A couple of years ago, my friends introduced me to a treasure trove of good local food found in a single place which is a coffee shop at Block 24 Sin Ming Road.

This was where you could once find Sin Ming Roti Prata, Sin Ming Handmade Popiah, and a non-descript Blk 24 Sin Ming Hainanese Chicken Rice stall.

Some of the stalls have moved or closed; though the Roti Prata, Vegetarian, and Charcoal Traditional Toast stalls still remain very popular.

Now, if you are wondering where did the Chicken Rice stall go to, the husband-and-wife team Kelvin and Dynn has kept the business going, with its new home at the 151 Bishan Street 11 kopitiam.

This 新明路鸡饭 Chicken Rice stall has been around for eight years now.

They used to be named Block 24 Sin Ming Rd Hainanese Chicken Rice (no prizes for guessing why), but it seems that the move made the owners change the iconic name around.

Regardless, even with the new location, the delicate chicken rice keeps the customers flocking to them.

While you may not find them in all the ”Chicken Rice” listicles around, regulars would claim that they are one of the best in Singapore.

While the closing hour stated 8pm, they were out of many chicken parts by early dinner time (meaning 5 plus) during a weekend visit.

On the menu are Steamed or Roasted Chicken Rice that starts with $4.50 per plate.

A whole chicken goes for $32.80, half for $16.80, and a quarter for $9 (upper) or $11 (lower). The pricing remains attractive even though it now operates like an eatery. (Most of the customers choose to sit outside as it is more cooling.)

When it was my turn, I got the Steamed Chicken Rice ($4.50).

The way the steamed chicken is prepared here is the same as many other stalls, dunked in an ice water bath.

This shocks the chicken skin into contracting, which helps it keep its gelatinous texture.

Indeed, the pieces of chicken are tender and juicy, had a rather ‘clean’ taste.

The other half of the puzzle is the rice. Cooked with the usual aromatics, the rice has significant fragrance to pair with the chicken, and was relatively fluffy and flavourful.

I liked the chilli sauce which though mild, came with a good kick.

The Roasted Chicken Rice ($4.50) is another choice which I preferred marginally better due to the light crispy skin.

They have expanded their menu to include daily soups such as Sze Chuan Pork Ribs, Lotus Root Pork Ribs, Old Cucumber Pork Ribs, ABC Pork Ribs, and Bittergourd Pork Ribs.

Note that only one type is available per day.

To add to the variety of the menu, there are also zi char style dishes you can order such as Steamed Beancurd ($10.80), Thai Sauce Fried Beancurd ($8.80) and Chilli Kang Kong ($8.80).

While Sin Ming Rd Chicken may not be commonly known as the best Chicken Rice you can find in Singapore, this is indeed flavourful and a competent take of this well-loved dish, matched with good service and friendly pricing.

Sin Ming Rd Chicken Rice
151 Bishan Street 11, Singapore 570151
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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* Written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary and Dean Ang. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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