How many new Chee Cheong Fun (CCF) stalls does Singapore need?

Probably one of Singapore’s ‘trending’ hawker foods, some of the new CCF names include Sing Lung HK Cheong Fun (now with Bib Gourmand), Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun (various locations), King of HK Rice Roll at Tampines Mall Kopitiam, Wan Fen Chee Cheong Fun at East Coast Road, Fei Chang Hao at Upper Boon Keng, and Chang Le Chee Cheong Fun at Chinatown Food Centre.

Chang Le Chee Cheong Fun 尝乐猪肠粉 caught my attention for being a no-frills local-style CCF stall, unlike the rest which are Cantonese-style wrapped with char siew, prawns and mushrooms.

However, at the same Chinatown Food Centre itself, there are already 多记 (Duo Ji) Chee Cheong Fun, Jia Ji Mei Shi, Chef Leung’s Authentic Hand-milled Rice Noodle Rolls – just to name a few.

Come to this stall if you prefer a light, traditional Chee Cheong Fun (2.20 for small, $3.30 for large) taste of yesteryears.

And it starts operations from 6:30am.

The young chef has his hawker roots planted in Chinatown; his parents also own a zi char stall nearby. Because of this, he was inspired to sell CCF to the crowds here.

While the rice rolls are not homemade but bought from a supplier, they are still steamed in-stall and served fresh.

There is only one item, so if you don’t like to choose, this is a perfect option. Rice rolls served plan (no filling) drizzled with sweet gravy and a light sprinkling of sesame seeds.

The dark sauce is homemade and was sweet but not over, as is the chilli sauce with dried shrimps added for that subtle umami notes. These are made using secret recipes from a veteran hawker.

The CCF are served in plastic boxes. Not the usual style, but this probably helped the roll absorbed more of the sauces.

For a stall that has only been around a couple of months or so, it has attracted regulars. So do try to get there early before the CCF sells out.

Chang Le Chee Cheong Fun 尝乐猪肠粉
Chinatown Food Centre #02-050, 335 Smith Street, Singapore 050335
Opening Hours: 6:30am – 12pm (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

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* Written by Daniel Ang Instagram and Juls H. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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