More Taiwanese eateries are opening up in Singapore; perhaps one of the reasons is because we love Taiwanese food but cannot visit there readily (yet).

Breakfast Hola 早餐好了 specialising in Taiwanese-style breakfast has opened at South Bridge Road, of short walking distance from Maxwell Food Centre and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Talking about Taiwanese food, some of the popular newer openings in Singapore include True Breakfast 初早餐 (Cuppage), Isshin Machi (Holland Village), MONKI 台灣小吃部 (The Star Vista), and Want Food Taiwanese Delights 恋恋湾味 (Cross Street) – in case you are craving for Lu Rou Fan and Mee Sua.

No Lu Rou Fan at Breakfast Hola though. They serve up another version called “Rou Zao Fan” ($4.80, $6.80) which they term as “Authentic Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice”.

The key differences is that “Rou Zao Fan” uses ground pork instead of pork belly, and has a mellower taste with use of fewer aromatic spices.

Their version was considered decent, with braised savoury pork on top of fluffy rice with light fragrance that made it more appetising to have.

The pickled cucumbers helped cut through some of that greasiness, though I wished it would overall be a tad less salty.

There are five categories on the menu, which features toast ($4.80 – $5.80), Thick Slices ($4.50), Club Sandwich ($7.90), Handmade Egg Crepe Roll ($4.50 – $6.50), Noodles & Rice ($4.80 – $7.90), and Drinks ($2 – $4.80).

Recommended items are the Strawberry & Egg Toast ($5.80), Pork Floss Egg Toast ($5.40), Ham & Pork Floss Club Sandwich ($7.90), Double Cheese Crepe Roll ($4.90), Lady Boss Pork Brown Rice ($5.80, $7.80), and Taiwanese Nabeyaki ($7.90).

I had their Handmade Egg Crepe Roll with grilled pork ($6.50), with options of switching to whole-wheat crepe (+$1) or scallion oil pancake ($2).

The Taiwanese ”Dan Bing” unfortunately did not remind me of what I had in Taiwanese – which was probably one of my favourite breakfast items there.

While it was considered soft and chewy, it could be thinner or more eggy overall, and there was strangely an over-whelming taste of pepper. The pork could have been more tender as well.

(A note is that as they are just starting out, they faced an issue of shortage of manpower. Therefore, the early customers could face a delay in receiving their food – up to 1.5 hours, which partly affected their Google rating. It is 2.8/5 at this point of writing. Therefore, I intend to order more and update this post when I return for another try.)

Breakfast Hola 早餐好了
280 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058829
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm (Mon, Wed – Sun), Closed Tues

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