Stepping into Good Chai People, you are instantly met with the delectable smell of, yes – Chai Tea.

With the ever-rising cafe culture in Singapore, you probably have heard of Chai Lattes if you have not yet tried one.

When done right, it is a delicious mix of black tea and milk, spiced with cinnamon, maybe cardamom, ginger and the likes.

Good Chai People has answered the call for Chai lovers, setting up shop at Katong along East Coast Road.

Moving into the place where the famed Ampang Yong Tau Foo used to reside, the transformation into their sleek cosy cafe took 3 months.

The owners of the place have been in the F&B industry for 9 years so far, and this cafe is the first of its kind they have opened.

Part of the cafe is used as a retail space as a form of collaboration with Nine Wicker Avenue – a local candle brand.

I found that for all of their drinks, lactose free friends can rejoice, because all their Chai Lattes are made with oat milk.

In terms of Chai offerings alone, there are more than 10 choices.

These include Sticky Chai Latte ($7), Hoji-Chai Latte ($7), Dirty Chai Latte ($7.50), Salted Maple Chai ($6.50), Apple Cinnamon CHai ($7.50), Minty Chai ($7), Pink Chai ($8), Naked Vanilla Chai ($6.50), Iced Triple Citrus Spiced Chai ($8), Choco Chai ($7) to Tumeric Chai ($7).

I tried the top-selling Sticky Chai ($7) which is made from Ceylon OPA leaves, oat milk, coconut sugar and cinnamon.

For the education of an average tea drinker like myself, Orange Pekoe A (OPA) refers to a high quality of Ceylon tea leaves. ‘Sticky’ refers to the coconut sugar which is used in the drink.

A nice touch to the presentation were the branded cards which accompanied the drink, detailing information about their tea.

Because of the twist on the otherwise normal ingredients, I did not expect the usual tasting cup of Chai Latte, and it turned out nuttier, perhaps due to the type of oat milk used.

In terms of cinnamon, it was not as intense as I would have liked; however, that could be due to the strength and choice of the oat milk and tea.

The other recommended Triple Citrus Spiced Chai ($8) was considerably refreshing, and this helped to cut through some of the heavier eats ordered.

The Ceylon OPA went well with the pineapple juice, orange, lime, and coconut sugar.

It reminded me of a tropical bespoke mocktail.

Good Chai People

The Pink Chai ($8) may have transported me to Korea with its organic Joongjak green tea, oat milk, Himalayan pink salt, coconut sugar topped with pistachio.

Moving to the desserts, the Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($9) had a generous portion of coconut gratings and cream atop layers of pandan sponge and coconut sugar.

It was a good accompaniment to the aforementioned Triple Citrus Spiced Chai.

Wanting to try a savoury pastry, I went for the Truffle Creme Focaccia Slice ($8) which elevated the experience to bougie with its truffle mascarpone, truffle paste, truffle oil and edible gold foil.

It looked marvelous, tasted decadent, though slightly on the saltier side.

The Antipasti Salad ($16) was a clear winner for me, with a delicious white balsamic vinaigrette drizzled over arugula, Burratina, prosciutto di parma, truffle salami, cherry tomatoes and couscous.

There are more hot food brunch and mains items including Eggs & Toast ($12), GCP Bacon Wrap Roll ($22), and Vegan Big Brekkie ($20), Creamy Chicken Stew ($18), Mushroom Truffle Cream Linguine ($18) and Braised Beef Polenta ($20) if you would like something more substantial.

Good Chai People

Good Chai people is still relatively new, but can be a beacon for especially those looking for lactose free Chai Lattes and moreish plates.

Good Chai People

Good Chai People
225 East Coast Road, Singapore 428922
Tel: +65 9783 5757
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Laura Wong @llua. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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