[PENANG] Walked past a few times without realising, Komichi Tea House is literally opened on the ground floor of a residential shophouse.

The unassuming cafe is not easy to spot, especially when they have potted plants placed at the entrance and the absence of a physical signboard.

Occupying the first storey of a shophouse, diners will have to order at the entrance prior to getting a table.

There are some house rules here: 2 person per table, a minimum order of 1 drink or dessert per person and a maximum 1 hour dine-in policy.

I can understand why as the dine-in space is limited, with only 3 tables indoors and 1 outdoor.

As it is a residential place, you can see traces of homely decor here, such as bookshelves, house appliances and display ornaments.

As a Japanese teahouse, they serve a good selection of rotating menu items.

Think Matcha Swissroll (RM 14, SGD 4.50), Yuzu Matcha Swissroll (RM 14, SGD 4.50), Hojicha Swissroll (RM 14, SGD 4.50), Matcha Burnt Cheesecake (RM 18, SGD 6), Yam Burnt Cheesecake (RM 18, SGD 6) and Warabi Mochi (RM 8, SGD 2.50) during my visit.

I liked that the Yuzu Matcha Swissroll (RM 14, SGD 4.50) comes with a soft and fluffy yuzu sponge in contrast to the creamy matcha cream in the centre of the roll.

The yuzu taste is pretty distinct and refreshing, cutting through the earthly flavours of the matcha cream, which is milky with hints of bitterness.

The Warabi Mochi (RM 8, SGD 2.50) is made from matcha powder, sprinkled with kinako (soybean flour) powder.

The texture of the Warabi mochi is decently firm and wobbly, though the matcha taste can be a little faint.

Their beverage menu consisted of the usual items such as hot/ iced Matcha Latte (RM 14, SGD 4.50), hot/ iced Hojicha Latte (RM 14, SGD 4.50), Ceremonial Grade Matcha (RM 16, SGD 5.20), and Tea Pot (RM 18 – 30, SGD 6 – 10).

The Iced Matcha Latte (RM 14, SGD 4.50) is pretty good, smooth and creamy with distinct notes of umami-ness from the whisked matcha powder.

The Matcha Passion (RM 20, SGD 6.50) made using ceremonial grade matcha and passionfruit kafir has a more acquired taste, more distinct citrusy notes rather than the earthy matcha notes.

While Komichi Tea House might not not seem as commercialised as other matcha cafes, it has a more indie and homely vibe similar to the cafes I had visited in Taiwan, yet serves decently good matcha desserts and drinks.

Komichi Tea House
20, Lorong Toh Aka, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 11am – 5pm (Thurs – Sun), Closed Mon – Wed

Google Maps – Komichi Tea House

* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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