If you are looking for a new hidden Omakase restaurant with modern vibes, Sushi Ichizuke located at Clarke Quay showcases the concept of “vibe dining omakase.”

Trendy, moody, cheerful, and atmospheric, it may not feel like your typical Japanese restaurant.

That is because it exudes qualities associated with Zouk, the team behind this new venture.

Getting to this Japanese restaurant may take a little finding – look for the Zouk entrance (near Clarke Quay carpark) and head up to the 2nd level.

You would find a space (alongside Here Kitty Kitty) that stands out for its individuality while staying within the fringes of classic Japanese aesthetics.

The edginess of the restaurant comes in all forms.

For instance, the dining tables that seat up to 16 guests are in an arrow formation, different from the typical straight setup one sees elsewhere.

With the preparation kitchen between the tables, this seating style grants the guests uninterrupted access to the chef at all times.

As for the overall ambience, upbeat music replaces traditional Japanese sounds. As such, diners become a part of a music-driven gastronomic stage, conventional at heart but also contemporary and young, very much like its executive chef.

At first glance, it is easy to mistake Chef Daisuke Suzuki for a J-pop star. However, it does not take long to realize that this is not the culinary premier of the talented 35-year-old.

Along with Chef Suzuki comes years of experience. He has worked in some of the most sought-after kitchens in Asia.

As a result, his resume includes names like Sushi Wadatsumi (1 Michelin star) in Hong Kong, Ginza Law (1 Michelin star) in Tokyo, and Gion Sasaki (3 Michelin stars) in Kyoto.

Sushi Ichizuke has also launched NEW lunch and dinner menus in addition to new corporate menus, where groups may book out the private dining room for their private gatherings.

The corporate lunch and dinner menus are priced at $200 nett for the Awayuki (7-piece sushi) and $250 nett for the Suisen (10-piece sushi and a cooked dish), both replete with appetiser, roll, soup and dessert.

Lunch sets now starts at $128++ and dinner at $198++, making it more convenient for faster meals while on the go.

For dinner, available options are the Ran set ($198++), Rakumi set ($380++), and Omakase ($450++) which includes an appetiser, sashimi (3 kinds), cooked dishes (3 kinds), sushi (7 pieces), handroll, soup and fruits.

Here are 10 of the highlights from Sushi Ichizuke’s Omakase: (served items depends on season and availability of ingredients)

Lobster Sashimi
I first experienced Japan’s autumn colours and flavours through the Lobster Sashimi. Dowsed between kombu sheets for over 24 hours, the sashimi already had a robust taste.

Chef Suzuki elevates the profile by dressing the preparation with a deliciously smooth miso-lobster sauce.

Topped with Hokkaido uni, a dusting of salt and a dash of lime completes the succulent dish packed with sweet seafood flavours.

Grilled Scallops with Seaweed
Chef Suzuki allows the natural flavours of Hokkaido Scallop to shine by limiting its cooking process.

He only grills them, in front of your eyes, on a binchotan, giving the juicy scallops an alluringly smoky quality.

After wrapping it in a crisp nori sheet, the result is a promise of distinct scallop sweetness along with the saltiness of the seaweed.

Blue Fin Tuna
The tender yet chewy akami is a preferred cut of the much-desired bluefin tuna, known for its distinct deep red colour and intense flavour.

Sushi Ichizuke’s Blue Fine Tuna presents the coveted fish in three ways. For sashimi purists, a plain cut allows you to appreciate the leanness of the akami in all its glory.

The second piece jumps in the opposite direction. The chef not only torches the flesh (aburi) but also brushes it with soy sauce before embellishing it with grated radish for a nice little punch.

The final strip walks the middle line. Sprinkled with sea salt, it is casually placed next to a tiny dollop of wasabi, in case one wants to add that familiar kick to the bite.

Monkfish Liver with Pickled Watermelon
Ankimo is a Japanese speciality that primarily consists of monkfish liver. To prepare the delicacy, Chef Suzuki marinades it in salt and sake before steaming the liver till it has a soft creamy texture.

Since ankimo has, some might say an acquired taste, it is best paired with an element that compliments the liver without overpowering its palatability.

In this case, refreshing, pickled watermelon slices aged in sake and bursting with savouriness.

Steamed Abalone with Abalone Liver Sauce
Chef Suzuki’s signature preparation comes beautifully decorated in a tray. In it, you would find juicy slices of Shimane abalone.

All set to pick up, you can dip them in the accompanying full-bodied and intensely flavourful abalone liver sauce.

Also, part of the platter is a shot glass full of delicious abalone broth.

Hokkaido King Crab Leg
Boasting unlimited sweetness and juiciness, the leg meat is rich and a delightful indulgence for seafood lovers.

Moreover, Chef Suzuki grills the leg on binchotan to give the crab mear a bit of smokiness.

While not always evident from its appearance, you can taste the refined char as you scoop in and have your first nibble.

Sushi Ichizuke flies in its fresh and authentic ingredients directly twice weekly from Tokyo’s iconic Toyosu Market.

Chef Suzuki’s signature sushi rice, shari, promises depth of the highest order. Its preparation consists of first soaking special Japanese short-grained rice in water for up to 10 hours.

Afterwards, the rice is blended with a mix of white and 12-year-old vinegar. The entire process results in the shari having a subtle sweetness that complements the sushi meat.

Shima Aji Sushi
The striped jack is pressed slightly with Japanese coal binchotan to give the sushi an appetizing scorched texture with an earthy fragrance. Sublime.

Akami Sushi
Akami is a lean cut from near the spine of the tuna that typically only experienced sushi chefs dabble with.

Slightly chewy piece of crimson-coloured meat with a sweet aroma and a lasting sharp taste.

Toro Sushi
Deliciously rich, fatty cut from a tuna’s belly.

Savour the much-loved mild flavours of the whitish-pink toro that are distinctly buttery with a melt-in-your-mouth tendency.

While I was initially expecting a seasonal fruit or two for desserts, Sushi Ichizuke’s fruit platter presented like a garden makes an unforgettable end.

A selection of the best exotic and popular in-season fruits, it comes with musk melon (specially imported from a particular farm in Japan), persimmon, and fresh fig.

The house-made coconut ice cream further adds a sense of coolness to the collection.

Served in rose glasses, its soft texture and milky coconut taste cleanses the taste buds, leaving a subtly sweet and palatable aftertaste.

Sushi Ichizuke
Clarke Quay #02-02, The Cannery, 3E River Valley Road, Singapore 179024
Opening Hours: 12pm – 2:30pm, 6:30pm – 12am
(9pm last seating) (Tues – Sun, Closed Mon)
Reservations: https://www.sevenrooms.com/reservations/sushiichizuke

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Sushi Ichizuke.


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