La D’Oro at Orchard Road in the centre of Mandarin Gallery has earned quite a number of positive reviews, that it is time to pay attention to this Japanese-Italian dining restaurant.

There are two sides to the elegantly-designed space – an all-day dining concept on one side; omakase fine dining on the other – hidden behind a door.

A lunch omakase starts from $158++; while dinner omakase is from $258++.

Chef-Owner Yohhei Sasaki has gathered quite some experience over the years, previously helming il Cielo, Forlino and L’Operetta, and continues what he does best – the seamless confluence of Japanese and Italian cuisine.

Desserts and cakes are a strong game too here, with pastry chef Ohata Keiichi previously from 2 Michelin-starred restaurant La Cime in Osaka.

Plating novel preparations and confectioneries, the restaurant stands out for showcasing original Italian recipes with a heavy Japanese influence.

Adding to his ever-growing repertoire of inventiveness, Chef Sasaki has now introduced a selection of small plates to the menu using premium seasonal ingredients from Europe and Japan.

Be it a business lunch, an evening snack, or as part of dinner with friends, the amuse bouche, antipasto, secondi, and primi e pizza are ideal for any time of the day and pair rather well with the restaurant’s Italian and French wine menu.

The new La D’Oro additions highlight the best of classic comfort Italian cuisine completed with Japanese produce and techniques, and here’s what you can look forward to:

Tagliatelle Hokkaido Snow Beef A5 Bolognese ($36)
This pasta preparation is a genuinely heart-warming meaty dish consisting of house-made tagliatelle in a robust Bolognese sauce.

The star here is not just another meat, but the exceptional Hokkaido Snow Beef A5.

One of the world’s most coveted pieces of beef, it comes from a solitary producer in the coldest regions of Japan’s northernmost island. The meat is particularly known for its beautiful snow crystal-like marbling and palatability.

A generous sprinkle of the rich Parmigiano Reggiano completes and balances the dish.

Another pasta choice would be the Spaghetti al Ricci di Mare ($58) comprising of Hokkaido sea urchin, Sardinia bottarga and accents of yuzu.

Pizza Bismarck ($32)
La D’Oro’s Pizza Bismark has a noticeably thin crust, keeping it soft-edged and light.

As for the toppings, the Mortadella ham brings a hint of smokiness, and the mushrooms give every bite a sense of earthiness.

I especially like how there was just the right amount of mozzarella cheese, which allowed all the other ingredients to stand their ground.

Of course, sitting in the centre of the pizza, the Japanese poached egg is a delight little twist that enchants with its bright orange yolk.

If you are up for more, the Pizza DOC ($26) with Italian datterini tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil is another popular choice.

Trikalinos Premium Bottarga ($18)
Trikalinos Bottarga has a century-old legacy and remains among the best-cured grey mullet roe across the planet, much desired by world-class chefs.

At La D’Oro, this Greek delicacy is presented with marinated Japanese watermelon radish, wherein the mild peppery taste of the koshin daikon gets an aromatic, fruity hit from the yuzu zest.

The final of the three components, smoked daikon cream cheese, brings a delightfully toasty flavour to the plate.

Raspadura Cheese ($13)
“Raspadüra” is a way to serve grana cheese by presenting it as very thin sheets, scraped with a special long and curved knife.

Over here, you get a wheel of award-winning Bella Lodi cheese from the Lombardia region, in which white cheese shavings are freshly-scaped upon order.

Best to go with some bread, you get unique-tasting cheese that has full flavour that is not too sharp or salty.

Capesante Inpanata ($32, 2 pc)
Upon presentation, you may not even suspect that this is actually a scallop dish.

The Capesante Inpanata features fresh Hokkaido scallops, delicately charcoal crusted to perfection.

Give it a pop in your mouth, and you can savour that succulence and bounce in the scallops, but it is the alluring crispiness on the surface that takes the dish to the next level.

Chef complements the scallops with earthy black truffle shavings.

Touhoku Sword Fish & Chips ($24, 3 pc)
A uniquely flavourful antipasto for seafood lovers, Touhoku Sword Fish & Chips comprises deep-fried swordfish procured from Japan’s north-eastern region of Touhoku.

The swordfish has a smooth meatiness to it, almost reminiscent of chicken.

Chef uses wasabi mayonnaise for that additional kick. Seaweed chips accompany the fish, enhancing the oceanic element of the dish.

Tiramisu alla La D’oro ($18)
The quintessential Italian dessert gets a La D’Oro makeover.

The fundamentals are all there. While the mascarpone cream adds to the soft sponginess of this sweet and savoury treat, a coffee savoiardi gives it textural contrast.

Finally, the coffee espuma and the intensely flavourful grue di cacao brings back the focus of every bite to the tiramisu’s trademark flavour.

For other desserts, a tempting array of rotational specialty cakes and pastries are showcased at the entrance.

These may include the Idea ($16) made with Kyoto Matcha mousse with passionfruit jelly; Mont Blanc ($15) encompassing Japanese chestnut with Grand Marnier; and Avviso ($15) comprising of French apricot glaze, Madagascar vanilla mousse and Amaretto liqueur.

La D’Oro
Mandarin Gallery #01-16/17, 33A Orchard Road, Singapore 239987
Opening Hours: 12pm – 3pm Last order 2pm, 5pm – 10pm Last order 8:30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with La D’Oro.


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