Looking for the best Chinese New Year cookies for 2023 in Singapore?

When it comes to quality snacking and premium CNY goodies, Mdm Ling Bakery continues to excite with their line-up of creative cookies with gorgeous packaging that is great for gifting.

As a renowned homegrown brand, Mdm Ling Bakery is positioned as the alternative bakery to high-priced baked goods store.

Not only do they make their own goodies but also curate their own line-up of snacks from different parts of Asia.

Trendy and caters to both young and old, Mdm Ling Bakery has a wide range of cookies flavours inspired by international and local flavours.

NEW 2023 CNY products you can look forward to include Salted Caramel Almond Cookies, Nostalgic Nyonya Coconut Cookies, Traditional Nanyang Love Letters, and Hojicha Butter Cookies.

If you have any favourites, do order them earlier from https://www.mdmlingbakery.com as many of the popular cookies are usually sold out before CNY itself.

FREE delivery starts from just $88. Enjoy early bird discounts if you order before 10 Jan 2023.

Their wide selection of products even include Halal-certified, vegetarian and vegan friendly cookies to satisfy all kinds of taste buds. Here are some of Mdm Ling Bakery CNY Cookies & Snacks 2023 recommendations:

New Zealand’s Premium Anchor Butter Cookies ($9.50 for 90g, $20.10 for 220g)
Made with premium butter for quality flavour and softness, these cookies offer delightful creaminess and buttery aroma.

It is easy to be smitten by these delicately piped out cookies giving you that melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

If you are looking for egg-free cookies that are also Halal-certified and vegetarian-friendly, this is it.

Nostalgic Nyonya Coconut Cookies ($22.25) – NEW
Newly launched this year, these Nostalgic Nyonya Coconut Cookies will take you back in time.

Each crunchy piece brings nostalgic memories of home-cooked goodness and old-school snacking to life.

I enjoyed how these crisp morsels burst into fragrant coconut aroma and flavour at each bite.

Salted Caramel Almond Cookies ($20.10) – NEW
Also new in the cookie collection are these salted caramel cookies baked with crunchy bits of almonds.

The caramel adds a deep and rich sweetness, while the almonds provide a satisfying crunch and a nutty flavour.

Would recommend letting a cookie linger in your mouth to taste how beautifully the buttery and roasty caramel flavours come together with mild saltiness.

Hojicha Butter Cookies ($20.10) – NEW
This year, Mdm Lim takes these butter cookies up a notch in the flavour meter as they incorporate hojicha.

This Japanese green tea perks up the butteriness with some deep and toasty notes that is reminiscent of freshly brewed hojicha tea, to create a distinctive cookie profile that is rich and buttery at the same time.

Molten Chocolate Cookies ($10.55 for 120g, $22.25 for 360g)
Indulge in these chocolate cookies filled with a gooey molten chocolate in the center. You get that slightly crisp exterior, contrasted with soft and fudgy centre texture

The taste of Molten Chocolate Cookies is rich and chocolatey, with a deep and intense flavour.

The best part is the great reveal when the decadent lava oozes out as you bite into it.

Premium Pineapple Balls ($9.50 for 160g, $20.10 for 400g)
A must for the season, these Premium Pineapple Balls carry that taste of sweetened fresh pineapples without being cloyingly sweet.

Each vegetarian-friendly piece is encased in a creamy, buttery crumb that melts-in-your-mouth as you sink your teeth into it.

Golden Yuan Yang Love Letter ($17.95)
Thin, light, and crisp, these dual-coloured baked delights are created using Mdm Ling’s homestyle Chinese New Year recipe.

What you get is that crispy and flaky texture, that is slightly aromatic.

Intricately adorned to reflect the festive spirit of the season, these golden and charcoal-coloured Yuan Yang Love Letters are available in one size golden tin can (250g)

Layers of Success Kueh Lapis ($78.30 for 4 pieces)NEW
Symbolising longevity and prosperity, these Indonesian-inspired multi-layer delicacy are deftly handcrafted and evenly layered to precision.

Each gift set box comes with 4 pieces in different local flavours, marked with auspicious characters for 吉 good luck, 福 fortune, 發 wealth and 旺 flourishing success.

The Original Kueh Lapis Legit is a signature item among the set, featuring its trademark spice-laden butter in each layer.

The most aromatic among the bunch is Pandan Kueh Lapis Legit. It blends the light herbal flavour and fragrance of pandan into this green-tinted layered cake.

For the choco lover, Chocolate Kueh Lapis Legit will arouse your taste buds with its Belgian chocolate chips and silky chocolate paste in between the layers.

And if you fancy some sweet-piquant flavours, the Hawthorn Kueh Lapis Legit is for you. This piece mingles lightly salted butter flavours with hawthorn.

It is time to end the search for the perfect CNY gift with the various Mdm Ling Bakery gift boxes that the team took time curating.

There is the newly launched Steps To Prosperity ($148 with GST), which contains 12 of Mdm Ling Bakery’s best-selling fun size goodies.

The primrose pink box is intricately carved with artful blooms, and can be used as a storage or jewellery box after the festival.

How about the cute (and cutely named) Tote of Good Health ($51.35 with GST) available in primrose pink?

This bag curates an ensemble of 4 of your favourites in fun-sized tins that is very suitable for gifting and sharing.

There is also the newly launched Floret’s Dream ($29.85 with GST).

This square deal curates an ensemble of 4 best-sellers in square tins – Cranberry Pineapple, Crunchy Munchy Almond, Melty Goody Peanut and Popular Green Pea.

Get your Mdm Ling Bakery CNY goodies from https://www.mdmlingbakery.com with FREE delivery for orders above $88.

You can also find their booth in various shopping malls and platforms such as Takashimaya CNY Fair 2023, Tangs CNY Booth at VivoCity, Suntec City (near Uniqlo), Velocity, Compass One, Tampines Mall, Shopee, Redmart, and GrabFood.

* Written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary and Nicole Poi @pinkypiggu. This entry is brought to you in partnership with Mdm Ling Bakery.


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