For fans who miss Chuan Kee Satay 選记沙爹王 at Old Airport Road Food Centre, the stall will be making a return end July.

The anticipated date of opening according to its new instagram account is 28 July 2022, operational hours from 5pm to 9pm (or sold out).

The stall closed temporarily sometime in June 2021 as the owner Uncle Wee had a stroke. Good to know that he is recovering well; however, he will no longer be able to be the one cooking behind the fire.

He has gotten his nephew to take over the role, in order to continue serving authentic Hainanese-style Satay with his recipe.

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Chuan Kee Satay 選记沙爹王 began as a family business, started as a roadside stall at Geylang, and moved to Old Airport Road Food Centre during the 1970s.

It specialised in Hainanese-style satay, served with peanut-with-pineapple sauce.

Uncle Wee used to be the one cooking the satay, while Auntie would be taking the orders – a sight fans would be familiar with.

Customers may arrive slightly before the opening hour of 5pm because kan cheong or to reduce the wait time. Waiting time can be 30 minutes or much, much longer depending on the crowd.

Also, I observed that there was no queueing or buzzer system, and Auntie recognised customers and order sequence by faces or what they wear.

It serves up Pork or Chicken Satay, in minimum order of 10 sticks.

There used to be a mutton option, but it has been removed due to it being more labour intensive in preparation.

The hawkers’ work is tough, as they marinate the meat early, and grill the satay in a small space and hot environment.

The Hainanese-style satays are grilled for a longer duration over a low fire.

The chicken satay was good though, leaner as it used thigh meat and still tender. The meat was basted in a sticky, golden syrup exuding the aroma of lemongrass and coriander.

The sugars in the syrup helped create that caramelisation, and eventually, a beautiful charring. Best to dip in the peanut sauce with slight sweetness of pineapples.

Welcome back, Chuan Kee Satay – your fans have missed you.

Chuan Kee Satay
51 Old Airport Rd, Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-85 Singapore 390051
Opening Hours: 5pm – 9pm or till sold out (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

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