[Bangkok] From a shophouse space, Rung Rueang รุ่งเรือง or Guay Tiew Mu Rung Rueang Tung at Soi Sukhumvit 26 runs a tight ship to serve their delicious bowls of Thai-style pork noodles.

Some Singaporeans call this the Thai Bak Chor Mee – just for easier understanding, but they are both very different.

As I use a number of food websites and apps to find recommendations, I noted that Rung Rueang 榮泰米湯粉 appeared in several of them, even highly ranked on “DianPing” (大众点评) – a Chinese app that provides quite useful lifestyle information.

It is admirable to imagine how the eatery has become a Michelin-recommended destination with a Bib Gourmand for several years, coming from its humble beginning as a food cart.

Finding the bustling shop wasn’t that difficult with Google Maps, and it is of 8 to 10 minutes’ walking distance to Emquartier and Phrom Phong BTS Station.

There is a similar looking shop next door – word says they had a dispute and decided to split into two.

At the entrance of the eatery, the aunties grapple with a steaming pot of fish balls and blanches portions of noodles, stacking up bowls of finished pork noodles which are quickly served by fast-moving waiters.

Another quickly gets you a table and menu, and asks you to order just as you are about to scan through the menu.

The menu is almost like a make-your-own-noodles concept. You get to select the flavours, topping, noodles and size.

There are basically four noodle choices – Tom Yum Soup, Tom Yum No Soup, Clear Soup, and No Soup.

Then match this with a noodle style from egg noodle, glass noodle, thick rice noodles, to thick or thin vermicelli.

Customers can choose various toppings from fish ball & minced pork, pork only, fish ball and fish cake only, to a mixed bowl.

Of course, being in Thailand calls for you to have the Tom Yum Soup with glass noodles. I had the mixed topping, which is an affair of fishcake, fish balls, pork slices and minced pork.

This was a tasty-meets-spicy bowl of Tom Yum pork noodles. Bouncy noodles, firm fish balls and tender pork slices adds up together to a satisfying end result with the spice hitting down your throat.

Two other parts that I loved (more) – the minced pork was sweet, soft and fresh (like some of the best pork balls I tasted in a while); and the glass noodles soft and smooth that would just glide down your throat.

Would I come here purely for the Tom Yum soup? Nope, but I will be here for the pork.

The Dry Tom Yum version has even more concentrated flavours, as the spices coat the ingredients without being diluted by water. I was less excited by this version though.

A Clear Soup option offers you the goodness of the pork and fish without any spiciness or sourness. It definitely works for those who want to have a cleaner taste.

If not, you can always order an ala carte bowl of the clear soup (10 THB).

Overall, either the Small (60 THB) or Medium (70 THB) bowl of noodles are manageable for a single person.

While you are waiting for your noodles, get the Crispy Fish Skin (20 THB) that is much raved about. The snack is known to be crispy and crunchy, which no doubt will be snatched up in no time if you are sharing it with others.

It is also refreshing to get an economical Longan Juice (20 THB), Plum Juice (20 THB) or Orange Juice (30 THB) to go with your meal.

Some may say the Rung Rueang Pork Noodles are a little bit like your neighbourhood Bak Chor Cee, but it is quite distinctly Thai.

After all, it is a Michelin-recommendation at an easily affordable price, so give it a try when you are in the area.

Rung Rueang Pork Noodles
10/3 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

Google Maps – Rung Rueang Pork Noodles

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* Written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary and Dean Ang. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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