Wagatomo is a new entrant serving contemporary Japanese cuisine at Guoco Tower Tanjong Pagar, and it is already earning very positive reviews on Google.

A5 Wagyu Pizza, Scampi Ochazuke, Pork Chop with yuzu miso glaze, Bone-in Striploin with soy koji glaze, A5 Gyudon with truffle miso tare… You can tell it is not quite the usual Japanese fare.

Fronted by head-chef Tomoyuki Kiga (who is also behind Japanese wagyu sando makers Gyusan), the elegantly decorated restaurant promises upmarket Japanese food with a modern interpretation.

(Also get a complimentary Monaka dessert when you dine-in with minimum spending of $100++. More details at the end of the post.)

Chef Tomoyuki has a strong resume working at Ristorante Aso in Daikanyama, Tokyo, and Melisse in Santa Monica, USA, both Michelin-starred restaurants.

He also spearheaded the openings of Akira Back in Singapore, Jakarta, and New Delhi.

Boasting a relaxed open-plan lounge-kitchen setup, Wagatomo prepares meals using only the choicest of produce.

Moreover, cooking many of the mains on an open grill over odourless binchotan charcoal and oakwood allows the ingredients to retain their flavours while giving them that much-loved charred exterior.

Omakase lovers will be glad to know that the Omakase menus start at a value-for-money $128, with offering of Wagatomo highlights that can include the A5 Tri Tip, A5 Wagyu Pizza, Scampi Ochazuke, Madai and Buttermilk Karaage.

There is an a la carte menu for both mealtimes. However, one can also savour Donburi sets during lunch and seasonal preparations for an exclusive meal at dinner. Here’s more:

Lunch Donburi Sets – Don Tomo ($32)
Wagatomo carves out lunch Donburi Sets (starting from $25); and each Donburi comes with a house salad and Monaka dessert.

Choices include the A5 Wagyu Don ($62), Wagyu Don ($48), Buta Don ($32), Tori Don ($28), Sakana Don ($28), and Yasai Don ($25).

The recommended Don Tomo comes with slow-cooked wagyu, rich in flavour, placed over a bed of rice.

The Donburi also included a daikon steak which I enjoyed, as the Japanese root vegetable gave the rice dish a sweet and mildly spicy taste.

The crunchy bamboo shoots on top are a textural addition, complementing the dish with its nutty undertones.

Lunch Donburi Sets – Buta Don ($32)
Buta Don is a classic rice bowl dish for pork lovers, first conceptualized in the city of Obihiro in Hokkaido, Japan.

At Wagatomo, Duroc pork is used which offers a good degree of marbling, rich flavour, texture and natural juiciness.

The meat is varnished with ume miso – a punchy dressing which provided some a sweet fruitiness.

Finally, the apple fennel slaw on the side brings fresh, crunchy zestiness.

A5 Wagyu Pizza ($32)
This is no ordinary pizza. The thin crust comes layered with enough A5 wagyu slices to satisfy even the most ardent of meat lovers.

Garnishing of the Wagyu pizza demonstrates epicurean artistry. There is tangy ponzu mayo, fragrant pickled myoga with its gingery taste, and the bitter yet spicy yuzu kosho cream.

A sprinkle of truffle oil at the end steadies the diverse flavours with its aromatic earthiness.

This was the favourite item among the group, so I would recommend this a must-order for sharing. There is also a Salmon Pizza ($27) option.

Buttermilk Karaage ($17)
Friends would know I would typically order a Chicken Karaage in a Japanese Izakaya.

Juicy and comforting, the Wagatomo’s Buttermilk Karaage comprises soy-marinated chicken leg (which made it flavourful on the inside), deep fried till its golden brown and crunchy on the outside.

Spiced with umami powder, the chef garnishes the chicken with sudachi zest for a lemony kick in every bite. Slightly on the pricier side, but worth the order.

Scampi Ochazuke ($35)
The Scampi Ochazuke is a signature preparation of Chef Tomoyuki. Instead of a dashi stock, he uses full-bodied scampi dashi to be poured over rice.

Loved the presentation, which is completed with caviar, smoked pickled daikon and fresh, vibrant hanaho flowers.

Have a sip before mixing it up to appreciate the nourishing broth with flavours of the sea.

A5 Tri Tip ($98)
Let’s face it, grilled food, when enjoyed with friends and family, is so much more enjoyable.

Recommended Wagatomo sharing choices include the Bone-in Striploin ($160 for 600g cut), A5 Tri Tip ($98) and Ume Miso Glazed Pork Chop ($42 for 250g) – all grilled by a combination of binchotan charcoal and oak wood.

The A5 Tri-Tip is a thick cut from under the sirloin with a lovely marble, which is first slow-cooked for six hours.

Marinated with sansho spiced rub, the prolonged cooking time allows the flavours to seep into every morsel of the meat, resulting in genuinely delicious and tender nibbles.

Accompanying the tri-tip is charred onion puree, having a subtle oniony bitterness that pairs well with the beefy meat.

Monaka ($9)
Monaka is a popular Japanese sweet consisting of thin wafers made with shiratama mochi, then filled with azuki bean paste.

Chef Tomoyuki takes the basics of the dessert but enhances it by including a layer of house-made matcha ice cream in the filling.

Moreover, his azuki bean paste has yuzu in it for an extra hit of citrus.

Mille Feuille ($12)
Merging an array of tastes, the Mille Feuille dessert is a delightful sight comprising layer upon layer of puff pastry and salted vanilla ice cream with figs and chestnut cream.

The perfect combination of sweet, salty, and fruity elements indeed places it apart from other similar desserts.

Wagatomo prides itself for its extensive selection of sakes, umeshu and Japanese craft beers.

Also available is the premium bottled Yamazaki No Mizu, which is sparkling natural mineral water from the same water source that is used by the Yamazaki distillery.

Wagatomo X DFD Exclusive Promo – Complimentary Monaka Dessert (17 Oct – 30 Nov 2022)
Get a complimentary Monaka dessert per person with min spend of $100++ per table (limited to 02 dessert redemptions per table, with no splitting of bills).

– Follow Wagatomo on Facebook or Instagram @Wagatomo.sg
– Flash this article to redeem complimentary dessert.
– Valid from 17 Oct – 30 Nov 2022 for dine-in customers.
– Not applicable with any other promotions.
– While stocks last; dessert subject to change depending on availability.

Wagatomo Festive Omakase (1-31 Dec 2022) (all at $98++ per person, minimum 2 to dine)
Available from 1st to 31st December, the nine-course menu offers a beef-centric omakase, presenting five different prized Wagyu cuts from four Japanese prefectures presented in five delectable variations.

Nine courses made for sharing for Wagatomo’s Wagyu-centric festive celebration:
– A5 Wagyu Pizza using HIDA GYU from Gifu prefecture – Ponzu mayo, pickled myoga, yuzu kosho cream, truffle oil
– Hoyashi – Soy marinated bean sprouts, pomelo, ume dressing
– A5 Wagyu Tataki using KUMAMOTO GYU from Kumamoto prefecture – Roasted negi salsa, garlic cream
– Eggplant Miso – Roasted sesame seeds, saikyo miso, mozzarella
– A5 Wagyu Senbei using HOKKAIDO SHIRETOKO GYU from Hokkaido prefecture – Slow cooked wagyu, charred jalapeno salsa
– Brussel Sprout – Citrus togarashi
– A5 Misuji – KAMICHIKU SATSUMA 4% MIRACLE GYU from Kagoshima prefecture – Sansho spice rub, charred onion puree
– A5 Gyu Don – KAMICHIKU SATSUMA 4% MIRACLE GYU from Kagoshima prefecture – Truffle jus
– Mille Fuille – Salted vanilla ice cream, figs, chestnut cream

Guoco Tower #01-12, 5 Wallich Street, Singapore 078883
Tel: +65 8313 6622
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Wagatomo.


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