[Bangkok] If you are looking for a modern white-minimalist café in the heart of Thonglor, then make your way to Flat+White Café at Wattana.

Walking in this 5-story white building, you would find this clean-looking, sleek space with elegant style.

And it has big sitting areas on the first and second floors, for both photo-taking or a quiet time of just you and your coffee.

The building is pretty easy to notice even from afar, because of the whole unique white milk carton-shaped design.

The owner picked the name of the cafe after the time that he has spent in Melbourne since the Flat White Coffee style originates from Australia. (Though the origin of “flat white” itself is contentious, with New Zealand also claiming its invention.)

The interior of Flat+White is beautiful, airy, and comfortable, perfect for chilling with friends, coworkers and families, as well as working.

The owner of the shop chooses to use white furniture and light wood as the main structural components, which creates this modern-meet-cozy vibe.

As for the wave-shaped wall décor, it is said to be inspired by the softness of milk cream and microfoam, characteristic of Flat White Coffee.

The illumination of the place will make many instagrammers happy, with high ceilings, clear glass windows and doors, and sunlight coming out of the big windows as well.

The highlight photo spot of this cafe I would say is the big stylish staircase, with big curved white lines on the back wall.

On the second, floor you can see some cute milk tanks, round pillars, and door arcs, complementing the entire aesthetics very well.

The menu has a variety of drinks (both coffee and non-coffee), desserts, and savoury food.

Recommended drinks include Mel+Ple Iced Latte (150 THB), Dirty (150 THB), Iced Matcha (130 THB), Black Peach (150 THB), Strawberry Melon Milk (150 THB), Chocolate Cream Cheese (150 THB), Hojicha Pistachio Soy (150 THB) to Pink Guava Tangmo (150 THB).

I was surprised at the cup size of the Dirty (150 THB), and felt that the amount was pretty-good compared to other shops in Bangkok.

The coffee taste was intense, not very milky, with ratio of coffee and milk nicely balanced for those who appreciate the coffee more than the milk.

The little surprise came when I could smell the light scent of pistachio and hazelnut, and it was dusted with some hojicha.

Mel+Ple Iced Latte (150 THB)? This is an iced coffee with caramel sauce and maple cream.

Surprisingly, the sweetness was just right and blended well with the coffee. The tip is: let the barista know if you want it to be less sweet as caramel tends to be overwhelming.

The cafe also offers a small selection of pastries and Western-Asian style food such as Potato Rosti with Eggs Benedict (350 THB), King Prawn Spaghettini (390 THB), Furikake Hotate Poke (450 THB), and Brunch Bagel (270 THB).

The French Toast with Fresh Fruits (100 THB) was surprisingly inexpensive.

Plus the fruits were fresh-tasting, and the whipped cream was light and fluffy to a perfect match to the buttery toast.

Aside from the food and the decoration, one thing that I was not a big fan of, is the fact that the café is a bit far from the BTS Station (it is technically 23 minutes’ walk from Thonglor BTS station).

You probably need to drive or take a cab here. Also, the parking space is pretty limited, fitting around 2-3 cars and 3-4 motorcycles in front of the shop.

Flat+White Café is a place where you can enjoy quality time with good food and drinks in a minimalist white surrounding, and also get some literally-cool pictures to post on your social media as well.

Flat+White Cafe
810/5 Thara Rom 2 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 92 425 5533
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

Google Maps- Flat+White Cafe

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* Written by DFD’s Bangkok Café correspondent Plernz who is a photographer, dreamer and hopeless romantic. Daniel’s Food Diary paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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