The very thought of numbing dishes including Chong Qing La Ji Zi, Mala Broth Boiled Seabass, Chengdu Seabass in Sour Pickled Soup, is already making me crave for Sichuan food.

This numbing effect known as “ma” in Chinese (caused by the presence of a compound called hydroxy-alpha sanshool), stimulates the nerve endings in the mouth, creating a multi-sensory experience.

If you love your “mala” dishes, Numb Restaurant has opened at Marina One to share the love of mind-numbing spicy, Sichuanese food to diners in Downtown Singapore.

This new concept comes from the founders of Chengdu Restaurant and Chengdu Bowl, who are taking a fresh approach.

Essentially, they offer a modern Sichuan restaurant using age-old recipes but reinterpreted with contemporary techniques for the younger crowd.

That numbing sensation unique to Sichuan cuisine is the sixth flavour you need to experience at Numb.

Here you can find the hottest trendy dishes in China ready to please Singaporean foodies, from Imperial Sauced Sliced Beef, Awesome Spicy Chilli Chicken with Fried Dough Twist, to Homemade Mapo Tofu.

Check out the following recommendations from Numb Restaurant at Marina One:

Trendy Peking Duck in Spicy Stew 成都冒烤鸭 ($39.80, pre-order recommended)
A unique roasted duck dish trendsetting across China for its succulent meat yet crispy skin.

Apparently, Sichuan people love eating ducks and “mao cai” which is a stew-like dish that literally means “blanching vegetables”.

The two end up being combined, resulting in this trending dish which is fastidiously slow cooked in a rich, savoury stew to allow spices and seasoning to percolate.

The distinct duck taste is completed with umami flavours and textures from beancurd sticks, sliced lotus root, kelp, black fungus and enoki mushrooms.

And like a classic Sichuan dish, this has a spicy kick to perk up your palate. The peppercorns and chili oil create a numbing and spicy sensation in the mouth, while the other seasonings add depth and complexity to the dish.

While there looks like a pool of chilli oil over, the heat level is actually quite manageable.

To be safe, let the server know if you want your spice level to be “Sichuan” or “Singapore” style.

Applewood Smoked Crispy Chicken 苹果木熏香酥鸡 ($33.80)
An interesting dish blending components of “Yibin Ran Noodles” (宜宾燃面) with tender boneless chicken thighs.

Yibin Ran Noodles is a popular noodle dish that originates from Yibin, a city in the Sichuan province.

The chefs take the key elements such as tempeh, peanuts, scallions, mushrooms and various spices to fry in high heat to bring out deep-savoury flavours and fragrance.

This is then topped on with succulent chicken which is first sous-vide then grill, which further undergoes smoking with applewood.

The smoky aroma of the applewood complemented the savoury flavours of the various ingredients, with the chicken meat providing a meaty bite. Pretty addictive, I must say.

Sweet and Sour Pork Fruit Platter on Ice 冰镇菠萝咕老肉 ($32.80)
One of my favourite dishes at Numb is this eye-catching melange of deep-fried pork aka “gu lu rou” cooked in a house-style sauce served with assorted fruits served on ice.

If you haven’t tried a “bing zhen”, ‘shocking’ the freshly fried meat with ice helps to seal keeps the outer layer crisp. But remember to eat this once the dish is out.

You would find pineapple chunks, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, tossed with purple sweet potato, plus onions and peppers.

Bite into the tender and lean pork pieces which are deep-fried crispy on the outside but still juicy inside. The sweet acidity of pineapple evens out the sour notes in the sauce.

Sliced Pork Belly with Classic Garlic and Chilli Sauce 大刀蒜泥白肉 ($18.80)
A recommended starter showcasing thin slices of premium pork belly strewed with a spicy-vinegary-sweet sauce.

The dish is made by boiling slices of pork belly until they are tender, and then studded with crunchy garlic bits which enhances the savoury flavour of pork.

Alternating layers of fat and meat with thinly-sliced cucumbers delivers an excellent mouthfeel.

This is livened up with fiery kicks from the spicy sauce which is part vinegary – the amount you can add to your liking.

Mashed Pepper with Century Egg and Eggplants 皮蛋青椒擂茄子 ($16.80)
Fried green peppers share spotlight with chopped century egg and mashed eggplant in this unique dish.

Presented in an wooden container with a pound, you are supposed to mash it up before eating.

This multidimensional starter combines the fresh spiciness of green peppers, the robust flavour of century egg, and the subtle sweetness of eggplant.

Enjoy this traditional Chinese dish as an appetiser or a side dish, or even a main course when combined with steamed rice.

Fried Chinese Lettuce You Mai Cai 清炒油麦菜 ($17.80)
What makes this “You Mai Cai” so appealing is its simplicity, especially after some of the richer food.

The dish relies on the natural flavors of the vegetables and garlic, without any heavy seasoning or sauces.

Osmanthus Coconut Cake 桂花椰汁糕 ($8.80 for 4 pcs)
Don’t miss this flower-infused Chinese dessert in the form of coconut cake squares.

Dried osmanthus flowers are mixed into coconut milk and sugar to create a interesting blend of flavour and aroma.

You get this delicate floral taste on the outer layer, with rich, creamy texture and distinct coconut flavour on the inside.

Fancy Rainbow Ice Jelly with Glutinous Rice Balls 进击的汤圆冰粉 ($10.80)
This rainbow-in-a-bowl meal-ender pleases your eyes as much as your palate.

Layers of colourful ice jelly serve as base, then topped with glutinous rice calls of mini “tang yuan”, peanuts, raisins, crushed hawthorn, watermelon cubes, pineapples, and sweetened with brown sugar.

A must-try chilly, refreshing dessert after all that heat.

If you need some crafted drinks to ‘put out the fire’ in your tongue, there are also a range of sparkling wines, various cocktail options, and house-made concoctions like the Taro Sago in Fresh Coconut Water and Passionfruit Green Tea.

Numb Restaurant
Marina One West Tower #01-12, 5 Straits View, Singapore 018935
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Numb Restaurant.


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