Named after their location at 51 Tras Street near Tanjong Pagar, 51 Tras houses 3 different concepts under the same roof.

A creative space that brings several local F&B brands together in the same space, they include Tigerlily Patisserie, Ben Yeo Chee Cheong Fun and BBW by TieFunWan 鐵飯碗.

BBW which is the newest name, is by Chef Francis from the defunct Non Entree Dessert.

The 40 seater space is considered pretty spacious, with a Korean-style rustic aesthetic in the interior which is like an art on its own.

The bold play of textures from the raw, unpolished metal gate to the rough-looking floors, benches made from drain covers and even a huge hole in the wall, somehow pieces together well.

It has a chill and relaxing vibe, with a tree grown indoors, skylight roof for the natural lighting and granite rocks for diners to sit on.

The menu is all desserts and drinks, with the exception of local celebrity host Ben Yeo’s SG Chee Cheong Fun ($14.50).

Once an online business, Ben Yeo’s SG Chee Cheong Fun was first made available at Po within The Warehouse Hotel, served with 5 different condiments: soy sauce, peanut sauce, sesame sweet sauce, fragrant shallot oil and sambal chili

The Aburi Chee Cheong Fun ($14.50) here was served with an onsen egg with chopped spring onions, then torched on the surface.

The texture was soft and chewy, complemented by the creaminess from the onsen egg, paired with a slight smokiness from the torching.

Taste wise, it is still as fragrant as the ones I recalled having at Po in The Warehouse Hotel due to the shallots adding a savoury touch. It is not the cheapest Chee Cheong Fun around, so I would leave it to you to decide on its worth.

Known for their insanely popular pastries and desserts at Joo Chiat, Tigerlily Patisserie is also one of the F&Bs showcased here.

Exclusively for this outlet, Pastry Chef Maxine has created local-inspired flavours such as Laksa Quiche ($8), Haebi Hiam Brioche Feuillete ($8), Gula Melaka Coconut Babka ($8) and Muah Chee Blondie ($8).

Another pastry chef who is showcasing his bakes at 51 Tras is Chef Francis Wong, from the defunct Non Entree Desserts, Ministry of Desserts and now at BBW at Hougang.

3 different desserts can be found here: Moon Walker ($9) made from black sesame, Total Eclipse ($9) made from forest berries and Pacific Rim ($9) using Mandarin yuzu.

The Moon Walker ($9) comes in a grey dome-shaped structure, with layers of salted caramel cream, chocolate sponge and green tea crunch, coated entirely with black sesame mousse.

The structure is pretty soft and delicate, with more distinctive notes of the salted caramel.

I do wish that the earthly notes of the black sesame can be more pronounced and more green tea crunch for additional textures.

The usual espresso-based drinks such as Espresso ($4), Black ($6), White ($6.50) and be found on the menu.

What stood out most is their Iced Einspanner (Black $8.50, White $9), a classic Viennese coffee with whipped cream on top and espresso beneath it.

I remember having lots of Einspanner during my trip to South Korea months back, where every other cafes offer them on the menu.

The Iced Einspanner White ($9) comes with cocoa powder sprinkled on top of the whipped cream, which balances out the bold flavours of the espresso.

What makes them different is that they soda-charged the whipped cream which gives it a fizzy-like sensation.

This is really refreshing for Singapore’s climate and it almost feels like having tonic water added.

With food and drinks selection from various F&Bs under the same roof, 51 Tras is a convenient spot for cafe hoppers who want to try all the different concepts in one seating.

51 Tras
51 Tras St, Singapore 078990
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Wed), 11am – 11pm (Thurs – Sat), 11am – 7pm (Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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