A new concept by Bib Gourmand Chef Teppei Yamashita (who is behind Teppei and Unagi Tei), Guriru is a fisherman’s grill that lights up fresh seafood in an alfresco setting.

This is a true hidden gem, located at College Road near the Singapore General Hospital compound and right by a swimming pool.

From noon to 4pm, the lunch menu has chirashi, salad, pasta, and rice bowls at affordable prices.

You get items including Chirashi Salad ($18), Chirashi Don ($18), Spicy Sesame Chirashi Don ($19), Guriru Salad ($8), Truffle Cream Pasta ($8) and Pesto Pasta ($8).


Teppei’s Chirashi Don ($18) is a usually hit among office workers, for sashimi rice bowls included with colourful cubes of fleshy raw seafood mixed with a secret-recipe sauce, fresh vegetables, on a bed of fragrant sushi rice.

Do you know: this Don was originally meant to be a meal for his employees. Cutting up fish into cubes from fish that was not used up during dinner, Chef Teppei would serve it with a home-made sauce at the side.

However, after having this Don quite a number of times at various outlets and concepts, there seem to be something lacking in this rendition.

The sauces could have been more thoroughly mixed, and the rice appeared to be on the mushier side.

Perhaps you may have your eyes on was the Hamayaki menu instead, available from 4pm onwards.

Over a charcoal grill, the chefs will prepare your seafood or meat as you like, ranging from from Black Tiger Prawns, Half Shell Scallop, Shishamo, Whole Squid, Unagi, Salmon Belly, to Kurobuta Pork Belly.

Item from priced from $6.50 to $19, depending on what you order.


The Hyogo Oyster ($10 for 3, $19 for 6) can be considered a steal for its price and a must-try. Have it raw with homemade ponzu sauce, grilled with butter or original syoyu sauce.

The ponzu sauce helps to balance out the taste, but you can have the oysters grilled if you prefer them to be less ocean-y.

The Half Shell Scallop ($10 for 3, $19 for 6) is a similarly good value, while the Shishamo ($9 for 5) would be something of an acquired taste.

Aside from seafood, the Kurobuta Pork Belly ($12) slow-cooked for 4 hours, is finished with homemade yakitori sauce.

I ordered the Chicken Thigh ($12) which was unfortunately under-marinated, too tough and dry that became unsatisfactory to bite into.


Although the hamayaki selection is enough for a full meal, consider the Guriru Oyster Rice ($18) if you really need the carbohydrates.

The Guriru Oyster Rice ($18) of slow-cooked Japanese rice with hyogo oysters and special sauce was my favourite item of the meal.

However, for something served in a pot, I would have imagined it to be more sizzling hot.

Here’s the pros: dining under sky (or the stars haha), attentive service, and Japanese food by the pool.

On the flipside, food really needs some ironing out (especially when we expect a certain standard from the Teppei Group) and there could be mozzies around (wear long pants).

While Guriru can be harder to get to, its grill selection and pool-side dining experience may be what you are looking for.


2 College Road, Level 1, Singapore 169850
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Thurs), 12pm – 11:30pm (Fri – Sat), Closed Sun

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* Written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary and Dean Ang. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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