I could not have guessed what or who “Nana” refers to from this Crazy Nana café located at Galaxis, One North.

Was it referring to a grandmother or Thai food? (Would the owner call herself “crazy”?)

It was after I noticed the amount of banana dishes on the menu, then I realised it was a banana-centric café.

The bananas are actually mainly sourced from the owner’s own farm in Batu Pahat Malaysia, and some of the other vegetables used in other dishes are also delivered fresh from the farm.

Almost like a farm-to-table-concept.

Talking about the owners, I had a quick chat with them and it turns out the business was started by three retirees who “got bored after retirement” and wanted to make the best out of their after-work life.

Yet, they choose to do something demanding like opening an F&B, but they wanted to take it slow, test and see. And yes, they are crazy over bananas.

Crazy Nana

The café may seem slightly out of place though in a business park district, with other F&Bs such as Bread Yard, One Fattened Calf, Marcy, Bowl Chap, Daehwa (Korean vegetarian), Hoodadak, Super Simple, and The Food Barn.

On the menu are local breakfast favourites, such as Mee Siam with Egg ($6.90), Mee Goreng with Egg ($6.90), Nasi Lemak with Egg ($6.90), Rojak Mee ($7.90), and Curry Noodles ($8.50).

There are also sides including Kaya Butter Toast ($3); and afternoon tea sets (available from 3pm – 5pm) of Pisang ($4.90) and Banana French Toast ($4.90) that come with drinks.

I ordered a Mee Siam with Egg & Wing ($8.50) – don’t be surprised if it comes dry, also reminding of the ones sold at public swimming pools in the past.

This style is quite old-school, pretty-decent with the fragrant rempah sauce well-absorbed by the vermicelli. I would have preferred it if it was served warmer though.

Crazy Nana

On the menu is a small Banana Series with Banana French Toast ($3.80), Banana On Toast ($3.80), Banana Mini Wraps ($3.80), and the signature Crazy Nana Pisang ($6.90).

This is probably the first type I have “Malaysian-style” fried banana fritters served with a side of kecap manis sauce added with chilli padi.

One of the owners recommended me to try the fritters on its own first, before dipping into the sauce.

The banana fritters had a light and crispy batter, matched with fresh and soft bananas on the inside.

With a drip of the sauce, you get the sweet-savoury taste with a spicy kick all at one go, though may need some getting used to.

This banana-café does have an interesting proposition, plus it is the owners’ first-time foray into F&B.

However, I do think that the banana menu repertoire can be further expanded to suit the customer base in this area. They can consider having Banana Smoothies and the likes considering the number of gyms and fitness centres around.

Crazy Nana

Crazy Nana
Galaxis #01-17, 1 Fusionopolis Place, Singapore 138522
Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun, PH

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