The first of its kind in Singapore, YUN NANS Stonepot Fish literally brings to the table live fish cooking in the heart of Yishun at Northpoint City.

The restaurant which attracted long queues in China will be opening 5 November, with a 50% OFF promotion (more details at the end of the post) from 8 to 10 November.

You may have seen Stonepot Fish restaurants around, but this is probably the first in Singapore to cook live fishes with special high-pressure steaming in front of customers.

Also included is a hotpot concept, where you can cook your favourite ingredients in collagen-rich soup.

At the heart of the process is a granite stone pot crafted in Yunnan and imported exclusively for YUN NANS.

The speciality of the granite pot is that it helps cook the ingredients evenly and keeps the foods warm for a longer duration.

It also helps extract the best fish flavours that are intrinsically sweet and collagen-rich.

Remember to keep your handphone cameras ready as you watch the process and fish being high-pressure steamed.

In Yunnan, there is a saying “云南十八怪, 草帽当锅盖” which literally means “there are 18 strange and unique features of Yunnan, that even a straw hat can become a pot cover.”

Yes, this restaurant uses traditional straw hats to cover the pot instead of a typical metal lid.

In case anyone goes “What?!”, these handcrafted covers which are tightly woven assist in controlling the cooking temperature at 160 degrees.

Adding to the appeal of the restaurant is its Baishui Terrace-inspired interiors.

Earthy décor embellished with emerald-coloured elements gives YUN NANS a pastoral yet sophisticated look.

At the same time, the theme of clouds and stones, along with mood lighting, constructs the perfect atmosphere for a memorable lunch or dinner.

Here are some of the recommendations from YUN NANS Stonepot Fish in Northpoint City, Singapore:

Collagen Fish Soup
Adding to the culinary charm of a meal at YUN NANS Stonepot Fish is the ‘drama’ associated with preparing the fish in front of you.

During the smokeless preparation, live fish is placed in the nutritious broth and cooked for approximately four minutes.

As a result, besides the enticing flavours and stimulating aromas, you are guaranteed the freshest fish every time.

Choose from choices of seabass, patin, or soon hock, each catch being live, fresh, and sweet. Fresh seabass is also available starting from $28.

When broiled in collagen-rich broth, the fish promises a unique flavour profile.

The complexity of the soup is what eventually makes this a standout dish. Simmered for over six hours, it gets its hearty disposition from dried scallops, old hen, fish meat, bones to even ginseng.

Eventually, everything comes together to produce a mild yet flavourful soup with a nutritiously sweet composition that pairs so well with fish, meats, and vegetables.

Wild Mushroom Soup
YUN NANS’ Wild Mushroom Soup consists of a broth made with the unusual Shangri-La Matsutake mushrooms from Yunnan.

These premium mushrooms grow on the ground of old forests having trees over 50 years old.

The chefs at YUN NANS simmer the mushrooms which have a ‘meaty’ texture for three hours, along with wild porcini, pork bones, old hen, and Yunnan ham.

To further enhance the distinctive taste, they add cordyceps mushrooms, crab mushrooms, wolfberries, and red dates to the mix.

Consequently, every spoonful of the soup has this full-bodied yet earthy flavours.

If you prefer a broth that is lighter on the palate yet flavourful, then go for this; I find the soup goes well with vegetables and the handmade balls.

Assorted Seafood Platter
Alongside the fish, you may also add a variety of other hotpot ingredients to make the soup more flavourful.

This includes the Assorted Seafood Platter, which has generous portions of scallops, fresh prawns, sliced red grouper fillet, and crab sticks.

Assorted Meat Platter
What’s hotpot without a meat platter? Order this that comes laden with slices of premium beef, lamb, and pork.

The meats that are thinly sliced do not take long to cook.

Handmade Beef Balls
This to me, is the must-order due to the QQ-ness of the Beef Balls. To get a spongy texture, chefs use the traditional method of making the balls.

This includes pounding the meat repeatedly by hand, which makes it more tender and easy to cook in the broth.

Assorted Vegetable Platter
Vegetables are aplenty, like wheat pumpkin, lotus root, chayote leaves, spinach, and golden fungus.

Look out for the Lijiang purple heart potatoes, which are a Yunnan speciality and specially imported over.

Crispy Barramundi Collar
Apart from the signature stonepot fish, this outlet serves signature hot favourites from YUN NANS, such as Braised Wild Porcini Mushroom, Crispy Duck with Dried Chillies, and Stir-Fried Spicy Clams.

Try the Crispy Barramundi Collar which comprises marinated Asian seabass collars, fried ever-so-slightly to give every bite a nice crunch.

The fish comes with a salt and pepper dip that works in contrast to the barramundi’s sweet buttery taste.

Grilled Clams with Spicy Garlic Sauce
The dish straight out highlights the rustic cooking style of Yunnan with much elan by preparing and presenting all the ingredients in an aluminium foil container.

Cooked over a charcoal fire, the clams shine through for having ample sweet juiciness and a smoky aroma.

Giving the dish some volume is the glass vermicelli. The chefs mix the ingredients with a thick house-fried garlic sauce which makes this even more appetising.

Fragrant Scallion Rice
Not just ordinary rice to go along with your soup, but Fragrant Scallion Rice.

The chefs first stir-fry dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, and shallots to create this sweet-scented preparation.

Once ready, they steam them with Thai fragrant rice. Served in bowls, the chefs finally sprinkle fried shallots on top for a bit of a crunch and added fragrance.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish Grand Opening Promotion (8 – 10 Nov 2022)
YUN NANS is offering 50% OFF Stonepot Fish (choice of live fish & soup base) for three days only from 8-10 November 2022, available only at the Northpoint City outlet.

– This offer is valid exclusively at YUN NANS Northpoint City outlet from 8 to 10 Nov 2022.
– This offer is available for dine-in only.
– This offer is applicable only for 1 serving of live fish and soup broth.
– Discount applies to bill amount before service charge and prevailing taxes.
– Not valid in conjunction with other discounts, promotions, vouchers or membership privileges.
– While stocks last.
– The management reserves the right to amend terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notice.

YUN NANS Stonepot Fish
Northpoint City, #01-103 (South Wing), 1 Northpoint Drive, Singapore 768019
Tel: +65 6513 1381
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with YUN NANS.


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