From the mountainous landscapes of Taiwan to the bustling cityscape of Singapore, M5 Coffee 介丘咖啡 is a new café that opened in Somersert at Orchard Gateway.

Taiwan has M5, we have M1.

Orchard Gateway is no stranger to new cafe openings of late, with Yang Xiao Xian Mango Milk Ice 杨小贤 and There Was No Coffee 本来不该有 also new to the mall.

Named after the five major mountain ranges that traverse Taiwan, M5 Coffee 介丘咖啡 aims to capture the spirit of Taiwan’s unique geographical characteristics, presenting them in a delightful cup of coffee.

Considered a relatively new brand even in Taiwan itself, its aesthetics and cup design did remind us a little of Blue Bottle Coffee.

Located in the basement of Orchard Gateway, it is conveniently situated near one of the exits of Somersert MRT station.

The café’s design plays with cream tones and light wood furnishings, creating an inviting, cosy atmosphere reminiscent of a welcoming home.

However, the compact size means it leans more towards being a takeaway coffee spot rather than a place to sit and enjoy your brew leisurely.

For a small shop, M5 Coffee 介丘咖啡 does have quite a variety of offerings.

Their classic Espresso, priced from $3.40, features the M501S blend, which harmoniously combines beans from Brazil and Columbia, with tasting notes of chocolate, molasses, hazelnut, and toast.

Customers can also pick the rotational Single Origin available.

More adventurous coffee lovers can explore unique concoctions such as the Crème Brûlée Latte ($7), Bamboo Charcoal Honey Caffe Latte ($7.50), Oatmeal Cookie Latte ($8), and Cube Americano ($6) – which uses espresso iced bricks.

They also offer a range of M5 Original drinks named after Taiwanese mountains like Yushan Range and Alishan Range.

Exclusive to Singapore, the Mount Faber drink ($7) is a must-try for something on your Instagram feed, I guess.

This delightfully layered drink combines a blend with blue curaçao syrup, sea salt, and milk. The visually striking drink features a blue bottom layer, a coffee middle, and a milk foam top.

The result is a flavour profile as intriguing as its appearance, with the sweet syrup and salty undertones creating a contrast against the robust coffee.

Moving on to the dessert offerings, there are options such as the Burnt Cheese Cake ($8), Tiramisu ($12.50), Taro Coconut Cake ($9.50), Black and White Chocolate Cake ($8), Chocolate Fudge Cake ($8), and the cute-looking Cactus Cupcake ($9).

Unfortunately, most cakes were sold out when I visited.

The Burnt Cheese Cake ($8), which was more reminiscent of a typical cheesecake than the molten variety, was at least still rich, creamy, and satisfyingly decadent.

To me, some of the draw of Taiwanese-style cafes is the ultra-friendly service where baristas can even strike up a chat with you. Over here, not that it is any bad, it is just more straight-forward.

M5 Coffee 介丘咖啡
Orchard Gateway B1-01, 277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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