Italian Gelatos with a Japanese twist?

Yes, you are probably getting Singapore’s first Botanical Mochi Gelato at Vanda Botanical Desserts.

Vanda Botanical Desserts which can be found conveniently in the heart of town at 313@somerset and Takashimaya, is known for its handcrafted gelatos of interesting flavours.

The various gelatos are instilled with the aromas and flavours of nature, from teas and herbs to flowers from across Asia.

At the heart of these refreshing cool creations is Italian Chef Loris Massimini, who learned the fine art of gelato making from Chiccheria Gelateria’s world-famous Chef Manuela Presenti.

As a result, you can expect Vanda’s 12 gelato flavours to be infused with various fruity, herbal, and floral ingredients – all natural.

To stimulate the taste buds further, Vanda now offers the option to envelop your favourite gelato with a thin sheet of Japanese mochi skin.

Here’s how it works: Get a Classic Gelato at $3.90, or Premium Gelato at $4.90 per scoop; then it can be wrapped with the extra add-on of mochi skin wrapping (additional $1.50)

When you dig into it, simply enjoy the slight chewiness of the thin mochi skin complementing the dense creaminess of the gelatos.

You can also include various toppings, such as Sakura powder, yuzu peel, and edible flowers.

Here’s more of some of our favourite Vanda Botanical Desserts gelato flavours:

Chrysanthemum Goji Berries Gelato
Creamy and stimulating – this is quite an unusual gelato flavour to be found in Singapore.

The Chrysanthemum Goji Berries Gelato involves time-consuming preparation that includes a 36-hour infusion of chrysanthemum flowers sourced specifically from Zhejiang, Tongxiang.

I loved that you can taste the delicate floral undertone, and some sweet-sour berry flavour every spoonful.

Poached Pear Walnut Sorbet
Poached pear has a lovely moist characteristic, often enhanced when steamed with spices such as cinnamon, star anise, and cloves.

Vanda goes a step further by adding chopped walnuts, with a slight nutty and crunchy contrast.

Sencha Gelato
The Sencha Gelato has a Japanese-inspired tea flavour wherein infusion of the leaves happens for over 36 hours.

There is the light herby and fresh tea character which goes well with the Japanese mochi.

Oolong Gelato
Vanda uses Oolong black tea originating from the southeastern province of Fujian, Anxi, known for its sweet, woody taste. A decadent flavour with appealing sweet aroma.

Black Sesame Gelato
If you prefer their gelatos to be less sweet, you should like this Black Sesame Gelato constructed using blended sesame seeds from Japan’s Mie Prefecture.

The gelato initially has noticeable nutty palatability. It is during the second or maybe third spoonful that you can enjoy more of that earthy, creamy sensation.

Salted Caramel Gelato
At Vanda, they melt the caramel over low heat for a while, inducing an ever-so-slight smokiness that helps elevates the taste of the rich flavour.

Coconut Pandan Gelato
The team infuses locally grown pandan leaves for 12 hours to immerse the gelato with more aroma.

These very leaves are then chopped and blended with Thai coconut pulp. A refreshing flavour to have to beat the heat.

Yogurt Raspberry Gelato
A little tangy but positively creamy, the Yoghurt Raspberry Gelato amalgamates the richness of yoghurt with the fruity zestiness of French raspberry jam.

The ice cream is a little suggestive of a classic froyo with its sourness.

Pistachio Gelato
The Pistachio Gelato has all the creamy nuttiness you desire. To concoct this treat, the Vanda team churns and cools the gelato with a smooth paste of Californian USA pistachios, famous for their butteriness.

Bacio Gelato (Dark Chocolate Hazelnut)
The Bacio Gelato consists of 70% dark chocolate mixed with a Turkish hazelnut paste.

The subsequent gelato captures the high notes of the chocolate and the hazelnut’s sweet earthiness for a truly enjoyable treat. One of the best-selling flavours here.

Other than gelatos in cups, you can also opt for their freshly made in-house botanical cones.

The crunchy waffle cones have an array of natural ingredients. As you take a bite, expect to come across the fragrance and subtle notes of lavender and Sakura, along with herbs like thyme, basil, and rosemary.

Add nut toppings including Hazelnuts or Almond Flakes; bring on the crunch with Rice Puffs or Lotus Biscoff Crumbles; or with natural fruit toppings such as Yuzu Peel.

For finishing touches, powder things off with Sakura Powder, Osmanthus Powder and Matcha Powder.

Vanda Botanical Desserts – 313@somerset
313@somerset #01-16, 313 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Vanda Botanical Desserts – Takashimaya
Takashimaya Shopping Centre #B2-36A, Ngee Ann City 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)


* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Vanda Botanical Desserts.


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