In the food haven that is Geylang, all the best restaurants are easily identified by the length of the queue and the size of the crowd. Most places are authentic and as casual as it gets.

Enter San Shu Gong Private Dining 三叔公私房菜, located along Geylang Road but sharing few characteristics with its competition.

When it was first opened, the restaurant was made to be a private dining concept by a Cantonese chef who worked at several major hotels (and I hear JUMBO Group too).

Private dining restaurants are on a reservations-only basis, so it had a long waiting list.

Luckily, it has transitioned away from it to accommodate walk-ins, but the restaurant can still be quite fully booked.

The time slots for dinner are 6:00pm to 7:45pm and 8:00pm – 10:30pm, which can sound a little rushed for the first seating if you prefer taking time with your meals.

San Shu Gong translates into “third uncle”, a title used by the family and relatives for the owner’s father.

According to their background, his passion was in both traditional Teochew and Cantonese cuisine, and that he could open his own restaurant. The owner opened the restaurant after being inspired by her father’s dream.

It worked out because the Singapore Michelin Guide selection now has San Shu Gong as part of the new additions of 2023.

With both Teochew and Cantonese cuisines represented, the menu is wide-ranging though priced on the higher side.

Seasonal seafood is imported from various sources over the world.

As an appetiser, the Pan-fried Oyster Omelette ($16) is a best-seller.

Not only was the Oyster Omelette perfectly even, one side was totally crispy while the other was soft and tender. It was much less rustic and more deliberately thoughtful than you find in elsewhere.

The oysters are spread throughout the omelette and not left totally whole, in a good and bad way.

Try something new, like the Chilled Cherry Tomatoes Marinated with Sour Plum ($12).

Cherry tomatoes are marinated for two days in their home-brewed vinegar and sour plum extract for a burst of acidity and freshness. I have never had something like this before.

For seafood, there is a Deep-fried Sea Cucumber with Superior Abalone Sauce ($30).

In typical Teochew style, chunks of the sea cucumber are braised to tenderness. The twist comes in being fried.

Other dishes include Deep-fried Deshelled Prawn Coated with Salted Egg or with Pepper & Spiced Salt ($22, $33, $44), Wok-fried Deshelled Prawn with Pepper & Spiced Salt ($22, $33, $44), and Sauteed Australian Scallop with Preserved Radish & Broccoli ($32, $48, $64).

I guess one could not leave without having the signature Wok-fried “Cai Pu” Kway Teow with XO Sauce ($14, $21, $28).

The first thing that hits your palate when you taste this dish is the rich, umami flavour of the XO sauce. Also liked the kailan which added a delightful crunchy which contrasted with the silky texture of the kway teow.

Though some may feel the ‘wok-hei’ could have been stronger.

As for desserts that can adequately represent the cuisine, some good choices include Steamed Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts & Pumpkin ($4.80), Deep-fried Red Bean Pancake ($12), and Deep-fried Yam Stick Encrusted with Fine Sugar ($18).

The recommended was the Teochew “Tau Suan” with Gingko Nuts & Flour Fritter ($4.80) which was more average considering some of the more memorable dishes prior.

Put that together with the comforting food (though slightly pricy), it is safe to say that Teochew cuisine is in good hands. But do reserve, perhaps months prior.

San Shu Gong Private Dining 三叔公私房菜
135 Geylang Road, #01-01, Singapore 389226
Opening Hours: 12pm – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Dean Ang and Daniel Ang. Follow @DanielFoodDiary on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for more food news, food videos and travel highlights. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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