Kozen Sushi Bar & Restaurant is a casual Japanese eatery nestled in a quiet Flanders Square close to City Square Mall.

Flanders Square?

While you may not have heard of it, the little street near Farrer Park MRT station is enjoying a small buzz with a number of new eateries and cafes opened along there.

Humble in its appearance, the restaurant specializes in Japanese classic and contemporary cuisine.

At Kozen, you can find freshly prepared nigiri, maki, and sashimi platters. (If you like some cakes to go along with your meal, you would find the Rose tart and more supplied by Kura Patisserie at the window display counter.)

Additionally, they surprise diners with a whole set of inventive creations that are as delicious as they are fancy looking.

Birthday Sushi Cake
The Birthday Sushi Cake might sound quirky at first, but its presentation and toppings make it understandably a hot favourite.

Kozen Sushi has five special sushi cakes in their repertoire, from the Unagi Hotate Birthday Sushi Cake and Unagi Salmon Birthday Sushi Cake to Hotate Birthday Sushi Cake and Salmon Birthday Sushi Cake. The Premium Ikura Birthday Sushi Cake is their bestselling product.

This savoury and healthy rendition of an otherwise sweet celebratory cake consists of sushi rice tossed in tobiko layered on top with ikura and liberal amounts of sashimi.

While all varieties of sushi cakes get a subtle hit of sweetness from the seafood, they truly impress ardent sushi lovers with their freshness and unmatched novelty factor.

As with standard cakes, you have a choice in size but must place your order typically a day before. The 7” Sushi Cake ($55 – $89) is ideal for 5 to 6 pax, whereas the slightly smaller 6” cake ($27.50 – $44.50) can easily feed 3-4 pax.

Birthday Sushi Cake

Kozen Sushi Set ($37.90)
The Kozen Sushi Set serves a couple of purposes. It is the best option for diners who would like to experiment and taste a diverse range of sushi.

Simultaneously, the set allows the chefs to showcase their signature sushi. Moreover, they present it on sushi steps, another visually distinct plating style that adds to the whole experience.

The sushi, from seared unagi to juicy scallops, might differ based on the availability of the seafood. However, you can always expect every piece to honour the delicate process and technique of sushi making.

Inviting and flavourful, a typical Kozen Sushi Set may include Salmon Mayo Sushi, Unagi Sushi, Salmon Ikura Sushi, Salmon Saikyo Sushi, Hotate Mentaiko Sushi, and the luxe-tasting Foie Gras Sushi.

Kozen Sushi Set

Kozen Foie Gras Salmon Roll ($30.80)
Kozen is equally modern in its sushi roll creativeness, offering Sushi Rolls from Salmon Butter, Black Truffle Foie Gras, Soft Sheel Crab, Avocado Tempura, to Engawa Hotate Roll.

For instance, their Foie Gras Salmon Roll combines exotic flavours from the land with classic sea ingredients.

To enhance the taste of the sushi, the chefs flambé the salmon, adding a hint of smokiness before placing the foie gras.

At the same time, the avocado eel and fried tempura flakes balance the sushi and give it textural complexity.

Kozen Foie Gras Salmon Roll

Unagi Avocado Roll ($22.90)
The Unagi Avocado Roll at Kozen Sushi boasts generous amounts of unagi that helps satiate the cravings of seasoned eel lovers.

Moreover, adding avocado for creaminess and crunchy tobiko creates a well-rounded flavour profile, making the sushi a favourite among diners trying eel for the first time.

Unagi Avocado Roll

Unagi Tamagoyaki ($19.90)
The bite-sized Unagi Tamagoyaki has grilled unagi sandwiched between pieces of a skilfully created and sweet Japanese.

Finely chopped cucumber and ebiko give the sushi a crunch and some freshness. One of my favourites to have here due to the sweetness and juiciness of the omelette roll.

Unagi Tamagoyaki

Wagyu Don
Kozen Sushi serves a medley of donburi, from Chirashi Don ($23.90), Kaisen Don ($24.50), Unagi Ikura Don ($32.90) to Salmon Mentaiko Don ($21.90) with soup.

The Wagyu Don, though, is a chef’s special.

The rice bowl dish comprises thick slices of seared Wagyu that may just melt as soon as you bite into them.

Due to the dish’s fat-rich meaty composition, it is a possible pick when you desire a filling and hearty main course.

Wagyu Don

If not, go for the Pork Loin Katsu Don ($17.90), Chicken Katsu Don ($17.90) and Pork Yakiniku Don ($16.90). They also offer more affordable lunch sets, so look out for them.

Wagyu Don

Kozen Sushi Bar & Restaurant
22 Flanders Square, Singapore 209306
Tel: +65 6816 0253
Opening Hours: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

Kozen Sushi

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kozen Sushi Bar & Restaurant.


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