The renowned Thai instant noodle brand MAMA is hosting its first-ever pop-up in Asia at HUE from 12 December 12 to January 14 2024.

For a month, HUE will be transformed into a colourful MAMA-themed paradise, offering an immersive experience for noodle enthusiasts.

Diners can indulge in seven exclusive MAMA dishes, including the flavorful MAMA Tom Yum, savory MAMA Beef, delectable MAMA Crispy Pork Basil, unique MAMA Dried Suki, exotic MAMA Soft-shell Prawn Truffle, traditional MAMA Lup Cheong, and the innovative MAMA Meatball Larb.

The venue will be a haven for MAMA noodle lovers, featuring life-size MAMA noodle cups, thematic decorations, and a cozy setting with noodle bench and cushions inspired by MAMA instant noodle packets.

This event is a must-visit for anyone looking to fully immerse themselves in the world of MAMA noodles, offering both a feast for the eyes and the palate.

While Thai restaurants are aplenty in Singapore, this modern Thai dining concept presents items that are not quite the same.

HUE blends familiar Thai cuisine with innovative contemporary flavours.

Even if you have been there before, the recently revamped food and cocktail menu are commendable, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Its name “HUE” is borrowed from the Thai term for hunger, and rightfully so.

To find the lifestyle destination, it is in the heart of the hip Jalan Besar at Tyrwhitt Road, decorated with a beautiful blue exterior.

That blue wall represents Thai culture’s reverence for water, while the warm lights adorning it give it an inviting aura.

As for the food, the specially crafted dishes maintain the essence of Thai cuisine while offering a twist. Here are some of the highlights from HUE’s NEW menu:

Mama Mia

Mama Mia ($22)
A rendition of Bangkok’s renowned Tom Yum MAMA Noodles dish.

It brings a coastal twist to the classic dish with generous servings of mussels, prawns, squid, and house-made pork meatballs swimming in a rich and tangy-spicy soup.

The crowning glory of this dish is the egg – break the yolk to add a layer of creaminess to the already flavour-packed bowl.


Egg-e-egg-egg ($19)
An intriguing fusion of Thai, Singapore, and English flavours, this Scotch eggs inspired dish feature quail eggs instead.

They have handmade with minced pork collar and laksa seasoning on the outside, giving it a mildly-spiced and meaty flavour. The light fragrance of Thai basil and lime aioli gives the dish an aromatic lift.

Get your handphone camera ready for this, as the final touch of applewood smoke imparts a sublime smoky undertone.

Not a Tom Yum

Not a Tom Yum ($21)
The dish takes quite a bit of inspiration from the original Southern Thai recipe but then amplifies it with an abundance of savoury seafood flavours.

Featuring a prawn-based broth, this is included with charred seafood for added smokey taste.

There is the deep-fried omelette on the side which you can eat on its own, or add to the soup to soak some of those flavours up.

Char Moo

Char Moo ($17)
Easily one of my favourite bite bars here, fashioned after the familiar Thai street food of Moo Ping.

This dish showcases juicy pork collar skewers, generously glazed with a house-made chilli dip.

The balance between the tender pork and the spicy, sweet, and tangy sauce was sublime.

Chicken Nest

Chicken Nest ($20)
In a group and cannot decide which flavour of wings to have? Now you can try both.

Offering a two-in-one experience, these crispy fried chicken wings are prepared in two distinctive styles.

Half are coated in aromatic Thai herbs, and the other half bask in a tangy Thai chilli aioli sauce.

That’s not all, the wings are served on an artistic, edible nest made from shredded popiah skin (yes, you can also eat them).

Thai Thai Fries ($13)
Warning: this marriage of crispy fries with an in-house tomyum spice with a zesty kick proves to be pretty addictive.

There’s not all. There is also a trio of dressings – the creamy culantro aioli, refreshing culantro mint, and sweetish Maepranom chilli aioli for dips.

The newly rolled out cocktail list at HUE is a testament to their commitment to infusing Thai essence in different aspect of their offerings.

The cocktails are actually quite creatively, crafted, mixing classic elements with distinctly Thai ingredients to create a refreshing experience.

The BKK ($20)
A playful take on the classic Negroni. The cocktail uses Botanist gin, Aperol, and Cocchi Bianco Vermouth as the base but infuses it with the spirited punch of chilli padi and the aromatic zing of kaffir lime.

Thai Elixir ($20)
A whisky sour rendition that works beautifully. The use of Roselle adds a fruity touch, complemented by the smoky Chivas 13, tart lemon juice, spicy ginger syrup, and Cocchi Torino.

Ardberg 10 lends a touch of peatiness, while the smooth egg white provides a silky mouthfeel.

Kingdom of Ayutthaya ($20)
Offering a more herbal experience, this cocktail incorporates coriander-infused Botanist gin, an unusual but highly appealing choice.

It is sweetened with Cocchi Americano Bianco, which adds a complex sweetness to the overall taste.

The Tom Yum ($18)
Probably the most surprising cocktail on the menu, incorporating elements of the iconic Thai soup into a drink.

Using Grey Goose vodka as a base, the cocktail mixes lime juice, kaffir lime, lemongrass, fish sauce, chilli padi, and Thai seaweed powder. A bold and daring experiment – some may like it, some may try it for the fun.

HUE does provide a different Thai dining experience with innovative, bold flavours, creating dishes that are not the same as the usual. Worth the trip – so go, indulge.

123 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207549
Tel: +65 9018 0992
Opening Hours: 6pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Wed), 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10:30pm (Thurs, Sun), 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11:30pm (Fri – Sat)


* This entry is brought to you in partnership with HUE.


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