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Hamburg (ハンバーグ hambaagu) is a type of juicy and moist Japanese “hamburger steak” patty that is popularly served in Japanese family-style restaurants.

Tsukimi Hamburg found at the basement &JOY Japanese Food Street of Jurong Point, serves up these much-loved patties on rice bowls where you can savour the homely warmth of Hamburg Donburi.

This is probably the first-of-its-kind in Singapore.

Gourmands will find it interesting that the restaurant’s name “tsukimi” translates to “viewing the moon.” It suggests a time of festivities and happiness in Japan, with celebrations centred around comfort food.

The rice forms the primary base, topped with a juicy Hamburg steak, further embellished with a bright orange premium Japanese egg yolk – which also looks like the moon.

While it looks like a ‘simple’ dish, the Japanese chefs at Tsukimi Hamburg spent considerable time perfecting the right blend of meats to create their steak.

Measured proportions of US beef, pork, and Miyazaki Wagyu beef creates a mix that, when pan-seared then oven-baked, results in a robust, texturally refined, melt-in-your-mouth steak with an elevated sense of taste.

Furthermore, Tsukimi’s key ingredients are specially air-flown from Japan.

When dining at Tsukimi Hamburg, you can opt for one of the Hamburg Donburi which comes with homemade tamago soup and sauce; or a Teishoku Meal with pickles, salad, tamago soup and Japanese rice. Here’s more:

Tsukimi Hamburg Don ($12.80)
Tsukimi Hamburg Don is the restaurant’s signature dish that takes inspiration from Tamago Kake Gohan (popularly known as TKG).

A favourite in Japanese homes as a breakfast recipe, TKG consist of rice, raw egg, and soy sauce.

I found the texture of the hamburg steak compact yet moist, with meaty-juiciness without being too salty.

Worthy to note that the restaurant uses fluffy Japanese Hitomebore rice from Tohoku, and you can pour in some of the house-made sauce – a combination of bonito and kombu to add some moisture and umami-ness.

The egg yolk (egg also imported from Japan) not only adds colour and nutritional value. As you mix it with the rice and ingredients, the oozy creaminess presents a mouthful of goodness in each bite.

Served alongside the dish is a bowl of traditional tamago (egg drop) soup – it complements the donburi rather well.

Classic Hamburg Don ($11.80)
If you like to skip the egg yolk but still enjoy the juicy nature of the Hamburg Don, opt for the Classic version.

Here, the chefs garnish the steak with ponzu oroshi.

The topping of daikon radishes with the ponzu sauce having citrus, soy, and vinegar elements adding that bit of zest.

Spicy Sakura Ebi Hamburg Don ($11.80)
While keeping the sanctity of preparation true to its original form, the Spicy Sakura Ebi Hamburg Don kicks the flavour profile up a few notches.

Recommended for spice lovers, this version of the dish comes with a garlic chilli oil dressing on top of the grated radish.

With its slight crunch and seafood sweetness, the Sakura Ebi brings down the heat and proves to be an ideal accompaniment for the meaty patty.

And my favourite donburi was surprisingly the Spicy Nanban Miso ($11.80) as it adds both that light spiciness and complexity.

Wasabi Hamburg Don ($11.80)
For that quintessential Japanese taste, opt for the Wasabi Hamburg Don.

It has most of the dish’s characteristic qualities, minus the egg yolk. However, it comes with the savoury punch of the grated radish topped with a zingy wasabi pickle.

Also rest assured that the wasabi is not so sharp-tasting, and goes well with the meat when mixed thoroughly.

Avocado Hamburg Steak Teishoku ($15.80)
When feeling slightly more than peckish, try the Classic or Avocado Hamburg Steak Teishoku. Each set comes with pickles, salad, Japanese rice, and tamago soup.

The Classic Hamburg steak arrives with a rich and thick demiglace sauce, best poured over when it is still sizzling, and provides a savoury caramelised taste to the meat.

Wafu Onion Sauce is used for Avocado Hamburg instead as the nutty flavour pairs best with this combination.

Other Teishoku Hamburg Meal options include the Bacon ($16.80), Foie Gras ($19.80), Kinoko Mushrooms ($16.80) and Raclette Cheez ($16.80).

Raclette Cheez Hamburg Steak Teishoku ($16.80)
Grilled meat and salty cheese are a match made in heaven, even more so when you add creamy and gooey raclette cheese to Hamburg steak.

Poured over the patty, the cheese gives the meat a mild-salty taste with creaminess.

Diners wanting more variety can always order sides like sauteed mushrooms, foie gras, Amazu pickle, avocado, raclette cheese, and thick-cut bacon to add to their donburis and Teishoku meals.

Tsukimi Hamburg Promo (24, 25 Sep 2022)
Get a Tsukimi Hamburg Donburi at $5.80 (U.P $12.80) or opt for the Teishoku* at $7.80 (U.P $16.80) on 24 Sep (Sat) or 25 Sep 2022 (Sun).*Not valid for Foie Gras Teishoku.

Tsukimi Hamburg
Jurong Point Shopping Centre #B1-52, 1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 648886
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Tsukimi Hamburg.


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