Head over to Seoul and you would find the iconic Pojangmacha (포장마차), with rows of street food stalls with sweet and savoury delicacies under those orange-coloured tents.

Ah, the taste and aromas.

Savouring the animated and colourful street food scene of South Korea is an unmissable opportunity when visiting its capital.

Capturing this very essence of South Korea’s street food culture and presenting it to K-food lovers in Singapore is Pocha! Korean Street Dining at Northpoint City, Yishun.

The team behind Pocha is the same that previously gave us Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ in Singapore and 9PM Kkochi.

For this brand-new concept, the team visited and researched the streets of Euljiro and Itaewon in Seoul, to recreate a specially curated pojangmacha menu.

Well, I know there are differences – one’s outdoor, and the other within an air-conditioned mall. But you get some of those vibes with its décor, bright lights, furniture, and ajumma cooking up Tteokbokki in a semi-open concept kitchen.

True to the concept of street food, the menu of Pocha is good for diners to come and relish a K-street food feast with soju.

Recommended is its 2 Pax Sets that start from $29.90 which include choices of Carbs (Fried Rice or Ramyeon), Sides (Kimari Glass Noodle Spring Rolls), Meats (Bulgogi, Skewers, or Jjigae) and drinks.

Pretty value for its money.

Even if you come as an individual, there are 1 Pax Sets ($14.90 onwards) with choices including Fried Rice, Ramyeon, Bulgogi or Skewers, side and drink. Here’s more:

Hangari Bokkeumbab ($9.90)
This Bokkeumbab (볶음밥) or Fried Rice dish takes bap (cooked rice) and stir-fries it with different ingredients such as a meat of your choice (chicken, pork, beef, or seafood).

Elevating the overall taste of the dish is the house-signature Hangari soy sauce. “Hangari” is a typical earthen pot used for fermenting soy sauce, pickles, and the like, across Korean households.

As for that wow moment on the table, the fried rice comes wrapped in an omelette. The reveal of the rice comes with a rising aroma that tingles your nose and entices your taste buds.

There was the wok-hei though I thought flavours could be stronger – so good to pair this with a meat dish or jjigae.

Hangari Stir-Fried Ramyeon ($9.90)
A signature dish at Pocha, the Hangari Stir-Fried Ramyeon is a good choice if you feel like having noodles, and probably one of my favourite heres.

A substantially-filling street food, it comprises spongy Korean noodles stir-fried with onions, carrots, leeks, and garlic, then topped with a fried egg.

The addition of Pocha’s signature Hangari sauce in the stir-fry mix gives the dish its sweet-savoury and palatable character.

Bulgogi Beef ($12.90)
Bulgogi means “fire meat” and includes stir-frying thinly cut tender pieces of well-marinated beef with onions and leek over an open flame.

On arriving at the table, the dish boasts a deeply savoury taste with a sweet, salty, and smoky essence.

May give the impression of ‘Korean-style zi char’. (I wished that the beef could be served in a hot plate so that it stays hotter throughout the meal.)

Kimchi Jjigae ($14.90)
The hearty and somewhat spicy stew includes cooking kimchi with tender pieces of pork or beef together with enoki mushrooms and onions.

The result is a broth that is zesty with hints of sweetness.

By the look and sound of it, Kimchi Jjigae comes across as a hot and pungent stew. However, I found it just moderately spicy, especially when consumed with the white rice that accompanies it.

If you prefer something less tangy, then go for the Sundubu Jjigae ($14.90) which is a soft tofu stew with minced pork, tofu, clams, zuccini and enoki mushrooms.

Kkochi Skewers ($5.90 or $6.50 per serving of 3 sticks)
Pocha takes inspiration from the street food found at night markets in Korea to present the smoky and wholesome Kkochi Skewers.

The skewers are pieces of marinated meats doused in sauce and grilled to the point the exterior is nicely caramelized.

If that wasn’t enough, to give the skewers a nice char, the chefs flame-torch the outside while the ingredients are still on the grill.

At Pocha, you have a few different Kkochi Skewers options, from Pork Zig Zag and Fried Seaweed Chicken to Beef Zig Zag, Cheese Tofu, and Chicken Ball.

The Pork Belly Zig Zag consisted of pork belly coated in authentic Korean marinade, and name comes from the zig-zag threading of the pork along with pieces of bell peppers – which gives a refreshing crunch in between the meats.

Kimari Glass Noodles Spring Rolls ($6.90)
Kimari Glass Noodles Spring Rolls are a bite-sized street food snack that locals love for its soft on the inside and crispy on the outside texture.

Made by wrapping seasoned glass noodles in seaweed sheets and deep-frying to a crunch, the spring rolls are comforting without being oily.

Krispy Chunks Squid Rings ($11.90)
Need a side for nibbles? Other than boneless chicken or pork belly tossed in soy garlic, gochujang, or salted egg sauces, go for the Squid Rings.

These are like Calamari fritters, but made more Korean-style doused in boldly-flavoured and mildly spicy Gochujang sauce.

Tteokbokki ($10.90)
Having a soft and chewy texture, the rice cakes are stir-fried constantly here in a sweet and spicy gochujang sauce.

Moreover, a sesame seed sprinkle on top makes it nutty and crunchy, whereas the beancurd skin boiled egg are standard add-ons to the dish.

Corndog ($6.90)
Can’t talk about Korean street food without mentioning Corndogs.

These are freshly fried (so be prepared to wait a while), with crispy crust filled with sausage and drizzled with tomato and mayo.

Pair the food up with the HiteJinro’s Jinro Is Back Soju ($19.90), a wildly popular reinterpretation of the traditional style Korean soju that was originally sold during the 70s and 80s which has a richer and rounder taste.

Pocha! Korean Street Dining
Northpoint City (South Wing), #B1-181, 1 North Point Drive, Singapore 768019
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)
Website: https://www.pocha.com.sg/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pochasingapore/

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Pocha! Korean Street Dining.


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