With 7 nourishing slow-cooked soup bases, premium ingredients, and a comfortable dining environment, Black Knight Hotpot may be that restaurant you want to bookmark next.

Black Knight Hotpot 黑武士火鍋 has been one of Taipei’s famed hotpot restaurants since 1981, visited by celebs such as Jay Chou and A-Mei.

Over in Singapore, you may not realise that it has moved from Marina Bay Sands to Millenia Walk (near Promenade MRT station) – located at Level 2 along Nihon Street (make your way outside the main mall).

The new venue has an inviting ambience – modern, warm, sophisticated, yet casual enough.

There are different types of seating arrangements including circular booth seating, fancy ceiling lights, and fireplace decorations which are additions that stand out as cosy.

Moreover, the restaurant also has five private dining rooms, ideal for celebratory meals with your loved ones.

Behind the restaurant’s claim to fame are its intensely comforting broths simmered for no less than 16 hours to extract deep flavours from premium produce.

The broths come in gorgeous bronze Cloisonné pots adds more charm to dining here.

Soup bases include Drunken Pot, Fish Maw Chicken Pot, Spicy Pot, Pork Tripe & Chicken Peppercorn Pot, Nourishing Beauty Pot, Sliced Pork Pickled Cabbage Pot, and Taro Spareribs Pot.

Note: a minimum spending of $280 is required for each premium soup base, additional $50 for double pot.

Here are some of the recommendations from this pioneer hotpot brand from Taiwan at Millenia Walk:

Fish Maw Chicken Pot (from $48)
A pot of golden-yellow deliciousness, the stock consists of kampung chicken, fish maw, cordyceps with anti-ageing qualities, and dry scallops.

One of the main specialities of the creamy broth is its high nourishment value owing to collagen from fish and chicken.

I particularly like that the fish maw gives the broth a uniquely spongy, almost chewy texture.

At the same time, the moist chicken soaks in the broth’s essence as it cooks, resulting in every spoonful having an intricate flavour profile. One of the most popular choices.

Spicy Pot (from $38)
This happened to be one of my personal favourites. While you may find some spicy pots too greasy or fiery, this soup base is done Taiwanese-style and quite palatable.

While undoubtedly tangy and sharp, the hotpot does include a few balancing elements. The beef tendon brings that much-loved savoury meatiness to the dish.

Also a part of the hotpot is specially-made soft bean curd (it is different from the usual) which gives it a hint of sweetness, great to have when it absorbed some of the broth.

And if it is still too hot to handle, opt for noodles, dumplings or sweet corn (do order this) to mellow down the spiciness by a few notches.

Pork Tripe & Chicken Peppercorn Pot (from $38)
A popular soup base that maintains a moderate spice level, focusing more on peppery indulgence.

This spice is different from the previous, leaving you with a slight buzz from the pepper.

The fibrous pork tripe and tender kampung chicken offsets the intensity while adding protein elements to the mix.

Pairing the hotpot with premium ingredients such as Japanese pork collar or meat and fish balls to enhance its taste.

Sliced Pork Pickled Cabbage Pot (from $38)
With sweet soy-sauce-flavoured Okinawa pork belly and gently sour pickled cabbage and smooth bean curd, this soup helps to whet the appetite.

In addition to the broth, Black Knight Hotpot also offers a wide variety of ingredients that can be cooked in the hotpot.

These include meats such as Wagyu beef, Okinawa pork belly, Australian lamb, and the very best of poultry; seafood and fresh vegetables.

Assorted Meat Platter (market price)
If you can’t decide on any particular cut, or if everyone in your group wants something different, order the Assorted Meat Platter for an all-inclusive selection.

Other tempting meats include beef, lamb, and pork ranging from Japanese A5 Wagyu to Australian lamb and US Prime beef.

Flavoured Beef Tripe ($12)
While the tripe requires a little time in the soup base to cook and tenderise, the extra bit of cooking allows the cut to take in the flavours of the broth.

Handmade Shrimp Paste or Handmade Fish Paste ($18)
The Handmade Shrimp Paste is a must-try. Topped with ebiko, they have a delightful crunch and bounce after being cooked.

Homemade Pork Dumpling ($8)
Resembling gold ingots, The pork dumplings are kneaded, folded, and wrapped by hand. Alternatively, you can go for the Yanpi Texture Pork Dumpling ($8).

Vegetable Platter or Mushroom Platter ($14)
The platter loaded with an array of fresh ingredients ready to dunk into the bubbling broths.

Or get your pick from Organic Black Fungus, Baby Cabbage, Crown Daisy, Bamboo Shoot Tips, Chinese Yam Slices, Lotus Root Slices, Sweet Corn and more.

Complete your meal with unlimited sauces at additional $3 (would recommend the Chef’s Recipe Sauce) which also comes with free-flow ice cream, and refreshing sour plum iced drink.

In case you do not wish to go all-out hotpot, try the cooked dishes like Black Truffle Fried Rice ($28) or Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodles ($18).

The braised beef is moist and meat with noodles with good bite, complementing the broth with its savouriness – a hearty, tummy-satisfying bowl.

Black Knight Hotpot 黑武士火鍋
Millenia Walk #02-02 Nihon Street, 9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
Operating Hours: 12pm – 3pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Fri),
12pm – 4pm, 5:30pm – 11pm (Sat – Sun)
Reservation: https://blackknight.sg

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Black Night Hotpot.


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