While many new cafes in Singapore go for a certain ‘look’ of late, Waga Waga Den at South Beach Tower is a stylish monochromatic coffee bar with a Japanese-inspired garden outdoor seating area.

The name Waga Waga Den comes from ‘waga’ which stands for wagyu beef and wagashi (Japanese sweets), and ‘den’ which refers to house, haunt or a hangout.

Owned by Black Carvery Group which is also behind Black Cow and Shatoburian, you would see similarities with the three, which all plan emphasis to aesthetics with attention to details.

It is easy to be impressed with the sleekness of the interior design.

The distinctive dark standalone glasshouse holds the coffee bar and can sit one to two customers, while most would choose to sit outside – which can be pleasant or not depending on the weather.

Other than Espresso ($4), Black ($5), White ($6), Cortado ($5), Mocha ($7) and Einspanner ($8), the specialty here are the Cloud Iced Cappuccino ($8) and Concrete Iced Mocha ($9).

The presentation of iced mocha capped with layer of bubble foam and topped with cocoa powder would remind coffee aficionados of Omotesando Koffee’s (Omotesando is stated as “temporary closed” in Singapore) signature drinks.

Except that Waga Waga Den’s take came with flatter bubbles which ‘deflated’ quite fast comparatively – a note of those intending to photo this for Instagram.

I thought that the coffee and milk proportion could be tweaked a little so that the coffee notes would surface through better.

The house blend coffee uses a mix of single-origin Brazilian and single-origin Guatemalan beans for a smooth, balanced brew with malt, chocolate and apple notes.

There are savoury food choices available from 11am as well, with Wagyu Beef Onion Sandwich ($15), Mushroom Egg Cheese Sandwich ($8), Waga Salad ($12) and Waga Salad with Sukiyaki Beef ($20).

With a background of being sister café to shabu shabu restaurant Black Cow, the Wagyu Sandwich we had was on the lacklustre side.

It could be do with crispier outside layer, and more flavourful beef fillings. Perhaps we were also expecting more from a $15 sandwich.

The Azuki Butter Brioche ($5) with its charcoal brioche bun, cold slab of butter, and whole sweetened soft azuki beans was the more impressionable afternoon treat.

There are also other light bites of Warabi Mochi ($8), Waga Cheesecake ($15), Seasonal Granola ($9) and rotational baked pastries.

Waga Waga Den
38 Beach Road, #01-14 South Beach Tower, Singapore 189767
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 3:30pm (Tues – Sat), Closed Sun, Mon

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