Even though Mad About Sucre is a multi-award-winning restaurant, it remains a bit of a hidden gem.

I remember writing it as “one of Singapore’s best patisserie” way back in 2015 (and still firmly think so). But perhaps some would still think that this is a ‘French cake shop’ but are not aware that they have evolved to serve up savoury plates as well.

Located in Outram at Teo Hong Road, the restaurant challenges the conventionalities of gourmet fine dining by serving food in a playful and colourful space with visual projections.

The menu at Mad About Sucre is an amazing collection of dishes made with in-season ingredients, mostly imported fresh from regions near and far.

Moreover, the restaurant avoids using preservatives or artificial flavours in its endeavour to plate the very best of food available.

Additionally, the use of classic French and Western cooking styles gives the recipes sophistication, delicateness, and visual appeal.

However, this Summer menu will be bringing back past favourites and signatures along with various new dishes that you can anticipate for.

Serving Pan-European recipes along with new-age versions of French patisserie classics, Mad About Sucre has now come out with a menu that captures the essence of summer through sight, smell, and taste. Here’s what you can expect from Mad About Sucre:

Baked Cauliflower ($34)
Mad About Sucre’s signature dish Baked Cauliflower, is a vegetarian favourite that includes cooking cauliflower at high heat, giving the petals a satisfying light char.

The dish’s primary flavour, though, comes from the brown butter stew. Elevating the robustness of the broth is a set of diverse elements such as miso, onions, and pickled cucumber.

In the end, a mix of premium roasted nuts and seeds, like pistachios, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, and almonds, gives the dish a nutty bite. A must-order.

Signature Salad: French Foie Gras with Grilled Wild-Caught Prawn Salad ($44, sharing for two pax)
Brimming with diverse land and sea flavours, foodies would appreciate both the French foie gras with grilled wild-caught prawns incorporated into the salad.

The wild-caught prawns were fresh and sweet, while the foie gras (goose liver) has a smooth and delicate disposition. It exudes earthiness, accentuated further as the chefs pan-sear it to a lovely brownish exterior with a slight crunch.

Tossed in a hard-boiled egg and house-made olive oil sauce along with fresh greens, the salad gets its final salty punch thanks to a dollop of caviar.

Baked Irish Oyster, Kombu Butter, seasoned Sourdough Bread Shavings ($12)
Placed inside open shells balancing over a bed of rocks, Mad About Sucre’s Baked Irish Oysters are an excellent choice for people who don’t particularly enjoy the taste of raw oysters.

Baking the oysters decreases the saltiness, replacing it with a slightly sweet taste and creaminess that stays in the mouth for a while.

The kombu butter continues with the theme, silky with a sweet and salty flavour that doesn’t overpower the oysters.

Eventually, breaking the monotony of the smooth textures with its crunchy breadiness is seasoned sourdough bread shavings.

Kilppfisk Nordic Salted Cod Katafi with Caviar in Uni Sauce ($12 per pc, minimum 2 pcs)
The Kilppfisk Nordic Salted Cod is a comforting dish with well-adjusted oceanic flavours that should tickle every seafood lover’s fancy, with buttery sweetness of the thick sea urchin sauce.

Made using cured cod, brought in from the Faroe Islands and Norway, the dish takes inspiration from Brazilian codfish balls.

However, instead of standard dough, chefs use stringy Katafi dough that is crunchier and texturally unique.

Complimenting the fish is the caviar with its intense umami taste.

Grilled Ox Tongue, Pickled Onion Salad ($28)
An unorthodox choice for some, Ox Tongue has a familiar beef-like taste.

To be honest, I wasn’t that keen in having this dish initially, but after having it, could understand why it became the best-seller here.

The texture was not quite what I imagined – pleasantly tender with a relatively mild taste. Grilling gives it a slight char, just on the surface, adding a crispy texture to every bite.

To balance the palate from the meatiness of the ox tongue, the slices come with a bed of refreshing sweet onion salad with a zesty punch from the honey and lemon juice dressing.

Filet of Sea Barramundi ($39)
The Filet of Sea Barramundi is a plate of classic French bouillabaisse flavours. Using the whole fillet of wild-caught barramundi, chefs cook the fish till the skin is brown and crisp.

Elevating the recipe further with earthy sincerity is the pearl couscous, simmered in a wild Nordic shellfish bisque.

The final garnishing includes pickled fennel, an aromatic addition with a springy taste that livens up the fish. Pretty clean-flavours for this one.

Desserts at Mad About Sucre are in a league of their own.

A perfect conclusion to any meal, the desserts here celebrate organic naturalness by using unprocessed raw sugar, gluten-free flour, and no added additives or preservatives.

Moreover, the desserts are made to look like the actual fruit itself, but there is more than meets the eye.

Hey Peachy ($14 for takeaway, $24 with tea pairing, $34 with cocktail pairing)
Hey Peachy with its pinkish peach-like exterior, actually holds a mix of Oolong Tea mousse and succulent peach cubes on the inside.

The outer layer is thin white chocolate with a peach mousse covering that gives the dessert an overall creamy look. A sprinkle of red dragon fruit powder adds to the peachy look.

As you take a bite, there is the Oolong fragrance from the tea mousse, followed quickly by the fruitiness of the peach cubes.

Good Arvo ($15 for takeaway, $25 with tea pairing, $35 with cocktail pairing)
Shaped like an avocado, the exterior of the “fruit” gets an authentic colour by mixing charcoal powder with matcha. The two elements, with distinct tastes, complement the flavours on the inside.

Cut through the desert, and you will find avocado with pineapple and lime on the inside.

The citrusy and acidic taste of the pineapple and lime is uplifting. More importantly, it offsets the natural flavour of the avocado, resulting in a refreshingly cool dessert.

At the same time, the restaurant’s lively interior is the heart that gives it a distinct personality.

Featuring bright wall projections and 11 different colour tones that reflect the many shades of life, Mad About Sucre is an intimate, welcoming, and Insta-worthy location that leaves a lasting impression with both, its style and its food.

Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road Singapore, Singapore 088334 (Outram Park)
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 5pm, 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sat), 12:30pm – 5pm (Sun)
Website: https://www.madaboutsucre.com/


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