Not related to Don Don Donki, Coffee Donkee is one of the newest additions to Haji Lane, complete with a swing and a lawn at the entrance to up its Instagram and TikTok factor.

The Japanese-style coffee specialty place adds more character to the stretch, as Haji Lane at the Kampong Glam neighbourhood is one of Singapore’s oldest urban districts (a short walk from the iconic Masjid Sultan).

It has become a popular stopover and photo-spot for tourists visiting Singapore due to its hipster shops and street art.

Step inside Coffee Donkee, and you would find an interior like a Japanese Kissaten (喫茶店) – a Japanese-style tearoom that also functions as a cafe or coffee shop.

The “tea-drinking shop” typically has a dimly-lit interior, antique furniture and lots of old chinaware coffee cups on display on the shelves.

Using coffee beans sourced from Japan, their in-house Donkee blend uses 5 different types of beans and is used for their espresso-based drinks.

Prices are on the pricier side comparatively, with a cup Americano starting at $6, alongside other options such as Espresso ($6), Latte ($8), Cappuccino ($8) and Affogato ($10).

My cup of Latte ($8) came with double shots espresso, and had a full body, intense and robust with chocolatey and nutty taste.

2 different types of brewing techniques are used for their filtered coffee, one using Hand Brew and another using Immersing Brew.

The Immersing Brew technique allows grounded coffee to be immersed in hot water for 2 minutes before it is extracted by allowing the liquid coffee to drain into the flask below.

Rather than focusing on the speed and consistency of the pour (in pour-overs), the immersing brew is simply about the brewing time.

Prices start from $10 for a cup of Signature Brew, using beans from their Donkey Blend, Sakura Blend, Decaf Blend, Brazil Medium and Dark Roast.

The barista then chooses a set of cups and saucer from the shelf, each different and unique in design, to pour in the brewed coffee.

The Donkee Blend using immersing brew technique tends to have a fuller body, richer and bolder in flavour, which makes it difficult to taste the clean individual notes.

If you enjoy their coffee, they do have a retail corner for sale of their coffee beans.

Coffee Donkee
51 Haji Lane, Singapore 189244
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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