Looking for a legit Japanese restaurant at Holland Village?

Some may not know that SENS Dining (previously known as SENS Sushi & Grill) has moved from Raffles Holland V to a 2-storey building at 243 Holland Avenue which is conveniently located near the MRT station exit.

Still considered under-the-radar.

On the first floor is casual dining area with full-length sushi counter, where Chef Kent Seah who has over 30 years of culinary experience and his team will work up their skills on the fresh seafood and produce.

Move up to the second floor, and you would find a spacious dining area with cocktail bar, private rooms, and even an outdoor terrace.

The restaurant is known for its wide range of Japanese cuisine and seasonal produce procured from specific regions in Japan.

In fact, produce shipments arrive four times per week from Japan (more than the usual), so that diners can enjoy the freshest of ingredients.

A meal at SENS Dining typically features a range of quintessential classics like sashimi, sushi, maki rolls, donburi, sukiyaki sets, noodles, teishoku to ala carte items.

With a revamp of the menu, you can expect a selection of modern Japanese fusion dishes with unique presentation such as the Sushi Tacos and Sushi Castle. Here’s more:

Yagura Ketsuga Sushi Box ($88, good for 2-4 pax)
An instagrammable highlight of the new menu is the Yagura Ketsuga Sushi Box, available in limited sets daily.

It serves up a combination of the freshest fish and seafood, arranged in a photo-worthy tower modelled after an ancient Japanese fortress.

Upon arrival at the table, the culinary drama of the sushi box unfolds slowly, tier by tier.

So, remove the roof of the tower, and you would find neatly placed crispy seaweed and marinated walnuts that forms the base of your handrolls.

The second tier reveals a collection of characteristic sushi garnishing, from uni and ikura to negitoro and avocado.

The final bottom tier presents diners with chirashi sushi, a colourful festive creation made with scallops, tuna, Hamachi, and salmon placed delicately over a bed of rice.

The exciting aspect of the box is that it allows guests to create their own sushi roll, providing them with all the necessities to mix and match the sushi elements.

Quite an enjoyable dish to order, particularly when dining with friends and family.

Sushi Taco ($19.90 for set with 3 non-premium kinds served with pairing cocktails)
Interesting. The newly launched Sushi Tacos have a base made of ebi senbei prawn crackers instead of the usual taco shells, available in five flavours.

They include the Ebi with Tobiko ($8), Tsubagai shellfish ($8), Salmon Mentai ($12.50), Negitoro ($13.20), and Hotate Uni Tacos ($25.80).

Recommended is the Salmon Mentai Taco ($12.50). The taco shells come packed with generous amounts of salmon sashimi crowned with salmon mentai – which has a robust, mild spicy taste.

For a more premium take, there is the Hotate Uni Taco ($25.80) with the prawn cracker shell filled with light and sweet scallops. The uni adds buttery texture and briny taste to the taco.

Recommended to pop in your mouth to slowly savour the explosion of flavours.

Hokkaido Treasure Don ($48.80), Kaisen Don ($32.60)
If you love your fresh sashimi, get the signature favourite of the Hokkaido Treasure Don – the house signature premium sashimi don with uni on sushi rice.

This lavish seafood spread includes uni, fresh ebi, and fresh thick cuts of tuna, salmon belly, white kingfish, and amberjack.

Worthy to mention is the Japanese Iwagaki oyster – rich in flavour, distinctly larger than the usual Pacific oysters and so sumptuously plump.

SENS Dining

Wagyu Sukiyaki Set ($39.50), Kurubuta Pork Sukiyaki Set ($28.50)
The dish involves slow-cooking premium sliced meats and vegetables in a full-bodied sweet broth.

Pick the A4 wagyu or Kurobuta Pork – also known as Berkshire Pork, to cook in the sweet and satisfying broth.

The thinly sliced A4 wagyu were really tender with prominent marbling – you can also give the meat a good coat into the egg before popping in your mouth.

Aburi Sugoi Maki ($18.50)
SENS Dining has an extensive selection of Maki Rolls, ideal for sharing and catering to various sushi preferences.

Choices range from Oishi Maki ($18.50) with seared salmon and ebi prawn, Spicy Tuna Cheese ($17.80), Una grilled eel ($18.50), Soft Shell Crab Avocado ($21.20), to Dragon Maki ($21.50).

If you can’t decide on one, try the Aburi Sugoi Maki Maki Roll.

The seared salmon and avocado roll comes topped in a creamy and smooth century egg sauce which makes it quite unusual.

SENS Dining
243 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278977
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm Last order 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun) Last order 9:30pm

SENS Dining

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with SENS Dining.


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