Looking for food in the heart of town at Orchard Road?

orchardgateway with direct access to Somerset MRT station features many F&B choices including Makan@Jen, Coffeesmith (opens 24/7), Guzman y Gomez, Bonding Kitchen, Supply & Demand, Kanshoku Ramen, and Nasty Cookie – just to name a few.

If you are a hot pot lover, there are not just one but three restaurant choices – Little Sheep Hot Pot, Upin Hot Pot, and Jianghu Hotpot which will be opening soon.

Read on to find out more on the restaurant and cafes at orchardgateway:

Tigress by 82 Soho
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From 82 social house family comes another new concept – Tigress, a sister brand to Kommune, a prime multi-gaming café next door.

This botanical-themed gastro bar exudes a casual vibe and designed a la industrial chic. A 10m high ceiling with natural lighting adds buzz-worthy aesthetics and ambiance.

Menu leans on Western fare, such as burgers, hard-stretched pizzas, and tapas, with a nod to Korean flavours. Don’t miss their specialty Japanese Wagyu-fat-infused beef burgers, which come in variants from Classic Cheeseburger to Korean Bulgogi Burger.

Don’t miss their signature Tigress Burger ($34), featuring a thick and juicy Australian Wagyu patty. This savoury burger is topped with prosciutto, blue cheese, tomatoes, caramelised onions, pickles, and finished with a dollop of chef’s signature house sauce.

Italy-meets-Korea in their Sweet & Spicy Chicken Pizza ($29) prepared on a thin hand-stretched pizza crust topped with loads of mushrooms, olives and tender chicken marinated in the Korean Yangnyeom sauce. Heat level is mildly spicy so feel free to switch it up as you wish.

Pair your Korean-fusion meal with any of their tipples and non-alcoholic beverages, plus a round or two of billiards.

Upin Hot Pot
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It is Hot Pot o’clock and time to head out to Upin. Their vast selection of freshest seafood, choice meats, fresh veggies, and signature ingredients will entice you to sit and dunk in.

Pick your favourite hot pot soup base, add in their various condiments, and signature dips, and make it a perfect hot pot experience.

Upin Hot Pot offers hot pot soup bases like Signature Tomato, Three Delicacy, Vegetarian Mushroom, Herbal Chicken, Sichuan Spicy, and Herbal Pork Bone ($12 – $18 per pot).

And that’s not all. They even have broths not commonly seen in other hotpot places such as Sweet Corn Rib, Ginkgo Pork Belly, Sichuan Boiled Fish, Butter Soup, and Tom Yum ($18 per pot).

With so many choices, do try some of their signature ingredients like Fresh Beef Tripe ($12), Layered Beef Tripe ($12), Tender Beef Slices ($12), Tender Fish Slices ($12), Australian Abalone ($20), and Bamboo Fungus ($12).

Don’t miss their handmade balls. The Cheese Beef Balls ($12), Handmade Shrimp Balls ($13) and Mashed Shrimp ($13) are highly recommended.

Upin Hot Pot is now offering Super Value Lunch Set with only 16.80++ per set. Every set meal comes with FREE FLOW OF DRINKS, a steamed rice; and FREE SOUP BASE for 2 sets and above.
Note: The promotion is valid on Monday to Friday from 11am until 4pm only.

Bonding Kitchen
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Gather and rekindle ties with friends and family over modern Peranakan cuisine at bonding kitchen. Chef-Owner Danny Chew runs the show, inspired as an innovative space for spirited gatherings.

Start off with a classic Peranakan dish, Bonding Kitchen’s Kueh Pie Tee ($18 for four). This appetiser spells F-U-N as it is D-I-Y and you can enjoy filling your own fresh, crisp cups.

For a fuller meal, try bonding kitchen’s Wagyu Beef Rendang ($35) so unlike typical Singaporean version with gravy. Chef Danny’s version is a dry rendang prepared traditionally without adding water. Chunks of beef are mixed into a 15-spice blend and coconut milk and gently simmered. The beef fat melts, and the mixture caramelises until it is rich and releases a heady aroma.

If you prefer chicken, try their new Ayam Curry Chili Api ($28), whose flavours are from Chef’s childhood memories. This chicken curry comes with potatoes but can pair well with rice or bread.

A new addition to the menu is Congkak High Tea Set ($56++ per set, for 2 pax), available weekday 3pm to 5pm only. This set comes with a welcome snack of Keropok & Belinjau with Kicap Manis, and savoury items of Otah-Otah, Deep-fried Vegetables Spring Roll, Hei Zho / Kueh Pie Tee, and Fried Mantou Sambal Ikan Bilis Bawang.

The Afternoon Tea Set also includes traditional Nonya ‘kuih’ or desserts like Kueh Lapis (layered glutinous rice cake), Kueh Salat (glutinous rice with creamy custard), Kueh Dadar (gula melaka-filled pandan crepes) and Kueh Ubi Kayu (steamed tapioca cake). As the high tea sets are in limited quantity, will suggest to pre-order in advance or call to check out the availability before heading over.

Dine and wine in style with 3 bottles of their house wine for only $100++. While stocks last. T&Cs apply.

Supply & Demand
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Craving for Italian food? Supply & Demand offers a menu of comfort Italian fare from pizzas to pastas, and a small selection of modern Asian dishes.

Whet your appetite with their thick-cut fries before proceeding to Maiale Orientale ($15 for petite, $20 for regular). A delight for spicy pasta afficionados, this is Supply & Demand’s rendition of the Oriental-inspired pasta.

This dish packs in robust flavours from minced garlic, minced pork, bacon, mushrooms, and chili. It’s finished off with a splash of white wine vinegar and topped with fresh rucola leaves.

Complement your pasta with The Morning After ($22 for regular, $26 for large), Supply & Demand’s signature thin-crust pizza. Guaranteed handmade daily and baked to order, this pizza is as fresh as it should be. A thin crust is slathered with tomato sauce, then topped with shredded mozzarella, bacon, mushrooms, and a soft egg in the center.

The quintessential Italian dessert Tiramisu ($14) is the perfect ending to your meal here. Imagine a silky combination of hand whipped fresh egg yolks, sugar, premium French cream, Italian mascarpone cheese, and two kinds of liqueur. All these is set in place bounded with Italian espresso soaked savoiardi (lady fingers) and finished off with a dusting of cocoa powder.

Kanshoku Ramen
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Creating a bowl of ramen is an act of gastronomic love and this art entails more than 12 hours of work. At Kanshoku Ramen, they use only the finest, freshest ingredients available.

Their broth is boiled in filtered water with no added salt nor preservatives for over eight hours. As for the pork, they source the finest meat from Holland and marinate over four hours until tender.

Fresh, Hakata-style ramen noodles are made in-house every day, and this takes another two hours. Over an hour is allotted to marinate select premium eggs.

Try their two signature ramens, both featuring Hakata-style noodles and the alluring aroma of truffle. Truffle Uni Ramen ($28.90) is made with red uni (Bafun uni), Italian truffle, ikura (salmon roe), tobiko (flying fish roe), shio kombu (salted kelp) and hotate (Japanese scallop); and served with an onsen egg.

If you prefer a richer broth, the Truffle Broth Ramen ($18.90) is for you. It is a medley of shaved Italian truffle, truffle pate and truffle oil all blended with an addictive tonkotsu broth.

Chunky Lobsters Signature
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Inspired by the lobster shacks of New England, Chunky Lobsters Signature offers a whole array of fresh seafood sourced from sustainable fisheries from around the world.

For you, that means giant seafood platters, seafood pasta or lobster rolls served hot and fresh and straight to your table.

Tease your palate with flavours that suit you, from the creamy Mala ‘Red Monster’ Lobster Roll to the chilled Lobster Truffle Capellini.

The New Original Lobster Roll ($32) is a revamped version of the Original Lobster Roll. It adds some tarragon which is subtle, delicate, and tastes like sweet aniseed. This new item is utterly light and allows the sweet saltiness of the lobster to shine through.

Chunky Lobsters Signature also offers seafood in unique ways, like the Lobster Truffle Capellini ($25). It is one of the few dishes served chilled, and for a good reason.

Did you know the cold enhances the natural flavours of both lobster and truffle? You should also notice the cold noodles being firmer and has a more substantial mouthfeel than hot noodles.

Little Sheep Hot Pot
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Founded in Inner Mongolia, Little Sheep Hot Pot gained a reputation for hotpot without dipping sauce. It started a new trend featuring a rich broth base, a harmony of five flavours and the homology of seven magic spices.

Here, each meal is served with a fresh and appetising broth base even after being boiled for a long time.

Little Sheep Hot Pot has always promoted what is natural, healthy, and rare in its ingredients. But what makes this brand legendary is its unique pairing of exceptional broth and a plate of superb meat. The perfect combo of delicious broth base with mutton from the Inner Mongolian grasslands has changed the ways of hot pot.

Recommended soup bases include the Signature White Soup, Spicy Mala, Tomato Soup, and Mushroom Soup.

Create the best flavours when you pair your choice of broth with any of these “Little Sheep Specials” like Signature Lamb Rolls ($14, $19), 3-Tier Signature Lamb Platter ($40), Handmade Prawn Paste ($12, $20), Fried Rice with Mutton and Tricolour Korean Cake.

Don’t leave without trying Signature Lamb Roll, one of their most in-demand ingredients for hotpot. It has paper-thin slices of lamb rolled into small tubes. As it is thin, the meat cooks fast and soaks up the broth flavours.

Signs a Taste of Vietnam Pho
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Head down all the way to basement 2 of orchardgateway, but you may be surprised to find some dining options there.

Other than the affordable Pho, Banh Mi and Spring Rolls, something to note is that the eatery is opened by a deaf couple Anthony and Angela. Angela had been cooking for family and friends, especially in her home town Hanoi, and was encouraged to set up a F&B business.

Thus, the interesting shop name of “Signs a Taste of Vietnam Pho”.

Noodle choices include Beef Noodle Pho with Sliced Beef Ribeye ($9), Beef Ball Noodle Soup ($9), Chicken Pho ($9), and Sliced Pork Noodle Soup ($9). There are also Banh Mi ($8) and sides of Fresh Spring Rolls ($7) and Chicken Wings ($6 for 4 pcs).

Prices of the Vietnamese noodle bowls are considered inexpensive for a town area, mostly at $10 or below with no GST or service charge.

orchardgateway #B2-04a/05

From the shores of Kuala Lumpur comes D’life, a vegetarian and vegan-friendly resto with a varied menu – from hot plates to snacks, from rice to noodles, from soups to textured protein.

To help you navigate thru the myriad of dishes, here are D’life’s bestsellers to try: Signature Assam Fish ($15), Homemade Marmite Pork Ribs ($12), Hotplate Brinjal ($11), Thai Fish Cake ($8.80), Penang Prawn Noodle ($6), and Signature Nasi Lemak ($6).

Do try their Hotplate Fish ($11 for small, $18 for large) prepared wrapped in foil to allow the sauce and flavours to seep in. A much-loved spicy dish rich in flavours.

Another spicy item to check out is Spicy Popcorn Chicken ($11 for small, $20 for large) – their take on Sichuan La Zi Ji. Each order gives you popcorn sized ‘chicken’ tossed with dried curry leaves and chilli to build spicy, herbal flavours.

The chef-recommended Hometown Vinegar Stew ($12 for small, $19 for large) is popular for its nourishing properties. It is made with black beans, black vinegar and a secret sauce served in a pot heated over a fire.

Gyu Nami
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Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane via Gyu Nami, a Japanese-style family eatery. Toys and memorabilia posters here are the time machine to transport you back to your childhood years.

Known for its quality yet wallet-friendly donburis, Gyu Nami offers all main courses for $15 nett.

Part of their Donburi range are Roasted Medium Rare Wagyu Beef Donburi, Salmon Aburi Mentaiko Donburi, Unagi Donburi, and Salmon Sashimi Donburi.

Fans of Gyu Nami swear by the soft and tender wagyu beef served here. Get the Roasted Medium Rare Wagyu Beef Donburi featuring Australian wagyu beef oven roasted ‘til medium rare. The meat is sliced thinly and wrapped around Yume Obako fine grain rice from Akita Prefecture. Served accompanied with a special recipe sauce and an onsen egg.

If you prefer a lighter meal, order the Salmon Aburi Mentaiko Donburi. This rice bowl uses air flown Norwegian fresh salmon with homemade mentaiko sauce atop Yume Obako fine grain rice from Akita Prefecture. Finished off with a special sushi rice sauce, ikura (salmon roes) and tobiko (flying fish roes).

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