If you are looking for an all-you-can-eat-buffet in the town, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Crossroads Buffet promises a culinary experience featuring the best of Western, Asian and local cuisines.

Located on Orchard Road, the hotel welcomes gourmands to enjoy a relaxing and tummy-filling buffet affair.

With prices from $65++ per adult for lunch, and $78++ for buffet dinner, diners can now enjoy a value-for-money buffet (prior online reservation recommended).

Among the tasty and colourful displays, live and carving stations, and the dessert bar to devour is an extensive range of dishes featuring fresh and seasonal produce.

You would see a revamp of the buffet menu providing more options such as Seafood Market Grill station, pasta and noodle live stations, Chinese Roast Meats, Braised Beef Cheek, and an extensive salad bar.

In addition, you will also find that the buffets not only include contemporary and classic global recipes but also celebrate the local food and hawker legacy.

Open for breakfast and lunch, the restaurant in the hotel’s lobby prepares many dishes a-la-minute via the “live” and hot food stations.

Hungry already? Check out some of the highlights of Crossroads Buffet at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel: (Note that some dishes are available on a rotational basis.)

Seafood Market Grill station
The eye-catching Seafood Market Grill station with seafood on ice brings to the forefront the many epicurean joys of the sea.

Diners can select their own seafood to create-their-own Fisherman’s Pot with different sauces and sides.

The collection is pretty extensive with rotating options like Snow Crab Leg, Baby Lobster, Half Shell Scallop, Poached Lobster, Lobster Claw, Stone Crab Claw, and Poached Crayfish. (Note: Snow Crab Leg, Baby Lobster, and Half Shell Scallop are available on Friday and Saturday only)

One thing I noticed was that the chefs replenished the seafood (such as the Boston Lobsters) on a regular basis during the buffet time, so diners do not have to worry about seafood ‘running out’.

Some purists might want to dig straight into the fresh-sweet flavours. Others can drizzle or sprinkle a seasoning or two to elevate the taste further.

Whether wanting to add a zing, some sweetness, or a hint of sourness, you have various choices on hand from lemon wedges, capers, and pickled shallot to horseradish, Marie rose, and shallot mignonette.

Carving Station
The Carving Station is the answer for meat-lovers, and the chefs would delicately carve succulent meats that are ready to be wolfed down.

Go for a generous helping of your favourite cut, like the Sticky BBQ St. Louis-style Pork Rib, or Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shoulder, Mustard Crusted Wagyu Rump, or Rolled Pork Saddle.

My personal favourite was the Sticky BBQ St. Louis-style Pork Rib. Tender and succulent, the ribs came with dry-rub seasoning, glistening in a delectably sticky barbecue sauce.

Ready-Made Salad
Love salads? Check out the ready-made salad bar that promises a variety of delicious and appetising fresh greens. Whet your palate with the Green Goddess Bowl, Tofu and Tempeh Protein Asian Salad, or Tuna and Salmon Sashimi Salad with ponzu dressing.

The Compressed Watermelon Salad with Bocconcini is a refreshing assortment of basil-infused watermelon, celery salt, and white balsamic.

Furthermore, olive, croutons, fried arugula leaves, and walnuts give the salad a crunch.

Salad Bar
Have a preference to build your own salad? The salad bar also offers more than 15 varieties of salad greens presented market-style.

Of course, a good salad is never complete without a few accompaniments that can help add a crunch, a zesty hit, or some creaminess to the concoction.

At Crossroads Buffet, there are 20 condiments available to mix based on your liking to create-your-own salad.

Pasta Live Station
The Pasta Live Station is fun, allowing you to watch as the chefs prepare your dish on order.

You can request for base sauces such as Basil Tomato, White Wine Bacon Cream, Roast Garlic, and Chilli Oil to make a classic Bolognese or Aglio Olio.

As a standard, the chefs use Spaghetti. However, they also have Penne and Ravioli.

The Aglio Olio is recommended, and seafood lovers can make it all the more special by possibly combining it with mussels, baby prawns, squid, and more.

Onions, garlic confit, chilli, and parmesan cheese also help accentuate the flavour profile.

Noodle Bar
No buffet experience is complete without some local delights. Guests wanting to explore South East Asian and Singaporean cuisine should head straight to the Noodle Bar.

It features four types of noodles, like Yellow Noodle and Kuay Teow, as well as three base broths – Wonton Soup, Beef Broth, and Prawn Soup (available on rotational basis).

Local favourites such as the Laksa and Prawn Noodle are the highlights.

The Singapore Laksa is a comforting bowl that should tantalise your tastebuds, with add-ons like quail egg, fish cake, beancurd, and prawns. At the same time, the creamy-gravy dish gets a mild heat from the spicy coconut gravy.

Asian Hot Line
The chefs at Crossroads Buffet rotate these dishes, as it allows hotel guests and returning customers to enjoy something different every time.

In terms of noodle and rice options, some of the favourites you may find at this counter are Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice with Smoked Chicken, Fried Bee Hoon with Bottleneck Clams and Pork Belly, Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice, and Signature Seafood Fried Noodle.

Do not miss the Hokkien Braised “Dai Lok Mien”. This Malaysian speciality has thick, soft, and spongy noodles at its base and a sweet, savoury taste.

Other crowd pleasers in their line-up include Singapore Chili Prawn, Herbal Emperor Steamed Chicken, Braised Pork Trotter, Salted Egg Yolk Prawn, and Sour Plum Duck.

Then there are quintessential Asian preparations like Kung Po Chicken, Szechuan Steamed Snapper, Sweet and Sour Fish, and Thai Style Steam Seabass.

Chinese Barbecue
At Crossroads Buffet, you get to enjoy this Chinese Barbecue station with perfectly charred and caramelised Cantonese-style roasts of Roast Duck, Roast Chicken, Crispy Pork Belly, to BBQ Char Siew Pork.

Go for the Char Siew with slight smoky aftertaste, and tender, juicy meat.

Available sauces to pair the roast with, as per your liking, are Hainanese Chilli Sauce, Hoisin sauce, Dark Sweet Sauce, Ginger Sauce, Onion Sambal, and Plum Sauce.

Western Hot Line
The Western Hot Line counter schedules dishes that range from ingredient-specific preparations to comfort food.

The Truffle Mashed Potato with Garlic and Grilled Fish Citron in Garlic Butter Cream Sauce play with delicate flavours.

In comparison, the Braised Beef Cheek, Beef Goulash, and Sausage Stuffed Squid in Adobo Sauce are wholesome meaty pleasures.

For diners who desire something familiar and comforting, the Macaroni and Cheese, Roasted Baby Potatoes, and Beef Meatball in Gravy Sauce fit the bill perfectly.

Indian Selection
Nowadays, Indian food is a much-loved cuisine among international tourists. The chefs at Crossroads Buffet have menus that they rotate, presenting an array of dishes from the sub-continent.

On some days, the menu will include Vegetable Briyani, Butter Chicken in a thick creamy gravy, a spicy Goan Fish Curry, and Vegetable Jaipuri – a mix of different in-season vegetables. Furthermore, there’s Dhal Tadka, Palak Paneer, and Assorted Papadum.

The other one consists of Jeera Basmati, Fish Masala, and Mutton Masala. For vegetarians, they have Aloo Gobhi, Kadai Paneer, Dhal Makhani, and papadam.

The third menu has Kasmir Pilau, Madras Fish Curry, a hearty Punjabi Chicken Masala, a creamy Paneer Makhani, Dhal Palak, and Aloo Simlamirch.

Bright and colourful with tastes that cover everything from sweet and fruity to minty and chocolatey, Desserts at Crossroads Buffet are a feast for the eyes and belly.

The ones not to skip are the Bread & Butter Pudding with Vanilla and Chocolate Sauce.

But there is plenty more like Raspberry Milk Chocolate Cake, Classic Tiramisu Cake, and Raspberry Milk Chocolate Cake.

If you want decadence, go with the Chocolate Fudge Cake, New York Cheese Cake, Passionfruit Mango Gateaux, or the Pistachio Strawberry Tart.

Asian Desserts
Guests wanting to try something a little local can savour Asian desserts such as the refreshing sweet soup of Cheng Tng. This traditional delicacy uses dried longan, pearl barley, ginkgo nuts, lotus seeds, and white fungus.

Other offerings include familiar favourites of Green Bean Soup with Sago pearls, Sweet Potato Soup, and Bubur Cha Cha.

Crossroads Buffet at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
Breakfast Buffet Pricing:
$48++ per adult, $28++ per child (Mon – Sun)

Lunch Buffet Pricing: $65++ per adult, $39++ per child (Mon – Fri)
$78++ per adult, $48++ per child (Sat – Sun)

Dinner Buffet Pricing: $78++ per adult (Sun – Thurs), $88++ per adult (Fri – Sat)

20% OFF Dinner Buffet from 1 Jan to 31 March 2023 (blackout dates such as eve of PH and PH apply). Guests would need to quote “CR20OFF” upon reservation. Reservations: https://www.crossroadssg.com

For more information, please call 6831 4605 or email mhrs.sindt.fb.reservations@marriotthotels.com

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.


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