Food delivery platform Oddle Eats is much-loved for making eating-in during the Chinese New Year festive period a convenient and comfortable proposition, offering island-wide delivery.

Whether through their online website or the Oddle Eats app, customers can browse and order an extensive selection of CNY menus, limited dishes, and exclusive festive treats.

Plus, many of the menus on their easy-to-access CNY shop come with exclusive deals.

With Oddle Eats’ Chinese New Year campaign ‘Good Things Come In Twos (兔), you can find CNY feasts, Pen Cai, Yu Sheng and gifts from top hotels and restaurants available at the tap of a few buttons and delivered to your doorstep.

Diners will enjoy 2 x $10 vouchers with $88 min. spend at any Oddle Eats restaurant. On top of that, diners can stack bank card promotions on existing restaurant discounts to enjoy double the deal!

Check out these 10 top Chinese restaurants for the best CNY deliveries and deals: (Note: prevailing delivery fees, taxes, and CNY eve/day surcharges apply for certain restaurants.)

Yang Ming Seafood 扬名海鲜
Culinary surprise is in store as this is the first time you can order Yang Ming Seafood 扬名海鲜 CNY sets for home delivery through Oddle Eats.

The extensive sets featuring CNY delicacies promise variety and something for everyone.

Among the highlights of the sets is Yang Ming Seafood’s tender and juicy Andrew Boston Lobster, served on silky sheets of Chee Cheong Fun with a finger-licking savoury sauce.

Additionally, you can savour Steamed H.K. Style Red Grouper, the CNY definitive Lotus Leaf “Lap Mei” Rice, and tasty desserts.

The Set 1 ($537.68, for 8-10 pax) is a tasty mix of flavours as it includes Prosperity Abalone Yusheng, Andrew Lobster – Boston, Fried Tiger Grouper with House Sauce, Stew Chicken with Spring Onion, Abalone Oyster & Mix Vegetables, Lotus Leaf “Lap Mei” Rice, Dessert and more.

The Set 2 ($691.68 for 8-10 pax) has a few similar dishes to Set 1, such as Prosperity Abalone Yusheng, Lotus Leaf “Lap Mei” Rice, and Stew Chicken with Spring Onion. However, it replaces the Boston Lobster with an Australia Lobster Platter and includes the H.K. Style Orange Roughy.

In terms of extravagance, Set 3 ($801.68, for 8-10 pax) brings together the very best of epicurean seafood. You also get H.K. Style Red Grouper, Luxurious Feast Pot, Lotus Leaf “Lap Mei” Rice, and Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts.

Available for online purchase now from for orders placed from 3 January to 5 February 2023.

For delivery on 21 January 2023 (CNY Eve), order from instead. Please order 2 days in advance.

Dian Xiao Er
A symbol of family togetherness, Dian Xiao Er is best known for its house specialty of Signature Herbal Roast Duck which uses only the finest Cherry Valley ducks.

The ducks are marinated for hours in a blend of herbs and spices to infuse the meat, then roasted at optimum temperature. This keeps the juices intact, making the meat tender and succulent while the skin turns crisp and golden brown.

For your at-home reunion dinner parties, get ready to get one of Dian Xiao Er’s CNY Bundles, coming in convenient combinations of 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 bundles.

All these bundles comprise their Signature Herbal Roast Duck roasted in a choice of Angelica Herb, Ten Wonder Herbs, or Wild Ginseng.

Start with the 2-in-1 Bundle (from $118), which includes the Signature Herbal Roast Duck (whole) and Prosperity Smoked Salmon YuSheng.

The 3-in-1 Bundle (from $138) has an addition of Fortune Pork Trotters.

For a bigger group, get the 4-in-1 Bundle (from $168) which also includes Braised Sea Cucumber & Mushrooms with Abalone.

Available for online purchase from, collection only for CNY Eve (21 Jan). Please order in advance.

A-One Signature
A-One Signature is the go-to place for traditionally familiar, comforting, home-style flavourful food made using age-old claypot recipes.

Their exclusive CNY Pili Pala Set ($299.00, for 4-5 Pax) features Abundance Earth Abalone Yu Sheng and the much-revered A-One Abalone Pen Cai that comes with a FREE Claypot you can continue to use later.

The hearty Cordyceps Flower Fish Maw with Crabmeat Thick Soup and Stir-Fried Broccoli with Scallop & Assorted Mushrooms add to the flavours of the feast.

At the same time, you can choose between Salted Egg Lobster, Black Pepper Lobster, or Chilli Lobster, depending on your spicy seafood preference.

Oddle Eats Promotion:
Opt for Self-Pick Up with promo code ‘HUAT10’ from now till 5 Feb 2023 for 10% OFF. Limited redemptions available.

Available for online purchase now from for orders placed from 13 January to 5 February 2023.

Crown Prince Kitchenette
Crown Prince Kitchenette located at United Square Novena, is known for serving up authentic Malaysian-style zi char dishes and hearty Chinese cuisine.

Their Signature Crispy “Chao Ta” Beehoon with Seafood, Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh, and Signature Yellow Wine Chicken in Claypot have been highly raved by regulars.

For families, get their Auspicious Set Menu ($428, for 5 pax) which includes a bountiful spread of Fortune Abalone Yusheng, Hong Kong Steamed Soon Hock, Braised Pork Knuckle, Crispy Roasted Sesame Chicken, Braised Oriental Mushroom with Fish Maw & Garden Greens, Braised E-Fu Noodles with Mushrooms, Longan with Sea Coconut, and more.

There is also a Fortune Set Menu ($768, for 8 pax) which also includes Steamed Red Grouper with Minced Garlic & Soy Sauce, Angelic Herbal Roast Duck, Superior Soy Sauce Prawn, Double-boiled Peach Gum with Red Dates and more.

Not to be missed is their Thirteen Treasures Poon Choi ($278, $448) filled with yam, cabbage, braised pork, bean gluten, winter mushroom, dried oyster, smoked duck, dried scallop, fish maw, sea cucumber, prawn, abalone, and chicken mid-wing – all complete with a sauce of comforting flavours.

Available from 1 January 2023 to 5 February 2023. Pre-order 2 days in advance:

White Restaurant
White Restaurant has released three categories of festive set menus, namely Joyous, Fortune, and Prosperity, for 4-10 pax.

Staying true to traditional practices, White Restaurant has included the Grand Fortune Abalone Yusheng in every set, allowing diners to relish the spirited and laughter-filled “tossing for good fortune” ritual.

Moreover, to pay homage to the Year of the Rabbit, the restaurant will send a beautifully decorated and auspicious rabbit ornament for you to keep at home with every yusheng.

Of course, the iconic Sembawang White Beehoon 白米粉 forms an integral part of the celebratory menus. To make the beehoon all the more special, customers can choose from sumptuous add-ons like scallops and abalones.

White Restaurant’s The Joyous Set consists of a delicious Braised Crab Meat and Fish Maw Thick Soup, Prosperity Bag with Broccoli and Mushrooms, Scallop White Beehoon, and Steamed Halibut Fillet. For dessert, there’s Red Bean Paste with Glutinous Rice Ball.

The palate-enticing Prosperity Set features some truly intrepid flavours like the Fresh Prawn Wanton Collagen Soup with Prawn Paste and Braised Pork Belly and Mushrooms with Shajing Oyster. Delicacy in the set comes from the juicy and crunchy Deep Fried Marble Goby and the signature Abalone White Beehoon.

And to end the feast on a sweet and nutritional note, there’s the refreshing Peach Gum Cheng Tng.

White Restaurant’s 2023 Chinese New Year Sets are priced as below:
4 pax: $227.70+ (Joyous Set), $273.70+ (Prosperity Set) and $354.20+ (Fortune Set)
6 pax: $388.70+ (Joyous Set), $411.70+ (Prosperity Set) and $492.20+ (Fortune Set)
8 pax: $572.70+ (Joyous Set), $618.70+ (Prosperity Set) and $722.20+ (Fortune Set)
10 pax: $791.20+ (Joyous Set), $837.20+ (Prosperity Set) and $917.70+ (Fortune Set)

Available for online purchase from for orders placed from 6 January to 5 February 2023. Please order 3 days in advance.

Chef Kang’s
Founded in 2015 by Chef Ang Song Kang, lovingly known in Singapore’s culinary circles as “Chef Kang,” the one-Michelin-starred restaurant is famous for serving Cantonese cuisine.

Dishes are prepared using local seasonal ingredients as well as personally sourced produce from Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

On the promising occasion of the Chinese New Year, Chef Kang’s is offering their Signature Take-Home Set on delivery on the Oddle Eats platform.

While the entire menu has a festive aura, among its high points is Chef Kang’s Signature Fish Soup, a rich concoction bursting with intense flavours and all-around deliciousness.

Other dishes in Chef Kang’s CNY Take-home Set ($238.00, for 4-5 pax) include the Signature Kurobuta Char Siew, crispy Salted Egg Water Chestnut Prawn Roll, salacious Scallion Free Range Half Chicken, the soft and silky Homemade Tofu with Conpoy, and the CNY essential Braised Scallop White Bee Hoon.

Available for online purchase now from

Wan He Lou 萬合樓
Wan He Lou’s multi-award-winning Original Signature Lobster Porridge has been one of the main crowd-pullers for the restaurant.

Made Teochew-style, the porridge consists of rice grains in a full-bodied broth, wherein lobster roe and soft lobster meat help enhance the flavour. A handful of spring onions on top further brings freshness to the light and hearty porridge.

Its Pride & Elation Set (from $388.00, for 5-6 pax) comes with Abalone Yusheng, Signature Lobster Porridge, Herb Baked Kurobuta Ribs, White Truffle Scallop with Asparagus, Mushrooms with Conpoy & Abalone, Coconut Dew for dessert, and more.

The Realising Ambition (from $488.00, for 6-10 pax) feast includes the main festive and signature dishes and dessert from the earlier set. However, it replaces the others with the Classic Kurobuta Pork, mouth-watering Crispy Chicken, Steamed Marble Goby, Mushrooms with Conpoy & Sea Cucumber, and Spicy Mala Prawn Ball.

Oddle Eats Promotion:
Free delivery for first-time customers of Wan He Lou.

Available for online purchase from for orders placed from 13 January to 5 February 2023.

Char Restaurant
Char is known for its distinct roast meat offerings using a mix of Asian and Western ingredients and techniques.

They have developed a unique version of the traditional Char Siew, Roast Pork Belly and Roast Duck and earned positive reviews, including a “Michelin Plate” mention.

Alongside their charred specialities, they welcome the Lunar New Year 2023 with two curated sets for groups of 4 to 10 pax.

The Fortune Set Menu A (from $299.00, for 4-10 pax) includes Char’s Double Roast of Signature Char Siew & Free-range Soya Sauce Chicken.

There is also a bountiful spread of Prosperity Fruit Salmon Yusheng, Double-Boiled Apple Soup with Wild Yam and Dried Scallops, Steamed Silver Cod Fish with XO Sauce, House-cured sausages and Duck Fried Rice, Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Chinese Mushrooms, Sauteed Fresh Ang-kar Prawns, to sweet treat of Peach Resin Pudding.

Get the Deluxe Set Menu B (from $368.00, for 4-10 pax) which features Osmanthus Egg with Sea Cucumber, Steamed Marble Goby with XO Sauce, Imperial Seafood Noodles, Deep-Fried Sea Prawns with Yuzu sauce, along with Peach Resin Pudding.

The roast specialities in Menu B are Char’s Double Roast of Signature Char Siew and Jasmine Roast Duck.

Oddle Eats Promotion:
Enjoy 50% OFF Char’s Treasure Pot with every purchase of a 6 pax Set Menu.

Available for online purchase now from for orders placed from 19 January to 5 February 2023.

Six-time winner of the one MICHELIN Star award, PUTIEN joins in ushering in the Lunar New Year with its Prosperity Set Meals and Fortune Set Meals, both coming with options for 2, 4, 6, 8 to 10 pax.

Have your goodies delivered to the comforts of your home, such as the Prosperity Set for 2 ($118).

This features a Prosperity Yu Sheng with Abalone, accompanied by Braised Abalone with Pork Belly, Scallop & White Beech Mushroom in XO Sauce, Stew Muscovy Duck Soup with Black Garlic, as well as Longevity Noodles.

End the meal with a sweet treat of Peanut Soup with Glutinous Rice Balls.

For a larger group, get the Fortune for Four ($368) which also includes Prosperity Yu Sheng with Abalone, Yellow Croaker in Sambal Sauce, Scallops and Asparagus in XO Sauce, Stew Muscovy Duck Soup with Black Garlic, and Longevity Noodles.

In addition, it features a large Pot of Goodies with Abalone and Prawn and Peanut Soup with Glutinous Rice Balls.

Available for online purchase from for orders placed from 1 January to 5 February 2023.

Orchid Live Seafood
Orchid Live Seafood has launched two special menus for the Chinese New Year, including a house-made Pencai and Yusheng platter.

One of its main best-sellers and included in the sets is the Live Lobster Porridge, a dish the restaurant is proud to be the first to introduce to Singapore.

Each pot of Lobster Porridge is prepared using live catch straight from the tanks before they are cooked Teochew style – prepared with broth that has been simmered over low-heat for no less than four hours.

What diners can experience are bowls of comfort and sweet seafood flavours.

For the CNY 6 Pax Set ($498.00), customers can look out for the Signature Lobster Porridge (1.5kg), Abalone (10 Pieces) Yusheng, Braised Abalone with Spinach, Steamed Live Seabass with Bean Paste, Signature Platter (Steven Chicken, Ngoh Hiang and Abalone Topshell Tofu Salad), and 600g of Boston lobster (1 pc).

The CNY 6 Pax Premium Set ($658.00) features highlights of Southern Australia Lobster Sashimi Yusheng, Braised Abalone (3 Head X 6 pieces), Steamed Live Soon Hock Fish, and more.

There is also the CNY 10 Pax Premium Set ($1,288.00) if you would like a more indulgent treat and brings seafood galore.

Expect the Signature Lobster Porridge, Southern Australia Lobster Sashimi Yusheng, Braised Shark’s Fin with crab meat, 600g Boston lobster (3 pc, select cooking method), Signature Platter, Braised Abalone (3 Head X 10 pieces), Steamed Live Soon Hock Fish, and Crab Meat Fried Rice complete with wok-hei.

To sweeten the deal, all sets come with a complimentary dessert of Teochew Yam Paste.

Oddle Eats Promotion:
Free delivery with a min spend of $150.

Available for online purchase now from for orders placed from 13 January to 5 February 2023.

Oddle Eats has gathered all the best CNY deals for diners in their one-stop CNY shop.

To usher in the Year of the Rabbit, Oddle Eats customers will receive a 2 x $10 e-ang pao when they spend a minimum of $88 with any restaurant.

Customers can also stack ongoing promotions with bank card discounts to maximise their savings.

Viewers can visit the 2023 CNY special webpage, main website, subscribe to their EDMs, and download Oddle Eats mobile app to view the 2023 Chinese New Year campaign.


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