
Eu Yan Sang, a trusted name in traditional wellness, presents an elegant collection of mooncakes this Mid-Autumn season.

Celebrating the harmony of health and taste, these mooncakes are an artful blend of Bird’s Nest, American Ginseng, lotus paste, and other premium ingredients.

Four new flavours are introduced this year, including Emperor’s Ginseng with Bird’s Nest Mooncake, Empress’ Ruby Dates Bird’s Nest Mooncake, Triple Treasures Mooncake, and Mademoiselle’s Lychee-Roselle Mooncake.

Recommended Mooncake:
The Emperor’s Ginger & Bird’s Nest Symphony Gift Set stands out as a distinguished recommendation.

This set includes two pieces of Ginseng Bird’s Nest Mooncakes, symbolising the sophisticated fusion of natural ginseng’s fragrance with the sweet subtleness of lotus paste, all surrounding a delicate heart of bird’s nest.

Accompanied by two bottles of Majestic Cave Nest, it is a gift that speaks volumes of elegance and wellness.

Available at:
The mooncakes are available for discovery and purchase at any Eu Yan Sang stores across the island.

For those who prefer online shopping, they can be found at Eu Yan Sang’s dedicated Mid-Autumn page at

Eu Yan Sang offers a generous 30% OFF for Eu Rewards Members and 25% OFF for Non-Members.

For early bird special with the purchase of every two sets, customers will receive a Aloe Vera Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest, valued at $39.90. While stocks last.

This is brought to you in partnership with Awfully Chocolate, Concorde Hotel Singapore, Eu Yan Sang, Goodwood Park Hotel, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Hong Kong MX, Imperial Patisserie 皇玥香港, Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore, Paradise Group, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, and The Orchard Hotel Singapore.


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