An “oriental-style” cafe in the heart of Paya Lebar with a Chinese medical hall decor.

8Bar Espresso is a coffee specialty place that serves Chinese food and snacks at SingPost Centre, taking over the space previously occupied by Monga Fried Chicken Singapore 艋舺ㄟ雞排.

The team is actually behind the defunct Morphine Coffee, previously located at Paya Lebar Quarter.

If you are wondering about the auspicious-sounding “8Bar Espresso”, it is named after the coffee terminology where the bars of pressure refer to the brewing pressure to extract the coffee – a 9 bar espresso is usually the industrial standard in cafes.

As for the interior, it is a mix of modern industrial design with cemented grey walls and floorings, coupled with red drawers that resembles a Chinese medicinal hall.

Menu-wise, they have expanded to serve Breakfast ($11 – $14), Sides ($12.50 – $14) on top of their previous offering of Coffee ($4 – $7.50) and Tea ($4.50 – $7).

The team are looking to expand their menu to include Bagels, Toasts and Rice Bowls in the near future.

(One suggestion is to increase the font size of the menu, as it is too wordy for viewing on the LCD screen.)

Their Breakfast and Sides selection seem to incorporate a strong influence from Taiwan, such as Taipei to NY ($14), Lu You Fries ($13) and Fried Chicken Poppers ($13).

On their breakfast menu, diners can choose between Plain Bagel, Blueberry Bagel or Milk Toast as the base.

Fillings include Black Mango ($11), Lush Blue ($11), Sunrise ($12) and Taipei to NY ($14).

I had the Black Mango Milk Toast ($11) that came with torched mango, black sesame spread, cream cheese with sesame crumbs.

While the combination was sort of interesting with the earthly flavours from the black sesame spread and sesame crumbs, the mango was unfortunately on the sour side and didn’t turn out to be as refreshing as I expected.

The milk toast was slightly dry and tough, and I was hoping that they would remove the bread crust to make it more palatable.

I enjoyed the Lu You Fries ($13), a spin-off from Taiwan Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice), topped with braised pork, mozzarella with spicy broad bean mayonnaise, spring onion and white sesame.

The fries came with the potato skin intact, added a nice crispiness.

There were also bits of pork fats within, which resembled the original dish, adding a contrast in textures.

Using a 2-beans blend, a cup of Black starts from $4, whereas a cup of 6oz White is priced at $6.50.

Other “adventurous” drinks include Black Sesame Latte ($8), Herbal Blueberry Latte ($8), Matcha Mango Latte ($9) and Pistachio Pineapple Latte ($9).

The sleek and futuristic under-the-counter Modbar espresso machines are used here, keeping the coffee counter clean and tidy without the usual bulky espresso machine.

Their coffee cups were also interestingly designed to be a cone shape.

My cup of 6oz White ($6.50) was medium-bodied and robust with a smooth, chocolatey and nutty taste.

With a dine-in space and an expanded menu to include food and snacks, 8Bar Espresso is a suitable spot for a caffeine fix considering that there are not many cafes within SingPost Centre.

8Bar Espresso
SingPost Centre #01-131, 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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