This is for the burger lovers.

Honbo, the much-lauded burger brand known for its handcrafted quality burgers from Hong Kong, has opened its maiden outlet in Singapore, marking its first foray overseas.

It has opened a full service restaurant with diner-inspired interior, coloured in blue and playful orange.

Nestled at CHIJMES (near City Hall MRT station), Honbo which means “burger” in Cantonese, has quite a following in Hong Kong.

I remember making a ‘climb’ up its Wan Chai outlet at couple of years back, and reviewed as a “simple, darn-good burger – soft as pillow bun, with juicy meaty patty sandwiched in between”.

It is great to be able to try Honbo now without buying a plane ticket.

What makes Honbo different is that it champions the highest quality ingredients, and they only make the burgers fresh upon order (so be prepared to wait a while).

This is from the specially imported beef used in the patties to the house-made sauces and buns, ensuring a burger experience that is unadulterated.

The burger at Honbo is no ordinary assemblage.

Each beef patty, void of preservatives, MSG, and additives, is ground fresh in-house every day and griddled to order.

They source their USDA Double Gold Beef directly from Wisconsin, USA, using the meat of mature Holstein and Angus cattle that have been raised on high-quality corn.

This lends a deeper depth of flavour to their patties.

Not to forget its fresh, daily-made potato milk buns that are light and fluffy.

These are the result of an exclusive recipe, developed with famous artisanal baker Eric Kayser, that calls for hand-mashed potatoes prepared in-house.

Their conscious sourcing extends to other ingredients as well. Crisp, sustainable greens, in-house cured pickles from Japanese cucumbers, and specially crafted house-made sauces contribute to the burger.

Hungry? Here’s what you can experience at Honbo Singapore:

Honbo Burger (Honbo at $18, Honbo 1.5 at $23)
First timers to Honbo are recommended to try either the Honbo or Honbo 1.5.

Two 2oz beef patties, seared till juicy and slightly crisp on the griddle, are paired with a slice of cheese for an intensified flavour profile.

While the classic HONBO Burger is a crowd-pleaser, if you are in a mood to indulge, there is the HONBO 1.5 ($23) which boasts three patties; and the HONBO 2.0 at ($28) that comes with four patties for those who love those meaty flavours.

What I enjoyed was the juiciness of the patties, and yet they don’t feel too greasy to the bite.

There is this nice ‘feel’ as you hold the soft potato buns as well. They are pillowy with a subtle sweetness, which balance the robust flavours of the meat.

(Do you also know you can change to a lettuce bun for a gluten-free burger?)

Cheeseburger ($18)
This adds a melt-in-your-mouth slice of American cheese to Honbo’s renowned double beef patty formula, intensifying the overall enjoyment factor.

The Gold Standard ($28)
For those with a bigger appetite and prefer a more intensified flavour profile.

What you get are two thick, juicy beef patties and two slices of melted cheese, amplified by the smoky allure of Applewood smoked bacon.

A generous garnish of pickles, onion, lettuce, and the house’s special sauce makes this burger the benchmark of indulgence.

Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($18)
Even if you do not eat beef, there are other choices such as the Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Impossible Burger, and Scallop Burger.

For the Teriyaki Chicken Burger, the organic chicken is first sous-vide for a solid 4 hours to retain its moisture and tenderness, and then grilled to achieve a caramelised exterior.

The masterstroke to me is the tasty, sweet and savoury house-made teriyaki sauce that glazes the grilled chicken.

Scallop Burger ($26, available for limited period of 3 months)
Daringly deviating from the conventional, Honbo presents the limited-edition Scallop Burger.

This showcases plump, sashimi-grade Hokkaido scallops, seared to a delectable golden brown, delivering a juicy bite.

The burger is elegantly dressed with Japanese rocket leaves and Honbo’s in-house crunchy wasabi Pico De Gallo.

Honbo doesn’t stop at burgers. Their selected list of sides, like the Coleslaw ($5), Fries ($7), Sweet Potato Fries ($8), Tater Tots ($7), Cheese Tots ($11) and Lemon Pepper Wings ($15) complement the main items.

A notable mention is their Buffalo Wings ($15 for 5 pieces), coated in a tangy sauce that is both spicy and addictive.

For those seeking something addictive, the Homemade Beef Chili Fries ($15) features crispy fries drenched in a robust chili sauce that will leave you craving for more.

To quench your thirst, Honbo serves a refreshing variety of beverages including old school inspired classics.

Mike’s Lemonade ($7) offers a time-tested refreshment with a classic lemonade.

For those looking for a unique taste experience, the Apple Pie Iced Tea ($7) stands out.

This innovative drink brings the warm, nostalgic flavours of an apple pie to a cooling glass of iced tea.

While Honbo may be considered a new name to Singaporeans, its quality can beat some of the big boys out there, and is a go-to destination for burger enthusiasts.

Honbo Singapore
CHIJMES #01-09, 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Honbo.


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