Home-grown Kanshoku Ramen should be a familiar name when it comes to ramen, especially when it comes to their famed Truffle Ramen.

Other than outlets at Orchard Gateway and ION Orchard (newly renovated), the brand has also launched a relatively new outlet at Raffles City basement (City Hall MRT).

The name itself, derived from the Japanese word meaning “to finish eating every last bit of your food”, sets the stage for a fuss-free dining experience.

Other than the dry Truffle Ramen ($16.90), signatures include the Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.50), Black Garlic Ramen ($15.50), Truffle Broth Ramen ($18.90), Truffle Uni Ramen ($28.90), Flaming Hot Tonkotsu Ramen ($15.50) and Shoyu Ramen ($14.50).

The heart and soul of Kanshoku Ramen reside in their broth, which undergoes a process that spans over eight hours.

The broth is meticulously boiled, without the addition of salt or preservatives, using only filtered water, to deliver a clean and wholesome taste.

As for the long and thin noodles, a crucial element of any ramen bowl, they are produced in-house daily using traditional methods, taking an additional two hours to create the perfect Hakata-style texture.

Along with the Raffles City outlet opening and ION Orchard reopening (after renovations), Kanshoku Ramen is launching two brand-new ramen (seldom seen in Singapore) – the Gyukotsu Shoyu and Sakura Ebi Truffle Ramen.

Here’s more:

Gyukotsu Shoyu Ramen ($16.90)
Gyukotsu Shoyu Ramen is a type of ramen that features a savoury soy sauce-based broth infused with the flavours of beef.

The robust broth, made by mainly boiling beef bone marrow for many hours, may look clear but is actually quite flavourful.

My favourite part was the carefully selected New Zealand Ribeye Shabu Cut, which is tender and thinly sliced, providing a satisfying meaty element (I did wish there were one or two more slices for more meatiness).

Along with the beef and broth, the ramen is served with roasted tomato which adds a subtle sweetness, and boiled spinach adding an earthy touch.

For those who enjoy hearty flavours of beef-infused broth.

Sakura Ebi Truffle Ramen ($18.90)
If you are a fan of Kanshoku’s Truffle Ramen, go for this elevated version.

The Sakura Ebi Truffle Ramen is a fusion of luxurious ingredients that create an indulgent experience, heightened by the tantalising aroma of black truffle oil.

The Sakura Ebi (dried shrimp) helps to add some crunch and saltiness, while the sashimi-grade Hokkaido Hotate (Japanese scallop) lend a subtle seafood sweetness to the bowl.

There is also shio kombu which contributes a mild umami taste. Give it a good mix with the onsen egg – to let it coat the noodles, before enjoying this treat.

Truffle Uni Ramen ($28.90)
The Italian truffle, hotate (Japanese scallop), ikura (salmon roe), tobiko (flying fish roe), and shio kombu (salted kelp) further elevate the flavours, creating a symphony of umami.

But of course the star of this creation is the red uni (Bafun uni), which adds a delicate briny sweetness to the dish.

The Hakata-style noodles, made in-house every day, complement the rich toppings.

A highlight of this ramen is the onsen egg, which adds a silky richness to the broth.

Truffle Broth Ramen ($18.90)
For those seeking a richer broth bowl, the Truffle Broth Ramen at Kanshoku Ramen Bar is a must-try.

The addictive tonkotsu broth, infused with shaved Italian truffle, truffle pate, and truffle oil, envelops the senses with its aromatic allure.

Each spoonful is a harmonious blend of creamy richness and earthy undertones, along with the Hakata-style noodles which provide the chewy texture that complements the tasty broth.

As for the pork used for the chasiu, they source the finest meat from Holland and marinate over four hours until tender.

Kanshoku Ramen also offers a delightful selection of sides to accompany their exquisite ramen.

These include Black Truffle Edamame ($6.90), Truffle Onsen Egg with Ikura ($5.90), Pork Gyoza ($6.90), Chicken Karaage ($7.50), Nagoya Chicken Wings ($7.50), and more.

I would recommend the Black Truffle Edamame ($6.90) featuring tender edamame beans enhanced with the luxurious aroma of black truffle; and pan-fried Pork Gyoza ($6.90) which are crispy and filled with a savoury mixture of seasoned ground pork and vegetables.

Kanshoku Ramen – Raffles City
Raffles City #B1-81, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Kanshoku Ramen – ION Orchard
ION Orchard #B3-18, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Kanshoku Ramen – Orchard Gateway
orchardgateway #01-06, 277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kanshoku Ramen.


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