The return of the weekend buffet at Feast Roxy can mean only one thing – culinary indulgence.

Located at the 3rd level of Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy along East Coast Road, buffet food lovers can enjoy lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, with Sunday exclusively meant for a relaxed Brunch buffet.

The buffet is priced reasonably at $48++ per adult, $25++ per child for lunch, $58++ per adult, $30++ per child for dinner and Sunday Brunch buffet is at $58++ per adult and $30 per child++.

Reservations are recommended as the restaurant can get quite packed at times during weekends.

While a meal at Feast Roxy is all about relishing local flavours and more, one of the joys of eating here is watching the chefs prepare the food in front of your eyes.

Besides an array of Asian and western appetisers and hot dishes, the buffet features live stations that are whipping out dishes such as Supersize Seafood Kebab, Chef Botak Dark Carrot Cake, Roxy Oyster Omelette and other dishes on a rotation basis; together with satay and meats cooked a la minute.

For Sunday Brunch, there would be a “We Love Eggs” highlight featuring Eggs Benedict, Fried Egg with Crispy Prata and Sambal Gravy, 64 Degrees Egg with mushroom ragout, and Everything Omelette.

Feast Roxy can accommodate up to 100 guests per seating. Consequently, the restaurant is ideal for a business lunch, a quiet dinner for two, or a large gathering to celebrate a special event.

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend buffet at Feast Roxy (note that items are on rotational basis, and subject to availability)

Signature Seafood On Ice
Available for dinner buffets and Sunday brunch, the Signature Seafood On Ice is a colourful start to the buffet meal. Plus, this is free-flow, and would please those who miss an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Consisting of cooked prawns, fresh oysters, and local crayfish, it excites and refreshes the palate with the sweet and salty flavours of the sea.

Divine Laksa with Prawns
Feast Roxy’s Divine Laksa with Prawns is a robust rendition of the classic noodle dish.

Prepared fresh on order at the restaurant’s live station, the noodles come soaked in a smooth and rich broth made by mixing prawns in coconut milk and flavouring it with aromatic Asian herbs and spices.

Roast Pork Mee Pok with Onsen Egg
Following the Chinese Teochew cooking technique, the dish consists of flat egg noodles (mee pok) topped with gently braised sliced mushrooms that add a sense of earthiness to the preparation.

Now, the roast pork crackling elevates the texture with its crunch.

Whereas in contrast, the Japanese onsen egg has a soft milky disposition. Mix the egg with the noodles before taking your first bite to maximise the dish’s flavour profile.

Grilled Chicken Thigh
Available during Friday night buffet, the chicken thigh is a juicy meaty delight grilled at one of the buffet’s live stations.

The marinated meat is prepared to the point that its outside has a slight crunch and a deep golden-brown colour.

Further enhancing the savoury taste is the broodingly dark and bold black pepper sauce.

Other live station items can include Supersize Satay, Grilled “Fish of the day” in Banana Leaf, Braised Pork Trotter Bee Hoon, and Roxy Oyster Omelette.

Supersize Seafood Kebab and Supersize Satay
Feast Roxy gives you a unique and fun way to enjoy seafood through their Supersize Seafood Kebab.

Instead of what is typically chicken or pork, the Supersize Seafood Kebab skewers come laden with grilled prawns, capsicum, squid, onions, and salmon.

Since you end up eating one or two things at a time, diners can appreciate the ingredients’ freshness and their individual flavours.

Popiah Wrap Cup with Creamed Spinach
Bite-sized comfort eats under the “Temptation” section, the Popiah Wrap Cup’s fried crispy exterior contrasts wonderfully with its soft creamy spinach filling.

The sliced cherry tomatoes on top bring some sweet and juicy goodness to every cup.

If you come during Saturday buffet, other “Temptation” bites may include Feast Seaweed Rice Roll with Salmon, Ham Chim Peng with Minced Meat Filling, Minced Chicken Ball with Mushroom Stuffing, and Wanton Wrap Cup with Avocado Filling.

Fried Chicken Devil’s Curry
The festive dish of Devil Curry is a full-bodied, spicy, and zesty dish with origins linked to Malaysia’s Portuguese Eurasian community.

Feast Roxy uses fried chicken in the dish. The meat’s juiciness balances the curry’s otherwise tangy and spicy flavours.

Chef Botak Dark Carrot Cake
An exclusive recipe of Head Chef Lester Wang, the dish is playfully named botak because it is chef’s nickname.

The Singapore-style dish has a high palatable quotient because steamed radish cake is cut into small cubes, stir-fried with plenty of eggs, and included with tasty dark sweet sauce. (Of course if you prefer something with less sauce, you can request chef to reduce.)

Completing the dish is ”chai por” or preserved radish, a garnish that gives a sweet and savoury to the recipe.

Apom Bokwa with Gula Melaka Banana Sauce
It’s often interesting to see how culinary cultures across Asia take inspiration from each other. Apom, for instance, is a name possibly related to the South Indian rice pancake “appam.”

Similar in composition, Apom Bokwa is a pancake made using rice flour and coconut milk. Soft and spongy, it typically has a brownish base.

What differentiates Apom from its Indian counterpart is the use of blue pea flowers that give the pancake a subtle blue tint.

The dessert item comes with a thick, gooey banana sauce that acts as a sweet condiment. The secret behind the sauce’s recipe is that it is made by cooking bananas with gula Melaka (palm sugar).

Tip: you can also dip these Apom Bokwa into the indulgent “Signature Durian Power” – durian pengat available at the dessert section.

Other desserts may include Rum & Raisin Cream Cake, Kaya Cream Puff, Pulut Hitam, Teh Tarik Cake, Espresso Cream Puff, and Local “Potong” Popsicles.

Check out the full menu highlights here:

Feast Roxy Weekend Buffet Pricings:
Meat Lovers Buffet (Fri)
Lunch 12pm – 2:30pm: $48++ for adult, $25++ for child
Dinner 6pm – 9:30pm: $58++ for adult, $30++ for child

Seafood Galore Buffet (Sat)
Lunch 12pm – 2:30pm: $48++ for adult, $25++ for child
Dinner 6pm – 9:30pm: $58++ for adult, $30++ for child

Sunday Brunch Buffet
Brunch 11:30am – 3.30pm: $58++ for adult, $30++ for child

Feast Roxy, Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769 (opp. Parkway Parade Shopping Centre)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy.


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