BHC Chicken has finally made its way to Singapore at Marina Square, perhaps to the delight of Korean Fried Chicken lovers. (Now, when is Kyochon Chicken 교촌치킨 coming?)

As South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain, do you know that BHC Chicken stands for “Better & Happier Choice”.

One of the major reasons why BHC Chicken got so famous is due to its celebrity ambassador, Korean superstar Jeon Ji Hyun.

She continues to support the chain and her love for fried chicken since her role as a chicken-loving character in “My Love From Another Star”.

(As a reminder of how fast time flies, the Korean drama was from 2013. 2013!)

Located in Marina Square Singapore, this outlet marks the chain’s fourth overseas outpost.

I was surprised though, that the outlet was at a more exposed area (near Hao Mart side) rather than a enclosed sit-in restaurant.

So perhaps it was missing some of that chimaek restaurant vibes without the Korean music in the background. A pity, I thought.

In Singapore, diners can expect a condensed version of the menu, but BHC Chicken Singapore promises to bring all the signatures that make it the preferred choice in South Korea.

Its menu which is ordered via a QR code offers a variety of options, with prices ranging from $23.50 for wings, $28 for boneless chicken, to $29.90 for a whole chicken, depending on the flavours.

Diners can opt for ala carte orders, combo sets or family sets, which come with a choice of sides such as rice cakes, fries, or coleslaw.

The combo set ($32) offers a choice of whole chicken and a side, while the family set ($72) brings choices of two whole chickens, two sides, and either Rabokki or Tteokbokki.

So I guess for individual diners who intend to come, either bring a big appetite or time to find friends.

If you are wondering what to order, the menu features Korean hot favourites such as the Bburinkle Chicken, Gold King, and Macho King.

I was looking out for my favourite Curry Queen but it was not available. Next time, okay?

The recommended was the Bburinkle ($31.90) which is crispy fried chicken coated with cheese and vegetable flavoured seasoning, and comes with a Bburing Bburing dip.

The coating gave it that sweetish taste which made it unique, and I was glad to find the chicken itself crispy with juicy and tender meat. Not overly far off from Korean’s version.

The Bburing Bburing dip added a tangy and slightly sweet taste.

For those who prefer a spicier option, the Hot Bburinkle is an alternative that adds a light punch to the signature crunch.

If you are a lover of the usual-style of ‘traditional’ fried chicken, then the Retro or Hot Retro ($29.90) would be the choice for you.

I enjoyed that unadulterated taste, deep-fried the old-fashioned way with sunflower oil, and offered the original taste of fried chicken without any frills.

Yup, just good-old Fried Chicken.

The Macho King was fried chicken coated with aged soy sauce and a honey-based oriental sauce.

I was actually looking forward to this, but the meat tasted kind of muted when compared to the rest, and so was slightly disappointed.

To complete your fried chicken meal, BHC Chicken offers a variety of sides, including the local Koreans’ favourite Cheese Balls ($5.90), Sotteok ($5.90), Bburing Corndog ($6.90), and Fries ($6.90, $7.90 with bburing powder) – if you need more carbs in your life.

My to-go-for main was the Rabokki, which replaces the rice cake with ramyeon noodles for a mildly-spicy- sweet satisfying meal.

Priced at $12.90 onwards for Spicy or Rose, it was a comforting add-on if you need more than just Fried Chicken to complete the meal.

BHC Chicken Singapore
Marina Square #02-332A & #02-332F, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594
Operating Hours: 11am – 3:30pm, 5:30pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* This was written after Daniel accompanied a friend for a tasting. Follow @DanielFoodDiary on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for more food news, food videos and travel highlights. Daniel’s Food Diary paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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