If you are on the lookout for one the best Mookata joints in the East of Singapore, consider Thai Hao Chi Mookata 泰好吃 at JTC Bedok Food City.

The brand which was founded 10 years ago, has another outlet along Upper Thomson Road near Springleaf MRT station.

If you have never been to this part of Bedok, the dining hall at JTC Bedok Food City at Bedok North Ave 4 also houses other F&Bs including The Original Botak Jones, Halal-certified The Story of Chicken, Taste of Putian, and Wong’s Noodle which serves up Hong Kong-style noodles.

Mookata is a popular way of communal dining in Thailand, and Thai Hao Chi keeps it more authentic by using charcoal-grill.

While meats take longer to cook, charcoal grilling provides steady and even heat; along with smokier flavours and juicier meats without getting overly chao-tar easily.

Also, they use a tasty and more flavourful broth (instead of plain hot water) prepared using chicken bones and scallops, with no added MSG – so you can also try the soup on its own, but better after cooking some seafood within.

This soup base surrounds a tabletop skillet with a raised dome grill. They oil up the skillet with pork lard for extra flavour.

Here are what you can order from Thai Hao Chi Mookata 泰好吃 at JTC Bedok Food City:

Yum Mak Mak Set ($39.90 Nett, good for 2 pax)
Dive into a satisfying Mookata experience with this Yum Mak Mak Set; the portion is relatively generous so this can be enough to be shared between 2 or even 3 diners.

This loaded set includes a medley of meat and seafood, such as marinated pork, marinated chicken, pork belly, pork liver, prawns, squid, crabstick, meatballs, fish balls, and hotdogs.

For some greens, you also get a basket of Chinese cabbage, xiao bai cai, and spinach which you can add to the soup base for flavour.

Plus, they even have vermicelli, beancurd skin, enoki mushroom and two eggs. So you have decision-making fatigue, you can just order this set.

Worthy to note that the meats are hand-cut and hand-marinated, and some of our favourites include the marinated pork and marinated chicken which are tender and soft (with no ‘frozen’ taste).

Give it a dip on the house-made garlicky chilli sauce (though I think the spice level could be up one or two notches).

Thai Style Sliced Abalone ($8)
Complement your Mookata with an order of Thai-style Slice Abalone. This refreshing side dish is best eaten as an appetiser, delivering hints of well-balanced Thai flavours.

The sweetness of the tenderised thin-sliced abalone goes well with tangy and mildly spicy sauce.

Bak Kwa ($11.90)
Another recommended add-on is the Bak Kwa, with savoury-sweet and dried meat shaped as thin rectangular slices.

It is not too chewy, and texture is more tender and softer to the bite.

The flavours of soy sauce and sugar are incorporated in the meat. Cook a few pieces over the dome grill ‘til they exude a smoky flavour and caramelised sweetness.

Thai Mama Noodles ($1.50)
Make your soup base even richer and heartier with some Thai Mama Noodles.

These curly and springy ribbons radiate an eggy aroma as you immerse them into the broth.

Note: the soup was quite tasty (perhaps salty enough already) on its own, so there is no need to add the Mama Noodles powder inside.

Smoked Duck ($6.90)
Make your mookata extra special by adding some Smoked Duck to your spread.

An order gets you a platter of tender, creamy moist slices of duck meat.

The smoked flavour and aroma are enhanced with the fat on each thin slice as you grill them over the dome skillet.

Other add-ons you can consider include Beef ($18.90), Wagyu Beef ($29.90), Cheese Hotdog ($6.90), Cheese Tofu ($6.90), Taiwan Sausage ($6.90), Oysters ($10.90) and Mussels ($10.90) to make it a more satisfying and fulling meal for sharing.

Thai Hao Chi Mookata 泰好吃 – Bedok
JTC Bedok Food City, 1550 Bedok North Ave 4, Singapore 489950
Tel: +65 8553 5581
Opening Hours: 3pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Thai Hao Chi Mookata 泰好吃 – Springleaf
908 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 787111
Opening Hours: 5pm – 12am (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Thai Hao Chi Mookata 泰好吃.


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