There is always the feeling of comforting and simplicity in having Taiwanese-style breakfast, from the likes of Taiwanese Omelette Toast, Scallion Pancakes, to Meat Floss Egg Crepes.

初早餐 True Breakfast located at Cuppage Plaza basement and previously considered a hidden find (until food bloggers kept writing about it *cough cough*) has opened a 2nd outlet at Capitol Singapore.

The shop is known for serving up Taiwanese tasty dishes that “hits the right spots” to bring to mind those unforgettable food memories of Taiwan without the need to travel there.

The outlet is found at Unit #01-21, next to Wu Pao Chun.

Note that the outlet at Cuppage Plaza basement will be closed for a couple of months for renovations from 25 September (Sun).

Over at the Capitol Singapore outlet, the menu is divided into mains, noodles, Taiwanese Omelette, Thick Toast, Soup and Snacks.

There are some new items to look out for such as Guo Shao Egg Noodles ($7.80), Pan-Fried Noodles with Black Pepper ($5.80), Song Ban Pork Rice ($14.80), Scallion Pancake with Egg ($6.80), to Chocolate Thick Toast ($4.80).

Some of the more popular ones get sold out pretty early.

One of the highlights is the Taiwanese-style Omelette. In terms of the fillings, they incorporate usual breakfast ingredients within the egg wraps, with choices of ham, hashbrown, sausage, tuna, pork chop, to luncheon meat.

The basic Egg Omelette goes for $4.80, while the Pork Floss & Cheese Omelette is priced at $8.30.

Prepared in a style of a pancake (not like the American ones people are more familiar with), the dish would come with a thin crepe-like chewy texture, filled with ingredients such as meat floss, then rolled up.

Was it anything fanciful or ultra-delicious? I would say “No”, but there was just that feelin’ of Taiwanese comfort.

To make it tastier, you can add some of the specially prepared fragrant garlic sauce, otherwise it may come across a little plain.

Recommended mains (available from 11am) include the Minced Pork Rice ($6.80), Minced Pork Noodles ($7.80), Orh Ah Mee Sua ($8.80), Song Ban Pork Rice ($14.80), and Sha Cha Stir-Fried Rice ($14.80).

I was recommended the Song Ban Pork Rice ($14.80). In Taiwan, “Song Ban” refers to “Matsusaka” which means fatty pork from the pig’s neck.

When cooked right, you get that chewy pork along with a burst of fats. The pork slices with a touch of pepper were prepared tender and all, but the overall combination with rice possibly needed a sauce of some kind.

The dish of Orh Ah Mee Sua ($8.80) or Taiwanese-style wheat vermicelli cooked rich thickened soup with oysters was decent, thick and gooey, though would have helped if there were stronger flavours and a vinegary punch.

I felt like the flavours have somewhat been muted down when compared to those you typically have in Taiwan, or even at their original store at Chin Swee. So to be honest, I really enjoyed the food when they were a smaller outfit and better able to handle customers.

You still get the Taiwanese-style friendliness and vibes over here, and Singaporeans really miss Taiwan.

初早餐 True Breakfast
Capitol Singapore #01-21, 13 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178905
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm, Last order 7pm (Mon – Sun)

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